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    39th Annual Washington,
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    October 18-21, 2012

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  • http://www.exploredc.org/timeline/text_only.html
    from WETA's Explore DC site (text)
  • http://www.exploredc.org/timeline/
    from WETA's Explore DC site (interactive/Flash)
  • http://innercity.org/holt/contents.html
    from the Holt House website
  • http://www.narpac.org/ITXDCHIS.HTM
    from the NARPAC (The National Association to Restore Pride in America's Capital) website[standard chronology developed by Dr. Philip Ogilvie]
  • http://www.dc.net/maudlin/history.htm
    from the ANC 3F website [standard chronology developed by Dr. Philip Ogilvie]
  • http://www.dcpages.com/History/
    DCPages website--look at the right hand column [still in development---perhaps H-DC could lend a hand]

    Matthew Gilmore, June 2001


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