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January 2004

This missive arrives with best wishes for the New Year and for the coming academic semester or quarter, as well as with the hope that your holiday season was a joyful and relaxing one.


CSA member María Antonia Garcés (Cornell University) was awarded the MLA's James Russell Lowell Prize for her book Cervantes in Algiers: A Captive's Tale (Vanderbilt University Press), the first time that a book on a Hispanic topic has been so honored. The prize, which is given for an outstanding book (literary or linguistic study, critical edition of a major work, or critical biography) written by an Association member, carries a monetary award as well as a certificate. In making the award, the MLA calls Garcés's work “a magisterial exploration of the sociopolitical world of sixteenth-century North Africa” which “maps the surprisingly porous frontiers between Muslim and Christian worlds in the early modern period,” thereby “rethink[ing] the connections between trauma and creativity even as it enlightens the long and vexed history of relations between Islam and the West.”


Joseph Ricapito was named East Washington University Visiting Distinguished Scholar. In that role, he presented three lectures on Don Quijote.

Sharon Knight successfully defended her dissertation on the Persiles.

Cervantes at the MLA

As usual, it was a pleasure to gather with old friends and new at the annual events in conjunction with the MLA Convention, which took place in San Diego, California. Given that this year the breezes were more brisk than balmy, there may have been less temptation to abandon the meeting rooms for the boardwalk!

The regular CSA session addressed the topic “Cervantes: Exemplarity, Narrative Art, and Social Context.” The following papers were presented: “Negative Exemplarity in Cervantes's Marriage Plots” (Eric J. Kartchner); “The Supernarrator of 1605: Authoritative Voice or Wayward Reader” (Shannon M. Polchow [recipient of the first CSA Travel Award for Graduate Students]); and “History, Society, and Economics: The Link with the Quijote” (Joseph V. Ricapito).

The keynote presentation at the annual business meeting was given by Steven Hutchinson and was entitled “Affective Dimensions in Don Quixote.”

Elsewhere at the MLA, Julia L. Farmer spoke on “Disenchanted Castles: Cervantes's Representation of the Ariostan Epic-Romance Split.”

CSA at the MLA: Business Meeting and Annual Reports

Business Meeting

The following announcements were made:

1. Edward H. Friedman has completed his term as CSA President. In recognition of his service not only in that position, but also as Vice-President and long-time member of the Society, in-coming President James Parr presented him with a plaque and the gratitude of the membership. Frederick de Armas is the new Vice-President.

2. The new at-large delegates are: Emilie Bergmann, William Clamurro, Catherine Connor, Anne Cruz, and Dian Fox.

3. The Executive Committee has approved the creation. of the category of “life-time member” of the Society. Life-time memberships may now be purchased for $300.00 USD, sent to the Secretary/Treasurer. This represents a potential savings of 50% or more compared to the annual rate.

4. Various conferences have issued calls for papers (see below). In anticipation of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the 1605 Don Quixote, members are encouraged to send announcements of events to the Newsletter as well as the web site.

5. The topic of the 2004 CSA session the MLA (Philadelphia, PA) will be “Cervantes and the Hapsburgs.” Papers should be sent to Professor Frederick de Armas, Dept. of Romance Languages, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637 (fdearmas@uchicago.edu) by March 10, 2004.

6. Edward H. Friedman and James Parr have been invited to co-edit the March, 2005 issue of Hispania, which will be a special issue in commemoration of the 1605 Don Quixote. Articles and/or inquiries should be addressed to Professor Friedman (Vanderbilt U.) or Professor Parr (California-Riverside).

2003 Treasurer's Report  
Balance brought forward:  
Checking: $10,251.51 Savings: $15,787.96
Checking: $11,850.00 Savings: $81.29
($250.00 in form of gifts from  
Karl-Ludwig Selig)  
2002 MLA keynote speaker: $500.00
2002 Executive Council breakfast: $187.11
Supplies: $381.23
Cushing-Malloy for journal  
publishing and mailing: $6808.17
Newsletter copying: $333.41
Journal editor (supplies,  
travel, typing, etc.) $2008.87
Postage account at UNCG: $1000.00
Total: $11,218.79
Balance (as of 12/14/03):
Checking: $10,882.72 Savings: $15,869.25
Total CSA Assets: $26,751.97
Individual Members: 291*
Institutional Subscribers: 258**
*Of the total, 64 have not paid through 2002
**Of the total, 12 have lost payment for subscription year 2003 due to the bankruptcy of Divine-RoweCom; 45 are in arrears of 3 years or more. I will be contacting the subscribers to collect payment or cancel subscription.

“Cervantes” Editor's Report

1. The most important “event” or accomplishment regarding Cervantes in 2003 has been the completion of the Web project. The entirety of the journal since its foundation in 1981, including the special issues, is now available free on the CSA's Web site http://www.h-net.org/~cervantes/bcsalist.htm), and is indexed by Google and other search engines. This is something that is not true of any other print-based journal in Hispanic studies. Although in some cases journals are placed online by taking pictures of the pages, which means that words in the articles are not searchable, for Cervantes the text of all these back issues has been input (typed) by volunteers and students coordinated by Managing Editor Fred Jehle, for whose work the CSA is profoundly grateful. In addition, portions of the journal are available online in two other locations: Spain's digital library, the Biblioteca Cervantes Virtual, sponsored by the Universidad de Alicante, now includes Cervantes in its hermeroteca http://www.cervantesvirtual.com/hemeroteca/, using, with permission, the files Jehle prepared. The first third of the journal's run is currently available at this location: http://www.cervantesvirtual.com/servlet/IndiceTomosNumeros?portal=0&Ref=11279.

Although it did not happen this year, let me mention also that in 2001 the database vendor Gale Research approached us with a request, which was granted, to include Cervantes in some of their commercial database products, such as Expanded Academic ASAP. The exact databases it is in seem to be somewhat fluid. While this was combined with a contract promising to pay the CSA revenue depending on pages viewed, so far as I know in two years this revenue has not been above the minimum for cutting a check. There have also been occasional requests to reprint articles, such as in the collection Contemporary Literary Criticism. I have set the fixed price of $100 for permission to reprint, which is shared equally between the author and the CSA.

There has also been an increasing number of requests to include articles from Cervantes in course packs. I have set the charge for this as 0.01 per page per copy, which was chosen because it was the lowest amount (other than “free”) on the Copyright Clearance Center form.

In all cases of reprinting I inform the author, both to get the author's permission and to provide a piece of documentation for the author's dossier, if needed.

2. Another “event” this year is that Phyllis Emerson's index to Astrana's biography has been posted on the Cervantes Society Web site. It is still being corrected; a translation of the introduction by a professional translator (who volunteered) has just been added and his translation of the chronological index will be posted soon. http://www.h-net.org/~cervantes/csa/emerson_index.htm.

3. The spring 2003 issue was dedicated to Cervantes' first editor, Jay Allen, and at 264 pages is the longest issue published to date. The fall 2003 issue is dedicated to the first scholarly editor of DQ, John Bowle, and has a small tribute to Merritt Cox, Bowle's twentieth-century champion. It will be longer than the spring issue and has the largest number of illustrations of any issue so far. Because in part of the length and illustrations I regret to say that it is delayed, though it I expect it will be out in January.

4. The spring 2004 issue will have a cluster of articles on clothing, coordinated by Elaine Dunn and with general impetus provided by Carroll Johnson, to whom our thanks. De Armas' invited lecture from Dec. 2002 will also be in this issue.

5. Statistics on articles submitted in 2003 (thanks again to Fred Jehle): 40 articles submitted, of which 14 have been accepted, 16 rejected, in a few cases with suggestions of revision that could produce acceptance, and 10 in process. This includes review articles but does not include reviews. There are two invited articles reviewing the recent DQ translations which have not yet been received.

There is a backlog of approximately one issue, though it is still possible to have an article such as Mancing's (23.1) submitted in 2003 and published in 2003.

6. Recently Cervantes has switched to requiring electronic submissions (with occasional exceptions for figures like Geoffrey Stagg) and not processing paper manuscripts. So far this change has been problem-free and simplified record-keeping and ms processing.

7. There have been. two resignations from the editorial board — Yvonne Jehenson and Peter Dunn, who have retired and moved to Europe. They have been replaced with Eduardo Urbina and Jean Canavaggio.

Submitted by: Daniel Eisenberg

Book Review Editor's Report

During the 2003 calendar year nineteen books were received, most of which were sent out for review; five of these books were the editions and commentaries on libros de caballerías sent to Dan Eisenberg. [These books will not be reviewed.]

The reviews that were finished and received (and sent on to the editor) were (1) M. McGaha's review of Cervantes in Algiers; (2) M. Scham's review of The Cambridge Companion to Cervantes; (3) S. Polchow's review of Los autores, el texto, los lectores en el 'Quijote' de 1605; and (4) E. Kartchner's review of Las Ejemplares: una sola novela.

Books received during 2003 and currently out for review include three by A. López Alonso, B. Fuchs's Passing for Spain, C. Bernis's El traje y los tipos sociales en el Quijote, K. Reichenberger & R. Ribas's Ein kryptischer Cervantes: Die geheimen Botschaften im “Don Quijote”, M. Scaramuzza's I fantasmi di Cervantes, J. Baena's Discordancias cervantinas, R. ter Horst's The Fortunes of the Novel, and D. Quint's Cervantes's Novel of Modern Times.

Submitted by: William Clamurro

Call for Papers

The 16th Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2004 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The topic will be open, but with a preference for Cervantes's other works (poetry, drama, the other novels). The symposium will also be a tribute to Professor Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce in his recent retirement from UCSB; papers about or closely related to his work will be welcome. Send abstracts by January 15, 2004 to Leo Cabranes-Grant, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, UCSB, Santa Barbara CA 93106 or electronically in Word or RTF format to cabranes@dramadance.ucsb.edu.

“Framing the Quijote,” a conference to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of the 1605 Don Quijote, will be held October 12-15, 2005 at Brigham Young University. The objective of the conference is to spotlight the myriad manifestations of framing in the Quijote. Send proposed papers or abstracts by September 1, 2004 to Alvin F. Sherman, Jr., Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese. Brigham Young University, Provo UT 84602 (alvin_sherman@bvu.edu).


The Catharijne Press Miniature Books has published a miniature version (roughly matchbox-size) of Samuel Putnam's translation of Chapter 8 of Don Quijote I in an edition of 150 numbered copies with a frontispiece by Belgian artist Gerard Gaudaen (1927), with each plate numbered and signed. The price is $91.00 USD, not including bank costs and postage. Contact Trijnie Duut, Catharijne Press Miniature books (catharijnepress@tiscali.nl).

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