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January 2007

As you return, gladly or otherwise, to libraries and classrooms, here's hoping that the holidays were both joyful and restful.

CSA at the MLA

The annual meeting of the Society was held on December 29, 2006 at the Loews Hotel. The keynote address, “On the Rhetoric within and without Don Quijote,” was presented by James A. Parr (University of California, Riverside). Frederick A. De Armas (U. of Chicago), in-coming President of the CSA, presided. Barbara Simerka, a former student of Professor Parr's, presented him with an homenaje volume of essays in his honor: Critical Reflections: Essays on Golden Age Literature in Honor of James A. Parr. Ed. Barbara Simerka and Amy Williamsen (Bucknell U. Press, 2006).

Treasurer's Report 2006

Balance brought forward:
Checking: $17,189.52 Savings: $16,002.79
Checking: $12,146.11 Savings: $80.21
(includes $375.54 in Gale Group royalties and $31.95 payout from RoweCom bankruptcy)
2005 Keynote speaker:


Executive Council Breakfast:


Cushing-Malloy for printing
and mailing XXV, 1 & 2:


Sec./Treas. supplies:


Newsletter copying:


Editor supplies/postage/
computer expenses:


Editor travel:


Grant for California
Cervantes Symposium:




Balance (as of 12/ 19/06):
Checking: $16,182.25 Savings: $16,083.00
Total CSA Assets: $32,265.25
Individual: 253

Institutions: 259

Cervantes Editor's Report (summary)

Between 12/1/05 and 11/30/06, there were 35 articles submitted (including one review article and two MLA addresses). Of them, 17 have been accepted (a much higher percentage than in 2005), 11 have been declined or withdrawn, and 7 are currently under consideration.

In 2006 Volume 25, no. 1, of 256 pages, and Volume 25, no. 2, of 344 pages appeared. So as to put the journal back on schedule, the first issue of 2007 will state that it is “Volume 26, nos. 1-2,” and the second issue of 2007 will be designated “Volume 27, 1-2.”

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting, 2006

1. Two resolutions were approved: a) a Directory of Members will be published during 2007. (Members should make sure that their information is current and correct.); and b) Leadership roles (i.e. non-elected positions) should be limited to 9 consecutive years. The Executive Council will retain the discretion to reappoint the Secretary Treasurer or Editor to an additional 3 year term, provided that he or she is willing and there are no other viable candidates.

2. The Society is pleased to support the First Florida Cervantes Symposium, to be held on Saturday, April 14, with a $1000 grant.

3. The Society will be electing regional delegates to begin to serve in 2008. The members of the Nominating Committee are Steven Rupp, William Worden (Chair), and Frederick de Armas.

4. In-coming Society President Frederick A. De Armas has proposed the formation of committees from the Executive Council to consider changes to the structure and governance of the Society, as well as issues regarding the journal. The committees will address: web site maintenance and affiliation; editorial policies, the make up of the editorial board, and the function and support of the editor; the feasibility of establishing the position of Executive Director, which would have institutional support; and the make up and function of the Executive Council.

CSA at the MLA 2007

The regular session will be entitled “Cervantes and the Picaresque.” Proposals should be sent to Howard Mancing, 5031 E. 300 N., Lafayette, IN, 47905-8815 by March 15, 2007.

The keynote address will be given by Edward H. Friedman.

Cervantes at the MLA

James A. Parr presided over the annual session sponsored by CSA, “Cervantine Architectures,” on December 30. The following papers were presented: “Shelteredness and Architecture in the Quijote” Roberto González Echevarria (Yale U.); “Literal and Literary Architecture as Legalistic Irony in Don Quijote (I, 2)” Susan K. Byrne (Fordham U., Bronx); and “La armoniosa arquitectura pitagórica de las Novelas ejemplares” Juan P. Gil (U. of Chicago).

Elsewhere at the MLA, Cervantes was also under discussion: Steven Wagschal (Indiana U.) presented “Race and Religion in Cervantes's The Jealous Old Man from Extremadura”; and Zennia D. Hancock (Saint Bonaventure U.) spoke on “Don Quixote in the Cave, Students on the Mountain: A Curricular Innovation at a Franciscan University.”

Publications by Members

William Childers has published Transnational Cervantes (University of Toronto Press, 2006).

Edward H. Friedman has published Cervantes in the Middle: Realism and Reality in the Spanish Novel from Lazarillo de Tormes to Niebla (Juan de la Cuesta Press).

Eduardo Urbina announces a number of projects and publications: “Iconografía textual del Quijote” is a digital archive that provides access to 174 editions and 7330 images, of which 3329 are accompanied individually by labels with their classification, description, and annotation in 19 distinct fields, (http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/cervantes/V2/inconography/index.shtml); “Visual Knowledge: Textual Iconography of the Quixote, a Hypertextual Archive” Literary and Linguistic Computing 21, 2 (2006): 247-58; “Reading Matters: Quixotic Fiction and Subversive Discourse in Paul Auster's The Book of Illusions,” in Critical Reflections: Essays on Golden Age Literature in Honor of James A. Parr, ed. Barbara Simerka and Amy Williamsen (Bucknell U. Press, 2006), 57-66; “Expanding a Humanities Digital Library: Musical References in Cervantes's Works,” in Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (Springer Verlag 2006), 158-169; “Iconografía textual del QuijoteActas del XLI Congreso de la Asociación de Hispanistas Canadienses (http://artsandscience1.concordia.ca/cmll/spanish/ACH/Congreso_05/Eduardo_Urbina. htm); “Textual Iconography of the Quixote: A Data Model for Extending the Single-Faceted Pictorial Space into a Poly-Faceted Semantic Web” Digital Humanities 2006 Conference Abstracts (Paris-Sorbonne 2006), 215-220; and El Quijote de Lord Carteret en edición facsimile (L. and R. Tonson, 1738), 4 volumes.

Professor Urbina also announces “el I Premio Internacional de Investigación Científica y Crítica ‘Miguel de Cervantes’.” For information regarding submission, see http://mirabeleditorial.com/es_bce04.html.

Other Publications of Interest

Forthcoming from Bucknell U. Press: Eric Graf, Cervantes and Modernity: Four Essays on Don Quixote.

Karl-Ludwig Selig informs us of the following:

The spelling of the author of one of Professor Selig's submissions to the last newsletter should have been Wolfgang Mieder.

A volume entitled In Walter Benjamins Bibliothek (Stuttgart) includes the versions of Cervantes's works read by the critic.

A new edition of Duden - Zitate and Aussprüche containing many from Cervantes's works has been published.

Change of Address for Secretary/Treasurer:

Please send all future communications to: Dr. Theresa Ann Sears, 6410 Muirfield Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410 (email: jarifa@aol.com).

Theresa Ann Sears, Secretary/Treasurer
6410 Muirfield
Greensboro, NC 27410  USA

[Note: An MLA Field Bibliography Fellowships flyer was included with the newsletter, but is not given here.]

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