Bertha Pappenheim Bibliography August 1996

Query From Judy Whitehead 30 August 1996

I am looking for references on Bertha Pappenheim, a noted German feminist of the early twentieth century. It's for a paper I'm writing on nationalism and the discourses of 'white slavery' during this period.


Bristow, Edward Prostitution and Prejudice

Edinger, Dora Biography of Pappenheim

Kaplan, Marion "Prostitution, Morality Crusades and Feminism: German-Jewish Feminists and the Campaign Against White Slavery" Women's Studies International Forum (5), No. 6, 1982

Rosenbaum, Max and Muroff, Melvin, eds. Anna O. Fourteen Contemporary Reinterpretations (NY, 1984)

Other Sources:

"I have an unpublished piece on Pappenheim I would be willing to share with Judy if she will contact me privately."

(Sheryl Nestel

"There is an article about Pappenheim...Fall issue of On The Issues"

"Most of the literature I know written on Pappenheim is in german, so if you are interested in german titles, please let me know."

Petra Pommerenke

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