Cervantes Society of America
February 1997

     Belated—and slightly wintry—greetings from Granville. We apologize for the slight lateness of the Winter Newsletter. The Executive Council and Open Business meetings of the CSA, along with the panel sponsored by our group, took place at the MLA Convention in Washington DC last December. And so, without futher ado, herewith are the minutes and the relevant reports:

Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Council
Saturday, December 28, 1996

Present were: J. Allen (Pres.), W. Clamurro, C. B. Johnson, H. Mancing, A. Weber, and A. Williamsen.
     The meeting took place on the campus of Georgetown University, and we take this opportunity to thank our colleague, Prof. E. M. Gerli, for arranging for us to use this space. The meeting was called to order at 10am by Pres. J. Allen. The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved.
     Various announcements were made, chief among them the announcement of the first-ever CSA grant ($500) for a graduate student chosen to present a paper on the panel organized by the Society. The recipient was Ms. Theresa M. Rosenhagen of Purdue University.
     In the absence of Prof. McGaha, J. Allen read the Editor's Report (reproduced below). The Treasurer's Report was presented by W. Clamurro (reprinted at the end of this newsletter).
     The Council discussed and updated the situation of the elections for new members of the Executive Council. It was decided (1) that an election would be held in February for the set of Regional delegates, for the term corresponding to the two calendar years '97 and '98, and (2) the At-Large delegates, for the over-lapping term of '98-'99, along with the next Vice President, would be elected in the autumn of this year. For this purpose, it was decided that the present nominating committee (E. Anderson, H. Mancing, and J. Iffland) would continue to deal with these tasks.
     Discussion turned to the question of bibliographies. The consensus of those present was that the Winter 1996 Special Issue of Cervantes—the Anuario Bibliográfico Cervantino 1994-95—turned out extremely well. Although the question of printed bibliographies versus (or alongside of) those in electronic form continues to be debated, those present felt that an annual printed bibliography would be desirable, depending upon our ability to fund it (which at present is quite feasible) and the interest of the CSA members. To this latter point, it was decided that in the autumn elections (along with the vote for at-large delegates and the Vice President) the Secretary would include a questionnaire for the members, to ascertain their opinions and suggestions on the printed bibliography.
     Concerning the ongoing discussion of a CSA Website and the H-Cervantes Website (see the news item from Prof. Eisenberg after the mintues), it was decided to refer this question to Prof. Díaz Migoyo, to be further explored, with the understanding that he keep the Council informed about the progress of this project.
     Under the heading of New Business, the Council reaffirmed the intent and custom of having the current Vice President succeed to the Presidency; this will take place with the start of the 1998 calendar year. Concerning the search for a new Secretary-Treasurer (to take over for the incumbent at the beginning of 1998), it was decided that Pres. Allen would announce this at the Open Meeting, and that subsequent announcements would be made. Nominations and expressions of interest for both positions (V.P. and Secretary) should be sent to Prof. Ellen Anderson of the Nominating Committee or to Pres. J. Allen.
     Concerning the time and place for the next meeting of the CSA there was considerable discussion, including location, different formats for the panel (e.g., not reading the full papers, but rather making printed copies available prior to the panel meeting, and then reading the abstracts and having more “open discussion” at the panel itself), etc. There was some interest in trying to hold a meeting in the fall of 1997; this would be in addition to the spring 1998 meeting. Various venues for an autumn meeting were suggested, and it was decided that we would try to have a decision and an announcement about it early in the spring. Finally, concerning our future presence at MLA Conventions (and the problems connected with this; e.g., the newly imposed limitation on the number of sponsored events), it was tentatively decided that we would try to host at least one panel and one Cash Bar at each MLA Convention.
     The question of the Editorship of the journal was addressed. The Executive Council had been asked to consider and evaluate the proposals from current editor M. McGaha and from E. Urbina (who had expressed strong interest in the editorship for the upcoming triennium). Much discussion ensued; among other things, the Council considered the pros and cons of having the journal editor and the CSA bibliographer positions be assumed by one person, versus the current practice of having those duties divided between two people. Also discussed was the question of the advantages and disadvantages of having an institutional connection (wherein a host university would partially subvention the publication of the journal), versus the current situation, in which the Society and its publications are totally supported by dues and subscriptions. Finally, the choice between the two candidates was brought to a vote by secret ballot (those present and the written proxies that had been sent in to Pres. Allen), and a majority supported the continuation of Prof. McGaha for the coming term. Meanwhile, the Council commended Prof. Urbina for his excellent work with the Anuario Bibliográfico and expressed its hope that he would continue in that capacity.
     The Council then turned to the subject of future plenary speakers and session topics for the upcoming CSA meetings. While nothing concrete was decided, it was noted that (given the normal order of things) the next plenary speaker would ideally be someone from abroad. As for themes and topics, such titles as “Will the Read Cervantes Please Stand Up?” and “The Quijote vs. the Persiles” were mentioned. (As always, suggestions from our members are welcomed.)
     The meeting was adjourned at (?) 11:30am.

* * *

Minutes of the Open Business Meeting
Saturday, 28 December 1996

The Open Meeting was called to order at 3:30pm by President Allen. The minutes of the previous meetings (April, in Lexington KY) were read and approved.
     Pres. Allen announced the award of the Graduate Student Travel grant to Ms. Rosenhagen and she was congratulated by those present.
     Pres. Allen then read the Editor's Report, and W. Clamurro gave the Treasurer's Report. J. Allen also announced the names of the two persons recently appointed by Prof. Urbina (CSA Bibliographer) to the Bibliography Committee; they are Eduardo Anglada Monzón, a bibliographer at the Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid), and Jaime Fernández, Cervantes bibliographer and Professor at Sofía University (Tokyo). The general question of the “future of bibliographies” (print vs. electronic) was briefly discussed, once again. The question of the Web site, H-Cervantes, and so on (see the above Executive Council minutes), was also mentioned. Pres. Allen reported on the discussions in the Executive session concerning alternate meeting sites (i.e., other than the MLA venues), of keeping a token presence at the MLA Conventions, and also the question of our invited plenary speakers, especially those from abroad, and their status (e.g., payment of “non-MLA-member” registration fees for attendance at the Convention). Finally, the Executive Council's decision on the question of the journal's editorship was announced.
     Pres. Allen then introduced Prof. Henry W. Sullivan (U. of Missouri) who gave the plenary lecture, entitled “Don Quixote de la Mancha: Analyzable or Unanalyzable?”

Respectfully submitted,
William H. Clamurro, Secretary-Treasurer

* * *
Editor's Report

     Eleven articles have been submitted to Cervantes in 1996. The Editorial Board rejected two of those, accepted two outright, and advised the authors of six others to carry out significant revisions and resubmit their articles. Three of those authors have done so, and their articles have been accepted on resubmission. I am still awaiting the second reader's report on one article.
     The two issues published in 1996 [Spring issue, Fall issue] have included ten articles, eight book reviews, and one note. In the Forum section Anthony Cárdenas and Pierre Ullman have carried on a lively debate about the interpretation of the décima “Del donoso poeta entreverado a Sancho Panza” in the 1605 Quijote. Since that exchange was published, both Cárdenas and Ullman have come up with additional arguments to buttress their respective positions, and Roberto Flores has decided to enter the fray with a contribution of his own. These will appear in the Fall 1997 issue. We have also published Eduardo Urbina's Anuario bibliográfico cervantino, 1994-95 as a special Winter 1996 issue.
     The Spring 1997 issue will contain a selection of eight articles and two notes, chosen from the 29 ponencias and comunicaciones presented at an International Colloquium on “Perspectivas en los estudios cervantinos” in Argamasilla de Alba in November 1995. This issue will be dedicated to José María Casasayas and will feature a photograph of him on the cover. The organizers of the colloquium have ordered 250 copies of the issue—125 with the standard cover, and another 125 with the poster designed to advertise the colloquium on the cover—for distribution in Spain. This will bring us some additional income and should also help to make the journal better known in Spain.
     Peter Dunn plans to retire in June 1997. Peter has been one of our most dedicated Associate Editors since the journal was founded. I would like to devote the Spring 1998 issue of Cervantes to a Festschritft honoring Peter. Mary Gaylord has kindly agreed to serve as Guest Editor of that issue.
     I have appointed two new Associate Editors during the past year: Amy Williamsen and Yvonne Jehenson. Jehenson replaces the late Lowry Nelson, Jr., as our comparatist.
     It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as Editor of Cervantes during the past year. I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Editorial Board for their prompt and conscientious work; and I extend special thanks to our Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Clamurro, and to Book Review Editor, Ed Friedman, both of whom have done their work in an absolutely exemplary fashion, and have thereby made my job easier.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael McGaha, Editor

* * *

The session organized by the CSA (“Identity and Otherness in Cervantes”) and chaired by Prof. Johnson, was scheduled to have four papers. However, winter storm conditions in the Pacific Northwest prevented Prof. G. Shipley for attending; luckily, he was able to transmit a detailed abstract (“Tomás Rueda (Pseudonym; Surname Unknown): An Incurable Identity Crisis”) to Prof. Johnson, who read it to the the session. The papers presented were as follows: Isabel Lozano-Renieblas, “Jano o la formación de la identidad en el Persiles”; Theresa Marie Rosenhagen, “Bakhtinian Dialogics and the Formation of Narrative Identity: The Polyphonic State of the Cervantine Narrative Voice”; and Joseph V. Ricapito, “La ilustre fregona: The Identity in Dreams and Hopes.”

Prof. D. Eisenberg informs us about H-Cervantes, an H-Network on the life, times, and works of Miguel de Cervantes, sponsored by H-Net, Humanities On-Line, and hosted by Michigan State University, as follows: H-Cervantes is a network for scholars and professionals active in studies related to Cervantes. It encourages scholarly exchanges on all aspects of the author, his works, his circle, his times, and welcomes participation by scholars and specialists from all disciplines. The H-Cervantes list is co-edited by Daniel Eisenberg (N. Arizona U.) [] and Fred Jehle (Indiana U.-Purdue U.) [] and is advised by a board of scholars. More information can also be found at the H-Net Web Site, located at H-Cervantes is free and open to everyone with interest in Cervnates studies. To join H-Cervantes, please send a message to:
with no subject line) and only this text:
     sub h-cervantes firstname lastname, institution
Capitalization does not matter, but spelling, spaces and commas do.
By return mail, you will receive a short questionnaire, which must be completed and returned to confirm your subscription. This information tells us about your professional interests and activities. When they receive the questionnaire, the editors will subscribe you. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties in attempting to subscribe, please send a message to: Daniel Eisenberg []. For technical assistance, write to:
     H-Net is an international consortium of scholars in the humanities and social sciences that creates and coordinates electronic networks, using a variety of media, and with a common objective of advancing humanities and social science teaching and research. H-Net was created to provide a positive, supportive, egalitarian environment for the friendly exchange of ideas and scholarly resources, and is hosted by Michigan State Univ. For more information about H-Net, write to, or point your web browser to

Financial Report 1996

Balance Brought Forward $ 13,253.30
1996 Income
Subscriptions, offprints, back issues, etc. $14,892.00
Total Income $ 14,892.00
1996 Expenditures
CELJ Dues $ 30.00
KFLC expenses (April 1996)
    Entertainment 125.00
    E. M. Gerli's honorarium 500.00
Typesetting Vol. XVI no. 1 (balance) 653.23
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Printing/Mailing Vol. XVI Special Issue (Biblio) 1,906.64
Mail, Telephone, Office Supplies & Expenses 911.87
Bank Service Charges 10.00
Refund of overpayment (from FAXON) 40.00
Total Expenses $ 10,598.04
Balance (December 23, 1996) $17,547.26
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