Films on Women and Bodies Bibliography

Query From Shafali Lal 23 Mar 1998

I am looking for feminist documentary films made post WWII particularly relating to women and their bodies - any suggestions?


"Famine Within, The" HBO re: eating disorders

"Killing Us Softly" It's focused on women and bodies and advertising.

"Women: A True Story - Body Politics" Available from Films for the Humanities and Sciences...includes components on eating disorders, growth in women's athletics, etc.

Other Suggestions:

Film entitled "Body Beautiful", no other info

From Joseph Boles 25 Mar 1998

Women Make Movies is a wonderful source of films on this topic, i.e.

The Body Beautiful
Girls Like Us [working class girls]
Rachel's Daughters [breast cancer]
Under The Skin Game [Norplant]
Jane: An Abortion Service
Healthy Baby Girl [DES]

and many more. Email an order for a catalogue at or call 212-925-0606