Women and Biography Bibliography

Query From Michelle Brannigan braniga@indiana.edu 06 Dec 1996

For a dissertation on an (unknown) American woman artists, I am interested in recent sources, books and articles, on the following: 1)good biographies and theory of biography, esp. as they relate to anthropology, women artists, and the women's movement; 2) art as a way to forge a new identity for women. Many thanks.


Bolton-Smith, Robin and William H. Truetner _Lily Martin Spencer: The Joys of Sentiment_

Burke, Mary Alice Heekin _Elizabeth Nourse: A Salon Career_(1983)

Cherry, Deborah _Painting Women: Victorian Women Artists_(Routledge, 1993)

Elliott, Bridget and Jo-Ann Wallace _Women Artists and Writers: Modernist (Im)positionings_(Routledge,1994)

Felstiner, Mary Lowenthal _To Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era_(HarperCollins, 1994)

Freedman, Estelle _Maternal Justice_

Heilbrunn, Carolyn _Writing a Woman's Life_

Jones, Suzanne W., ed. _Writing the Woman Artist: Essays on Poetics, Politics, and Portraiture_ (U of Penn Press, 1991).

Lynes, Barbara Buhler work on Georgia O'Keefe

Mathews, Nancy Mowll _Mary Cassatt_(1994)

Morley, Ann and Liz Stanley _Life and Death of Emily Wilding Davison (Women's Press)

Parsons, Elsie Crews _Inventing Modern Life_(U of Chicago Press, March 1997)

Polizzotto, Carolyn _Approaching Elise_(Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1988)

Rubenstein, Charlotte Streifer _American Women Artists_(GK Hall & Co., 1982)

Sklar, Kathryn Kish _Florence Kelly and the Nation's Work_ Other Suggestions:

Check out catalogue "Chicano Art, Resistance and Affirmation, 1965-85 (pub. UCLA) esp. essay by Shifra Goldman

Look for articles by: Shifra Goldman, art critic Eva Cockcroft, art historian Margarita Nieto, and art historian Lucy Lippard

Check _Woman's Art Journal_ and _American Art Journal_

Check H-Women Web site at http://h-net2.msu.edu/`women for discussion thread on women and biography

Book: _Lutyens and the Edwardians_, n.a.

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