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    H-DC / DC History

    Civil War

    Select book list

    Brooks, Noah. Washington in Lincoln's time.1958 repr.
    973.7/B873 Wash/Ref
    E501 .B87 1989 Library of Congress

    [_____.] Lincoln observed: civil war dispatches of Noah Brooks. 1998.
    973.7092/B873 Wash/Ref
    E457.15 .B88 1998 Library of Congress

    Cooling, B. F. Jubal Early's raid on Washington, 1864. 1989.
    973.737/C774 Wash/Ref
    E476.66 .C85 1989 Library of Congress

    _____. Mr. Lincoln's forts: a guide to the Civil War defenses of Washington. 1988.
    917.5304/C774 Wash/Ref
    F195 .C66 1988 Library of Congress

    [Evening Star (Washington, D.C.)]. Mirror of war: the Washington Star reports the Civil War. 1961.
    973.7/E93 Wash/Ref
    E468 .E9 Library of Congress

    Forman, Stephen M. A guide to Civil War Washington. 1995.
    917.5304/F724 Wash/Ref
    F195 .F64 1995Library of Congress

    Jacob, Kathryn Allamong. Testament to Union: Civil War monuments in Washington, D.C. 1998.
    973.7609/J15 Wash/Ref
    F203.4.A1 J33 1998 Library of Congress

    Judge, Joseph. Season of fire: the Confederate strike on Washington. 1994.
    973.737/J92 Wash/Ref
    E476.66 .J83 1994 Library of Congress

    Kane, Harnett T. Spies for the blue and gray. 1954.
    973.785/K23 Wash/Ref
    E608 .K3 Library of Congress

    Kimmel, Stanley. Mr. Lincoln's Washington. 1957.
    973.7/K49 Wash/Ref
    E501 .K5 Library of Congress

    Lee, Elizabeth Blair. Wartime Washington: the Civil War letters of Elizabeth Blair Lee. 1991.
    973.781/L477 Wash/Ref
    E601 .L44 1991 Library of Congress

    Leech, Margaret. Reveille in Washington, 1860-1865. 1941.
    973.74/L483 Wash/Ref
    E501 .L4 1971 Library of Congress

    Lessoff, Alan. The nation and its city. 1994.
    975.303/L641n Wash/Ref
    F198 .L58 1994Library of Congress

    McClure, Stanley W. The defenses of Washington, 1861-1865.
    973.74/U58 Wash/Ref
    UG412.W3 A53 Library of Congress

    Miller, David V. The Defenses of Washington during the Civil War. 1976.
    973.7097/M647 Wash/Ref
    E501.9 .M54 Library of Congress

    Muir, Dorothy Troth. Mount Vernon: the Civil War years. 1993.
    973.71/M928 Wash/Ref
    E312.5 .M88 1993Library of Congress

    Pryor, Mrs. Roger A. Reminiscences of peace and war. 1908, repr. 1970.
    973.782/P973 Wash/Ref
    E415.7 .P98 1970 Library of Congress

    Ross, Ishbel. Rebel Rose. 1954.
    973.786/R824 Wash/Ref
    E608.G83 R6 Library of Congress

    Stearns, Amanda Akin. The lady nurse of Ward E. 1909.
    973.776/S779 Wash/Ref
    E621 .S79 Library of Congress

    Trindal, Elizabeth Steger. Mary Surratt: an American tragedy. 1996.
    92/S692t Wash/Ref
    E457.5 .T85 1996 Library of Congress

    Whyte, James H. The uncivil war: Washington during the Reconstruction. 1958.
    975.3/W629 Wash/Ref
    F198 .W45 Library of Congress

    Wills, Mary Alice. The Confederate blockade of Washington, D.C., 1861-1862. 1975.
    973.731/W741 Wash/Ref
    E600 .W55 1998 Library of Congress

    Wilson, John Moulder, 1837-1919. The defenses of Washington, 1861-1865. Prepared by Companion Brigadier-General John M. Wilson and read at the stated meeting of December 4, 1901.
    Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Commandery of the District of Columbia. War papers. 38
    E464 .M54 no. 38 Library of Congress


    by decade
    1860-1869 Daily National Intelligencer October 31, 1800 - December 31, 1869.
    National Era January 7, 1847 - March 22, 1860.
    Evening Star December 16, 1852 - July 17, 1973.
    Daily Morning Chronicle November 5, 1862 - January 31, 1877
    Daily National Republican November 20, 1860 - June 11, 1888
    Daily Constitutional Union June 8, 1863 - Dec. 24, 1866; May 1 - June 29, 1867
    see also: Newspaper microfilm finder


    The Washington Historical Image Collection is based on the 1945 E.B. Thompson purchase. The Library bought approximately 2,000 glass plate negatives from a local photographer, E. (Ezra) B. Thompson, for $1000. Eventually prints were made from these plates and in turn negatives made for circulating. Many other items have been accreted to the collection since 1945 from many sources. Images including photographs, engravings or drawings from books, magazines, and newspapers were added. Some photographs were purchased from the Evening Star and others from the Library of Congress. All told, the collection now contains over 20,000 images or 100 linear feet of material. What makes this collection so special is that it is browseable and that negatives can be borrowed. Copyright permissions must, however, be determined by the user. The collection illustrates downtown Washington predominantly and the federal buildings found therein (the Capitol, the White House, the Treasury). Street scenes and houses (downtown Washington and Georgetown) are another strength. Most materials are from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth although some date back to 1800 and some up to the 1970s. Civil War materials include oversized images, a few of which are on display.

    D.C. Community Archives:

    Records of The D.C. Civil War Centennial Commission (Collection 7). The collection was donated to the Archives by Paul J. Sedgwick, Chairman of the Commission and includes documentation of the Commission's activities as well as some of the materials it collected. The Collection contains photographs, clippings, press releases, and programs of Centennial events and correspondence maintained by Mr. Sedgwick from 1959 through 1966. The collection also includes historic photographs used in various commemorations and events planned during the Centennial. The total volume of the collection is approximately 1.5 cubic feet.

    Related D.C.C.W.C.C. can be found at the District of Columbia Archives.

    Civil War era letters can be found at a variety of D.C repositories, including the Historical Society of Washington: MSS 137, 238, 241, 417, 425. Collections: DC lists a number of Civil War material at a variety of locations.

    Matthew Gilmore, December 2003 (12/97)


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