The Teaching and Learning History (H-TLH) discussion list proposes to offer an online interactive format for the issues surrounding the teaching and learning of history within the context of the scholarly research work of Sam Wineburg and others specifically interested in learning more about historical cognition. Scholars of teaching and learning seek to produce knowledge that is, in the words of Lee Shulman, is “public, susceptible to critical review and evaluation, and accessible for exchange and use by other members of one’s scholarly community.” It is hoped that this knowledge will allow instructors to build on the work of others to create new and more effective strategies for increasing student learning through an examination and discussion of more effective history teaching. Academics working in this new field often make a distinction between the scholarship of teaching and learning, which is research that fits the requirements of Shulman’s definition, and scholarly teaching, which represents the efforts of instructors to apply insights borrowed from the scholarship of teaching and learning in their own classrooms.