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 Research Interests
Music History & Literature {separator} Aesthetics (Kaelin, Ingarden, Peirce, Sartre, Hegel) {separator} musico-textual studies {separator} interartistic works (opera, musical theater, film) {separator} culturo-artistic history {separator} W. A. Mozart {separator} Die Zauberflöte.
Text: Transactions of the Society for Textual Scholarship {separator} Journal of Aesthetic Education {separator} Angélica: Revista de literatura
Director, DistanceLearn
Regents College

7 Columbia Circle Albany, NY 12203-5159
Editor, Texts on Texts and Textuality (by E. F. Kaelin, Rodopi) {separator} W. A. Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte: An Opera-as-Heard Edition (forthcoming, University Press of the South) {separator} Echoes and Afterimages: A Culturo-Artistic History of W. A. Mozart's Die Zauberflöte (in preparation).
Steering Committee, Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections Presentations
International Society for Phenomenology, Fine Arts, and Aesthetics {separator} The Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relationships {separator} Modern Language Association {separator}Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film {separator} University of Barcelona
Editor, H-musTXT Curriculum Vitae {separator} Student Evaluations

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