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February 1993


     Warmest, if belated, New Year's Greetings! As is customary, we take advantage of the Winter Newsletter to publish the minutes of the CSA meetings that took place at the recent MLA Convention in New York and also to publish the results of the recent Executive Council elections and the Treasurer's Report (see below).
     Among the items of importance in the minutes, we would like to mention the decision to raise the dues/subscription rates that was made at the Executive Council meeting. Increased costs and what appears to be a sluggish cash flow have necessitated this increase. The new rates for members are effective immediately and are as follows: (1) individual regular membership is now $20 per year; (2) couples $30 per year; and (3) students $10 per year. The new subscription rate for libraries will go into effect with the 1994 publication year and will be $40 per year.
     Once again, we remind you that the year number next to your name on the mailing label indicates the year up to and including which you have paid, according to our records. We implore you to bring your dues status up to date (we will cheerfully accept payment of dues in arrears at the old—$17, $9, etc.—rates). You may pay for multiple future years, of course, and if you find that our records are in error, please write and let us know. Thank you.

* * *
Minutes of the Executive Council Meeting 27 December 1992

     In attendance were: H. Percas de Ponsetti, D. Finello, D. Eisenberg, M. McGaha, J. Allen, and W. Clamurro.
     The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm by the Vice President, Jay Allen. The minutes of the previous meeting (28 December 1991) were read and approved.
     The Sec.-Treas. reported the results of the recent CSA Executive Council Delegate elections. The winners are as follows: Regional delegates: James Iffland (Northeast); Harry Sieber (Southeast); George Haley (Midwest); Amy Williamsen (Southwest); Adrienne Martín (Pacific coast). At-Large delegates: Edward Friedman, Marcia Welles, Anne Cruz, James Parr, and Robert ter Horst. The Sec.-Treas. has expressed, on behalf of the Society, thanks to all who allowed their names to be put in nomination.
     The Treasurer's Report for the calendar year 1992 was presented (see Report at the end of this Newsletter), and the Sec.-Treas. commented on the problems of rising costs for various items, especially mailing and the expenses associated with publishing the journal.
     M. McGaha moved that subscription rates for libraries be increased from $20 per year to $40 as of the 1994 publication year. The motion was seconded by H. Percas and was approved unanimously.
     D. Eisenberg moved to increase the membership/subscription rates, to be effective as of the publication of the Winter Newsletter, as follows: regular members, from $17 to $20 per year; couples, from $28 to $30; and students, from $9 to $10. H. Percas seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.
     It was suggested that we encourage more people to join the Society and especially to encourage European Cervantists to consider joining.
     J. Allen announced that Prof. Geoffrey Stagg has been invited and has agreed to be the guest speaker at the 1993 meeting of the CSA, which will take place concurrent with the MLA Convention to be held in Toronto, December 1993.
     Prof. Allen brought up the question of possible topics for the 1993 CSA panel (to be held during the MLA Convention). It was suggested that there be an “open topic” format; likewise, it was suggested that panelists be encouraged to submit their presentations to our journal.
     D. Eisenberg announced that J. M. Casasayas is starting a new journal devoted to research on Cervantes and that he has asked if he might be allowed to publish in that journal the abstracts of essays published in Cervantes. Discussion ensued. D. Eisenberg moved to allow such republication. H. Percas seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.
     It was noted that the special committee formed to study the problem of continuity in the membership of the CSA Executive Council (e.g. the possible staggering of terms for the members of the Council) had not reported. It was noted that, given the illness of our current President, Ruth El Saffar, there had been some breakdown in communication with the members of the committee. It was suggested that the question be readdressed in the future.
     The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

* * *
Minutes of the Open Business Meeting Monday, 28 December 1992

     The meeting was called to order by Vice President J. Allen at 1:53pm. J. Allen informed those present of the current state of health of the President, Ruth El Saffar; a get-well card was circulated for people to sign and send their best wishes.
     The Sec.-Treas. gave his reports, the election results and the Treasurer's Report, as presented at the Executive Council. In addition, he mentioned that several members had failed to follow the directions on the ballot, concerning the voting the in regional contests, and had (impermissibly) voted in all regions, rather than only in their own geographical region, as instructed. In such cases, the Sec.-Treas. had endeavored to determine by post mark, etc., the place from which the ballot had been sent and to count only the vote for the candidate pertaining to that region.
     M. McGaha, the Editor of Cervantes, gave a brief Editor's Report. It was noted that the number of submissions to the journal had recently diminished somewhat, and Prof. McGaha encouraged the members and others to submit essays for consideration.
     Prof. Allen announced that Prof. Geoffrey Stagg would be next year's invited speaker.
     D. Eisenberg again asked about the activities of the special committee to study the question of continuity and overlap of membership on the Executive Council. Prof. E. Rivers, one of the committee members, was present and noted that no chairman had ever been named; thus, the committee had never met or conducted business. Again, it was suggested that this issue be given attention in the future.
     Prof. Monique Joly, of the Université de Lille III, gave the invited lecture. Her presentation was entitled “Sobre la presencia de la poesía en ‘La gitanilla’ y ‘La ilustre fregona.’”
     The session concluded at around 3:15pm.

* * *

News Notes from All Over

From Pomona College, M. McGaha reports that the Fifth Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium will be held on April 17, 1993. Its presentations will include the following: “Cervantes' Interludes and the Poetics of Transgression,” Anne Cruz (UC, Irvine); “La letrilla y el baile de El viejo celoso,” Enrique Martínez-López (UC, Santa Barbara); “Estreno de La gran sultana: teatro de lo otro, amor, y humor,” Susana Hernández-Araico (Cal. State Polytechnic U.); “El misterio del Celoso extremeño,” Helena Percas de Ponseti (Grinnell Coll.); “Cide Hamete Redividus,” James A. Parr (UC, Riverside); “Reading In and Out of Don Quixote,” Michael Kidd (Cornell); “The Paradox of Self-Knowledge in Don Quixote's Encounter with Don Diego de Miranda,” Charles Presberg (USC); “Lunar Pigs Trash Crazed Green Cultists (Don Quixote II: 56-58),” Clark Colahan (Whitman Coll.); “El detalle de una ‘historia verdadera’: Don Quijote y Bernal Díaz,” María E. Mayer (Whittier Coll.); and “Petrarch Disenchanted: the blasón in Don Quixote and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz,” Lisa Rabin (George Mason U.).

From Indiana U., Ed Friedman reports that the inaugural issue of the Indiana Journal of Hispanic Literatures is devoted to Golden Age literature and is entitled “‘Otro cantará’: Approaches to the Spanish Baroque.” Two of its articles are devoted to Don Quijote: Anne J. Cruz, “Don Quixote's Disappearing Act: Structural Unity and Character Transformation in Don Quixote,” 83-99, and James A. Parr, “The Role of Cide Hamete Benengeli: Between Renaissance Paradox and Baroque Emblematics,” 101-13. [Other contributors are William R. Blue, Carroll B. Johnson, Robert ter Horst, Francisco J. Sánchez and Nicholas Spadaccini, Frederick A. de Armas, Malcolm K. Read, Javier Herrero, Gridley McKim-Smith and Marcia Welles, and Edward H. Friedman.] Individual subscriptions to IJHL are $15 per year, $25 for two years. Send all correspondence to IJHL, Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese, Indiana U., Bloomington, IN 47405-6601. Ed. Friedman will direct an NEH Summer Institute for School Teachers on “Don Quixote: The Beginning and the Ends of the Novel” at Indiana U., from June 28 the August 6, 1993.

Jim Parr presented the fall lecture, “Don Quixote: On Scribes and Inscription,” in the Distinguished Scholars Series of the Dept. of Foreign Languages at the U. of Delaware on Oct. 15, 1992.

Dan Eisenberg informs us that two grants of 25,000 pesetas are available for persons interested in attending the November, 1993, meeting of the Asociación de Cervantistas to take place in Alcalá. Anyone interested should contact Prof. José María Casasayas, Apartado de Correos 1181, 07080 Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

From UC, Santa Barbara, J. B. Avalle-Arce reports that in July of 1992 he was solemnly invested a Doctor Litterarum Honoris Causa by the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, at the Convento de Dominicos in Almagro, in recognition of his contributions to Cervantine studies. In the summer of 1992 he was made an Associate of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA. On behalf of the CSA, I warmly congratulate my friend and former teacher.
From Lafayette, Louisiana, Burton Raffel reminded me of my error in the last Newsletter: the Jarvis translation of Don Quixote is hardly “new”—but the edition by Prof. E. C. Riley will be. Meantime, Prof. Raffel's own translation of DQ, with an introduction by Diana de Armas Wilson is due to appear soon.

Last (for now) but not least, the Dept. of Classical & Modern Languages of Texas Tech U. (Lubbock, TX) announces a Conference on Renaissance and Baroque Spanish poetry to be held on November 11-13, 1993, in Lubbock. Proposals should be submitted by April 15, 1993, to Prof. Ted E. McVay, Dept. of Classical & Modern Languages, Texas Tech U., Lubbock TX 79409-2071. Phone: 806-742-1565; FAX: 806-742-3306.

Financial Report 1992

Balance Brought Forward $ 6,552.79
1992 Income
Subscriptions, offprints, back issues $7,163.95
Interest (as of 21 January 1992) 27.31
Total Income $ 7,191.26
1992 Expenditures
MLA expenses (1991) $ 97.71
Council of Editors of Learned Journals 60.00
Typesetting Vol. XI no. 2 (balance) 480.85
Typesetting Vol. XII no. 1 1,704.75
Typesetting Vol. XII no. 2 2,704.05
Printing Vol. XI no. 2 1,157.65
Printing Vol. XII no. 1 1,367.18
Mailing Vol. XI no. 2 ,423.94
Mailing Vol. XII no. 1 443.01 443.01
Mailing Vol. XII no. 2 (to date) 38.75
Office supplies & expenses (including Newsletters) 451.34
Telephone 53.16
Mail 459.93
Cancelled postal money order 17.00
Total Expenses $ 9,293.19
Balance (December 16, 1992) $ 4,450.86

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