Latin American Women in the Buildling of 19th Century Nations

Query From Marian Moreno Pedraz 11 May 1998

I am trying to research about latin american women in the 19th century, especially chilean women, and their participation in nation building. I need bibliography about it because I think there is a great lack on it. Thank you.


Each of the following histories of women in Latin America contains material on Chilean women, and each has a bibliography that can lead you to more material. Good luck with your project.

Mallon, Florencia _Peasant and Nation: The Making of Postcolonial Mexico and Peru_

Francesca Miller. "Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice." University Press of New England, 1992. Comparative history of women in Latin America, 19th and 20th centuries.

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Bibliography: K. Lynn Stoner. "Latinas of the Americas: A Source Book."
New York & London: Garland Publishing, 1989.

Ann Hagerman Johnson. "The Impact of Market Agriculture on Family and Household Structure in Nineteenth Century Chile." Hispanic American Historical Review, 59 (November 1978). Johnson's dissertation has extensive material on women in 19th C. Chile.

Elizabeth Hutchison. University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. 1995 dissertation on women in 19th century Chile.

Corinne Antezana-Pernet. "Chilean Women's Movement." in David Rock, ed. "Latin America in the 1940s." U. California Press, 1994. Antezana-Pernet's 1997 Ph.D. dissertation is on the history of women in Chile.

For comparative material on women in other Latin American nations:

K. Lynn Stoner. "From the House to the Streets: The Cuban Women's Movement for legal Change, 1869-1940." Duke U. Press, 1991.

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Christine Ehrick. "Christine Ehrick. Obrera, Dama, Feminista: Women's Associations and the Welfare State in Uruguay, 1900-1932. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Los Angeles, 1997. The new Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, New York, London: Charles Scribners' Sons contains relevant biographical and substantive articles . Best regards, Francesca Miller