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    October 18-21, 2012

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    H-DC / DC History

    DC History Syllabi

    Name Course Title Link (pdf)
    Kate Masur (George Mason University)

    (Fall 2001) History 389-006 Washington, DC: Race, Rights, and Region
    Zachary Schrag (George Washington University) American Studies 50/History 50 Washington, D.C.: History, Culture, and Politics
    Professor Laura Croghan Kamoie (American University)

    History of Washington, DC (2001)
    Professor Laura Croghan Kamoie (American University)

    History of Washington, DC (2003)
    Charles Harris, PhD (Howard University)

    P.S. 148 Government of the District of Columbia. 143 DGH
    Stephen Diner, George Mason University

    History of Metropolitan Washington, Fall 1995
    WETA's ExploreDC

    Resources: Lesson Plans
    Dr. Douglas Lewis, Lecturer in University Honors; Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Art, National Gallery of Art (UMD)

    HONR 288I Washington City as a Work of Art

    Matthew Gilmore, September 2003 (9/01, 6/01)


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