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Recent Publications

Crime and Culture: An Historical Perspective

Edited by Amy Gilman Srebnick and René Lévy

Ashgate, Aldershot, 2005


Part I: Crime and the Construction of Historical Narrative

1. Does the Representation Fit the Crime? Some Thoughts on Writing Crime Histlry as Cultural Test, Amy Gilman Srebnick

Part II: Discourse and Narrative in the History of Criminology

2. Criminological Language and Prose from the Late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries, Peter Becker

3. Science and Narrative in Italian Criminology, 1880-1920, Mary Gibson

4. 'Robert Heindle's Berufsverbrecher': Police Perceptions of Crime and Criminals and Structures of Crime Control in Germany during the First Half of the Twentieth Century, Herbert Reinke

Part III: The Reconstruction of Events in Police and Criminal Justice History

5. Narratives of Crime, Historical Interpretation and the Course of Human Events: The Becker Case and American Progressivism, Allen Steinberg

6. Sergeant Goddard: The Story of a Rotten Apple, or a Diseased Orchard? Clive Emsley

7. Competing Memories: Resistance, Collaboration and the Purge of the French Police after World War II, Jean-Marc Berlière

8. Facts and Fiction in Police Illegalisms: The case of Controlled Deliveries of Drugs in France in the Early 1990s, René Lévy

Part IV: Representations of Crimes and Criminals

9. Private Crimes and Public Executions: Discourses on Guilt in the Arrêts Criminels of the Eighteenth-Century Parliament of Paris, Pascal Bastien

10. Rebels or Bandits? The Prpresentations of the 'Peasants' War' in Belgian Departments under French Rule (1798), Xavier Rousseaux

11. The Multiple Lives of the Hungarian Highwayman, Mónika Mátay and György Csepeli

12. From Old Cap Collier to Nick Carter; Or, Images of Crime and Criminal Justice in American Dime Novel Detective Stories, 1880 - 1920, Wilbur R. Miller

Hard Men: Violence in England Since 1750

Clive Emsley

Hambledon & London, London, 2005


1. A Violent Society?

2. Garotters,Gangsters and Perverts

3..Play the Game

4. Family and Home

5. Foreign Passions: English Laws

6. Violent Protest

7. Stones and Fisticuffs

8. Violent Policemen

9. Violence and the State

10. The Present