Birth Control, 19th Century

Query from Kathy Miller-Dillon 11 Oct 1999

I am working with a student who is doing research for a paper on 19th Century birth control (the social, medical, and of course, gender implications. Can anyone help us find articles, tracts, papers, letters, etc., written about birth control BY WOMEN (for women) during the 19th century. Thank you.


  • From Lesley Hall 22 Oct 1999

    US or UK?

    Brodie, Janet Farrell _Contraception and Abortion in Nineteenth Century America_

    Bland, Lucy _Banishing the Beast: English Feminism and Sexual Morality, 1880-1914_

    Check Annie Besant, Jane Clapperton, Lady Florence Dixie, Dr. Alice Vickery, the Banks

    Szreter, Simon _Fertility, Class and Gender_

    A bibliography of birth control/eugenics scholarship can be found at under Collections>Special Collections>Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • From Marian van der Klein 22 Oct 1999

    Check the work of Dutch feminist Dr. Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929)

  • From Andrew August 22 Oct 1999

    McLaren, Angus _Birth Control in Nineteenth-Century England_ His footnotes will point the student to primary sources.

  • From Mariaelena Raymond 07 Jan 2000

    Fallaci, Oriana _Letter to a Child Never Born_ (Rizzoli Editore, 1975)

    Robinson, Dr. William J. _Birth Control or The Limitation of Offspring_ (Eugenics Pub. Co., Inc., New York

    I'm sorry I don't have more writing by women to cite for you.