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Cervantes, the official journal of the Cervantes Society of America, publishes scholarly articles in English and Spanish on Cervantes' life and works, reviews and notes of interest to cervantistas.

Article Submissions:

The editor of Cervantes is Bruce Burningham.  Manuscripts should be sent as email attachments to the Editor in Microsoft Word (either .doc or .docx) format.  (Authors preferring to send hard copies can mail them to the institutional address listed on the Editor’s Home page, but the evaluation process for such hard copy submissions will necessarily take longer.) 

Cervantes requires anonymous submission.  Authors should therefore include a separate cover sheet that contains the author’s name, thes title of the essay, and all necessary contact information.  Beyond this cover sheet, authors should remove all personally identifying information from the document and should refer to themselves (and to their previous work) exclusively in the third-person.  Manuscripts that have been formally accepted can be revised to include personally identifying information prior to final publication.  Cervantes only publishes articles by members of the Cervantes Society of America.  Authors who are not already members of the Society will need to join (at least for the year in which their articles are published) once manuscripts have been formally accepted for publication.




Manuscripts may be submitted for review following any acceptable scholarly style or format.  However, manuscripts formally accepted for publication in Cervantes will need to be revised in order to conform to MLA styleFor more information see: Pequeña guía de estilo de la revista Cervantes.

Books for review should be sent to William H. Clamurro, Division of Foreign Languages, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas 66801-5087 (

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