Women and 1920 Political Conventions Bibliography July, 1996

Query From Sue Schrems schrems@worldnet.att.net 17 July 1996

Can anyone recommend sources concerning women's activities at the national party conventions in 1920? I believe the Republican convention was in Chicago and the Democratic in San Francisco.

Thanks in advance.


Anthony, et al History of Woman Suffrage

Bass, Mrs. George (Elizabeth). "Political History Made in 1920." Democratic Digest 13, no. 7 (July 1936): 15

Black, Allida, Ed What I Hope to Leave Behind: The Essential Essays of Eleanor Roosevelt Blair, Emily Newell "Women at the Conventions." Current History (New York Times Magazine) 13 (20 October 1920):26-28

Breckinridge, Sophonisba Women in the Twentieth Century; chapter on women in politics

Cook, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life

Cox, Elizabeth M. Women in Modern American Politics, A Bibliography, 1900-1995 (will be published in Oct. 1996 by CQ,Inc Press)

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Good, Josephine Republican Womanpower: The History of Women in Republican Conventions and Women in the RNC (1963)

Lash, Joseph P. Eleanor and Franklin

McBride, Genevieve G. On Wisconsin Women: Working For Their Rights From Settlement to Suffrage (U of Wisconsin Press, 1993), p. 299

Miller, Kriste biography of Ruth Hanna McCormick (U of New Mexico Press)

Other sources:

Izetta Jewel Brown Miller Papers at the West Virginia University, West Virginia and Regional History Collection

Relevant issues of "The Woman Citizen"; journal of NAWSA, is on microfilm with good index

Relevant issues of "Waukesha Freeman", Theodora Winton Youmans, Assoc. Editor...available on microfilm from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin's Newspaper Collection

Warren G. Harding Papers located at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus contains reference to women participants in 1920 convention. Published index to the Harding Papers available through the OHS.

The Woman Citizen cites:

"Women and Parties: With The Democrats, With The Republicans."

The Woman Citizen 4 (17 January 1920): 721-722.

"The First Woman's Platform."

The Woman Citizen 4 (15 May 1920): 1254.

"Woman at the Republican Convention."

The Woman Citizen 5 (12 June 1920): 41

"Women in Politics."

The Woman Citizen 5 (19 June 1920):88.

"Woman and the Democrat's Convention."

The Woman Citizen 5 (3 July 1920): 126.

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