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Copyright and intellectual property

The H-Museum website, the contents thereof and the mails distributed to the subscribers of the list (including the HTML archives) are protected worldwide by copyright and related intellectual property rights. Users and subscribers of H-Museum are free to download, use and redistribute single files or contents from this website only for personal use and for official educational and scholarly applications.

The forward of textual content received from H-Museum mailing list (for example: announcements, reviews, digest, etc.) to other lists than the H-NET is only possible with prior written permission of the H-Museum editorial staff. In addition the forward of reviews, reports and essays needs the prior permission of the authors too. If you want to forward a message posted by H-Museum, please contact the current editor.

The textual content of electronic mails are not modified and the copyright and disclaimer notice are not removed. Files or contents of mails – as such or in whatever way combined – may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents. The forward of H-Museum messages and contents to mailing lists with commercial advertising or without educational and scholarly significance and importance is strictly forbidden.

To protect the subscribers of H-Museum from 'spamming' it is strictly forbidden to forward adresses (for example: mail header or footer) to other lists than the H-NET and store adresses into private or commercial indexes / mail archives. Please contact the editors for permission and technical help if you want to forward the content of a H-MUSEUM messages.

Unauthorized inclusion of single pages, graphics, or other components of this web site or the contents of H-Museum mails redistributed in lists or other web documents, print products, or electronic media is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the H-Museum editorial staff.

For further copyright property, please choose the H-NET page:

German and international copyright property

Intellectual property
(European Union)
Intellecual proberty in in the Middle East and North Africa
(Abu-Ghazaleh Legal Services)

Copyright Office / Library of Congress
(Library of Congress, Washington D.C.)

Grundwissen Urheberrecht
(University of Saarbruecken)
Gesetz über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte
(Bundesminister für Justiz, Germany)
Das deutsche Urheberrechtsgesetz - UrhG
Gesetz über das Verlagsrecht
Richtlinie 96/9/EG über den rechtlichen Schutz von Datenbanken
(Initiative Informationsgesellschaft Deutschland)
Institut für Urheber und Medienrecht (Munich)

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