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January 2003

I hope that everyone had a happy and restful holiday season. I was sorry to miss seeing those of you who attended the MLA Convention in New York, but I look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year, and to seeing you in San Diego in December.

Cervantes at the MLA

The plenary address at the Business Meeting was given by Professor Frederick A. De Armas of the University of Chicago. He spoke on “Quixotic Frescoes: Cervantes and Italian Art.”

The other CSA session addressed the topic “Don Quixote in the Context of Cervantes's Other Works.” The presenters and their topics were: William Childers, “Magical Realism and Hybridity in Cervantes”; Elizabeth Beardon, “Equine Enargia: Ekphrasis as a Vehicle for Criticism of the Verisimilar Marvelous in Don Quijote and Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda”; and Rosa Helena Chinchilla, “Narrative Context and Poetic Ploy: Garcilaso de la Vega and Cervantes.”

Other Cervantine presentations were given at the convention and included a session entitled “Clothing and Costume in Cervantes: (Un)Covering, Discovering, and Recovering Identity” led by Elaine Ann Bunn. The following papers were presented: Ecarnación Juárez, “Travestismo, transferencias, trueques e inversiones en las aventuras de Sierra Morena: El papel de la ropa”; Darcy Reydel Donahue, “Dressing Up and Dressing Down: Clothing and Class Identity in the Novelas ejemplares”; and Carroll B. Johnson, “Women and Men in Cervantes: Dressed, Undressed, and Redressed.”

[Note: If other members presented papers on Cervantes at the MLA that I have not mentioned, please let me know and I will include them in the May newsletter.]

As is customary, the Treasurer's Report and the Editor's report were also presented at the Annual Business Meeting:

Treasurer's Report

Balance brought forward:
Checking: $8,626.44 Savings: $15, 635.28


Checking: $11,172.45     Savings: $152.68


Copying for newsletters: $385.86
2001 MLA dinner: $409.06
2001 Zimic Honorarium: $500.00
UNCG Postage account: $1000.00
Stop payment fees for lost checks: $40.00
Cushing Malloy for XXI, 2 $995.93
Cushing Malloy for XXII, 1 $2983.92
Canceled subscription: $40.00
Journal editor expenses (including computer equipment and travel): $3192.61
Total: $9547.38


Checking: $10,251.51 Savings: $15,787.96
Total CSA assets (as of 12/18/02): $26,039.47
Members:       312
Libraries: 251

Editor's Report

During the preceding year there have been 26 articles submitted. Of those, 8 have been accepted, sometimes after revision; 12 were not accepted, of which one has been resubmitted and another has promised resubmission. Seven, including the resubmission, are currently under consideration. There is a backlog of approximately one issue in publication.

The Spring 2002 issue was dedicated to Ted Riley, and the Spring 2003 issue will also be dedicated to a major Cervantes scholar.

The editor would like to encourage submissions from the editorial board of Cervantes and the Executive Committee of CSA, in the interest of continuing to publish articles by senior scholars as well as those of younger colleagues. Only in this way can the journal continue to be the center of Cervantes scholarship.

Substantial savings continue to be realized by having the editor do the typesetting for the journal.

After a delay in the publication of the Spring 2002 issue due to circumstances beyond the editor's control, the journal is back on schedule and can be expected to continue to publish on time.

On the CSA's Web site, thanks to Managing Editor Fred Jehle, all the current issues and most of the back issues are available, as are the Society's newsletters. The site receives the highest level of usage among the 100+ sponsored by Humanities Online. During 2002 the journal's full content also became available through Gale, a major database jobber. Although no income has been realized from this source, it does seem to be competing with subscription to the journal, perhaps because the quality is far below that provided by our own Web site.

Since 2000, the journal has followed the MLA style of documentation. The editor has posted a brief guide on the journal's Web site [http://www2.h net.msu.edu/~cervantes/bcsalist.htm], in Spanish, summarizing the MLA style and explaining how to cite works of Cervantes.

To facilitate scholarly communication, and following the model common to scientific journals, each article and review now is accompanied by the email and postal address of the author.

The editor continues to solicit assistance in correcting the typed version of Phyllis Emerson's index to Astrana.

Cervantes at the MLA, 2003 [San Diego]

The topic for this year's MLA open session on Cervantes is “Genre and Narrative Discourse Revisited.” Those interested in submitting a paper should contact Prof. Parr at Cervantista@aol.com before the end of February.

Publications on Cervantes

The newsletter has received notice of the publication of Cervantes in Algiers: A Captive's Tale by María Antonia Garcés (Nashville: Vanderbilt UP, 2002).

Call for Papers

The 14th Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium will be held at the University of California-Riverside on Saturday, April 19, 2003. The topic is open, with a preference for papers on Cervantes's female characters. The keynote speaker will be María Stoopen, UNAM, author of Los autores, el texto, los lectores en el ‘Quijote’ de 1605 (México: UNAM, 2002). Abstracts should be sent by February 15 to James A. Parr, Hispanic Studies, UCR, Riverside, CA 92521-0222 or by e-mail to Cervantista@aol.com.


Elections will be held this spring for Vice-President (who will become president) and at-large delegates. Look for ballots in the mail; members will be able to vote by e-mail as well.

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