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    H-DC / DC History

    Jewish Washington

    Jewish Washington


    • Altshuler, David (ed.) The Jews of Washington, D.C. : a communal history anthology c1985.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 J49 1985
      DC Public Library
      975.3004 J59 Washingtoniana
      Historical Society of Washington
      New acquisition

    • Bigman, Stanley K. The Jewish population of Greater Washington in 1956; report on an interview survey of size, social characteristics, residential mobility, community participation, and observance of some traditional Jewish practices. 1957.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 B5

    • Brown, Susan Rebecca. Proclaim liberty: a Jewish guide to the nation's capital : historic places and people c1976.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 B76 1976

    • Cernea, Ruth Fredman. Cosmopolitans at home: an anthropological view of the Sephardic Jews of Washington D.C. 1982.
      DC Public Library
      305.8924 F852 Washingtoniana

    • A demographic study of the Jewish community of greater Washington 1983. 1984.
      DC Public Library
      305.696 W149 Washingtoniana
      Executive summary: a demographic study of the Jewish community of greater Washington 1983.
      DC Public Library
      305.696 T629 Washingtoniana

    • Diner, Hasia R. Fifty years of Jewish self-governance: the Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington, 1938-1988. 1989.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 D56 1989
      DC Public Library
      369.3924 D583 Washingtoniana

    • Urban Odyssey: A Multicultural History of Washington, D.C.; edited by Francine Curro Cary. 1996.
      Diner, Hasia R., and Steven J. Diner. "Washington’s Jewish Community: Separate But Not Apart." p. 135-153.
      Library of Congress
      JV6940 U73
      DC Public Library
      305...... Washingtoniana
      Historical Society of Washington
      JV6940 U73

    • Guide to Jewish Washington [1987].
      [prepared by UJA Federation of Greater Washington, Service Guild of Greater Washington ; collection of data by Nancy Duber, Rena Robins, Linda Wolansky]
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 G85 1987

    • Jewish A to Z directory. c1995- [Annual] DC Public Library
      338.7089 J59 1996 1996 Washingtoniana
      338.7089 J59 1997 1997 Washingtoniana

    • Kolker, Carole Abrams. Migrants and memories: family, work, and community among Blacks, eastern European Jews, and native-born Whites in an early twentieth century Washington, D.C. neighborhood [Southwest Washington, D.C.] 1997.
      DC Public Library
      975.303 K81 Washingtoniana

    • Marans, Hillel. Jews in Greater Washington; a panoramic history of Washington Jewry for the years 1795-1960. c1961.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 M3 1961
      DC Public Library
      296 M312 Washingtoniana

    • Rabinowitz, Stanley. The Assembly: a century in the life of the Adas Israel Hebrew Congregation of Washington, D.C. c1993.
      Library of Congress
      BM225.W372 A337 1993
      DC Public Library
      296.8342 R116 Washingtoniana;
      296.8342 R116 Philosphy
      Historical Society of Washington

    • Shosteck, Robert. The Jewish community of Washington, D.C., during the Civil War. Reprinted from American Jewish historical quarterly, v. 56, no. 3, Mar. 1967.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 S47

    • Simon, Abram. A history of the Congregation in commemoration of its jubilee. 1905
      Library of Congress
      BM225.W3 W32

    • Simon, Abram. Notes of Jewish interest in the District of Columbia. . . (Reprinted from Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, no. 26, 1918)
      Historical Society of Washington

    • Spivey, Justin. The Washington Hebrew Temple: a history of the building and its occupants. (1997)
      Historical Society of Washington


    • Caplan, Marvin.
      "Trenton Terrace remembered: life in a "leftist nest."
      Washington History v.6 #1 p.47-65.

    • Goldman, Aaron. Retracing the voyage : from K street-- and back. c1994.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 G65 1994

    • Smith, Charles E. (and David Bruce Smith) Building the community: memorable events in my life. c1998.
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 S67 1998

    • Smith, Charles E. (and David Bruce Smith) Building my life 1985.
      DC Public Library
      92 S6434 Washingtoniana

    • Smith, Charles E. (and David Bruce Smith) Letters to my children. [1993?]
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 S65 1993

    • Wolf, Simon. The presidents I have known from 1860-1918. [c1918]
      Library of Congress
      E176.1 .E85
      Historical Society of Washington
      E176.1 .W85


    • Adas Israel Cemetery in Washington, D.C.: burials, 1870-1919
      1 microfiche
      "Project of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington and the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington"
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 Microfiche 96/79 (F) Copy, Issue: Microfiche 96/79 (F) Copy 2. Request in: Microform Reading Room (Jefferson, LJ139B)

    • Burials in the old section of the Washington Hebrew [Congregation] Cemetery
      1 microfiche
      compiled by the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington and the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington
      Library of Congress
      F205.J5 Microfiche 96/80 (F) Copy, Issue: Microfiche 96/80 (F) Copy 2. Request in: Microform Reading Room (Jefferson, LJ139B)


    • A weekly Jewish newspaper has been published in Washington (or its suburbs) since the 1930s. Its name has varied; it is currently called Washington Jewish Week (since 1983); previously Jewish Week (1975-1983). It seems to have begun as "Jewish Week" then merged with the "National Jewish Ledger", as "Jewish Week, National Jewish Ledger" sometime later merging with the American Examiner--published out of New York, and moving back to Washington in 1975. Much of the run is held at the Library of Congress. [Please note, often newspapers published less frequently than daily are classified in libraries as "periodicals" and not "newspapers." This may affect where the library locates the paper.]

      Archival materials

      Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington
      (Special Collections, George Washington University)

      Other Institutions
      Lillian and Albert Small Jewish Museum, Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington: Archives and Library

      Matthew Gilmore, February 2002, with assistance of Sheryl Jaffe and HSW staff


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