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January 2002

I hope that everyone has had a peaceful holiday season, one filled with both the solemn acknowledgment of our sorrow and the joyful counting of our manifold blessings. May the coming year bring you less of the former and the opportunity to do a great deal more of the latter.

CSA at the MLA

The Annual Meeting

CSA President Edward H. Friedman presided over the annual business meeting. The keynote address was presented by Stanislav Zimic (University of Texas-Austin), who spoke on “Viajes de amor y descubrimiento en Cervantes.”

In addition, the 2001 Treasurer's Report was presented:





Balance brought forward: $6288.42 15,331.39
  Interest: 303.89
2001 Income: 13,019.00
2001 Expenditures:
    2000 MLA breakfast: 121.65
    2000 MLA lunch: 42.58
    Iffland Honorarium: 500.00
    Copying for newsletters: 359.99
    Supplies: 60.75
    Cushing-Malloy for XX, 2: 1003.34
    Cushing-Malloy for XXI, 1&2: 5294.77
    Typing manuscript: 2027.65
    Travel for Eisenberg: 1000.00
    Other:     270.25
    Total: 10,680.98
Balance in checking: 8,626.44     Balance in savings: 15,635.28
Total CSA assets (as of 12/17/01): 24,261.72
Members:   313
Libraries: 244

Daniel Eisenberg also distributed the Editor's Annual Report for Cervantes. In it, he notes that the number of submissions to the journal have increased to 30 in 2001, of which 12 were not accepted, 13 were accepted, and 5 remain under consideration. The content for Spring 2002 issue is already in hand. The journal has also begun publishing a document or text in each issue. These have included John Bowle's “Letter to Dr. Percy” and Dale Wasserman's unpublished I, Don Quixote, the predecessor of Man of La Mancha. It is expected that this practice will continue in future issues.

Changes in the production process instituted by the editor have substantially reduced the cost of producing Cervantes (for a comparison, see the above Treasurer's Report, as well as the report for 2000).

Thanks to Fred Jehle, managing editor for Cervantes (whose term has been renewed), the CSA has an attractive Web site (http://www.h-net.org/~cervantes/csapage.htm). Approximately one half of the journal's entire run is available online, and the goal is to have the complete run online. The site is made possible for no cost because of a loose affiliation with Humanities Online, which is supported by NEH and housed at Michigan State University. Humanities Online has mentioned CSA as the most active site of those which the organization supports.

Cervantes will also appear in three online databases maintained by the Gale Research Company: Expanded Academic ASAP, Literature Resource Center, and General Reference Gold. CSA will receive royalties for the use of its material, although it is not known whether this will involve more than symbolic amounts.

The preparation of the manuscript of Phyllis Emerson's little-known index to Astrana Marín's biography of Cervantes continues. The next steps involve proofreading the typed version against the original and converting the English-language chronological index to Spanish. This phase is expected to be completed in 2002.

In addition to the reappointment of Fred Jehle as managing editor, Jaime Fernández, Edward Friedman, Aurelio González, Francisco Rico, and George Shipley have been reappointed to three-year terms on the Editorial Board.

Cervantes at MLA Sessions

James A. Parr (CSA Vice-President) presided over the session sponsored by the CSA. The papers presented were: “True Lies: The Hagiographic Narrative Tradition in Don Quijote” (Patricia E. Grieve); “Jongleuresque Dialogue, Metanarrativity, and Maese Pedro's Puppet Show” (Bruce R. Burningham); “Exemplum into Novella: On the ‘Signs Debate’ Motif in ‘El curioso impertinente’” (Leah Wood Middlebrook); and “Cervantes, the Picaresque, and Posterity” (Michael S. Scham).

Another session, entitled “Misusing the Muse: Cervantes and Genre” and presided over by Christopher Brian Weimer, featured the following presentations: “(Mis)Placing the Muse: Exphrasis in Cervantes's La Galatea, VI” (Frederick A. de Armas); “Jovial Muses: Cervantes's Viaje del Parnaso (1614) as Mock Epic” (Julio J. Velez-Sainz); and “Memory and Canine Musings in El coloquio de los perros” (Adrienne L. Martin).

Elsewhere at the MLA, your humble Secretary-Treasurer presented “While Don Quijote Slept: Interpolation and Versions of Virtuosity in Mateo Alemán and Cervantes.”

Cervantes on the Conference Circuit

Peter Dunn gave the plenary address on “The Play of Desire: El amante liberal and the Casamiento engañoso y coloquio de los perros” at the colloquium on the Novelas ejemplares held at the University College of Cork, Ireland, April 6-7, 2001.

The Asociación Internacional de Cervantistas met in Rome September 27-29, 2001. It was attended by, among others, a journalist from El país, who cites CSA members Manero Sorolla, Eisenberg, López Navia, Close, and Hutchinson (thanks to Frances Luttikhuizen for forwarding the article).

The following CSA members presented papers: Pilar Manero Sorolla, Daniel Eisenberg, Santiago A. López Navia, Anthony Close, Steven Hutchinson, Jordi Aladro, Isabel Lozano Renieblas, Jean Canavaggio, María Caterina Ruta, Ruth Fine, Joseph V. Ricapito, Eduardo Urbina, Giuseppe Grilli, Kenji Inamoto, Idoya Puig, Emilio Martínez Mata, Diego Martínez Torrón, Carlos Mata Induráin, William Clamurro, Anthony Zahareas, Aurelio González, and Mercedes Alcalá Galalan.

Publications on Cervantes

Charles Presberg has published Adventures in Paradox: “Don Quijote” and the Western Tradition (Penn State UP).

Maria Alberta Sacchetti authors Cervantes' “Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda”: A Study of Genre (Tamesis).

Chris Sliwa announces the publication of his book El licenciado Juan de Cervantes. Efermerides del licenciado Juan de Cervantes. Documentos y datos para una biografía del abuelo paterno del autor del “Quijote.” Prólogo por Juan Bautista de Avalle-Arce. Dedicatoria a Jean Canavaggio (Kassel: Edition Reichenberger, 2001).

Karl-Ludwig Selig informs of the following publications in German:

Ottmar Ette, Literatur in Bewegung. Raum and Dynamik grenzüberschreitenden Schreibens in Europ und Amerika (Weilerswist, 2001).

Roland Galle and Rudolf Behrens, Konfigurationen der Macht in der Frühen Neuzeit (Heidelberg, 2000).

Martin Bircher, ed. Spiegel der Welt (Fondation Martin Bodmer Cologny, Zurich, 2000).

Call for Papers

The 2002 Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium asks for abstracts of 200-300 words on the topic “Cervantes and the Question of Ethics.” The symposium will be held on April 20, 2002 at the University of California, Irvine, and will feature a keynote address by James Iffland. Suggested topics: hospitality, friendship and enmity; ethics of gift, exchange and debt favors; pain and mourning; social and religious tolerance; the question of the other; forgiveness; frontiers; ethics of love and sexuality; war and peace. Abstracts and inquiries should be sent (preferably by e-mail) to: Luis F. Avilés, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, 322 HH, U. of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA 92697-5275; email: laviles@uci.edu; phone: 949-824-7268; fax: 949-824-2803. Deadline for submissions: February 1, 2002.

For the 2002 MLA in New York: a special session “Clothing and Costume in Cervantes: (Un)covering, Discovering, and Recovering Identity.” One page abstracts and brief vitae by March 10 to Elaine Bunn, Spanish Department, Drew University, Madison, NJ 07940 (ebunn@drew.edu).

The topic for the regular CSA session at the 2002 MLA will be “Don Quijote in the Context of Cervantes's Other Works.” Abstracts should be sent to James Parr in time to meet the MLA deadline.


Roberto González Echevarría, Sterling Professor of Hispanic and Comparative Literatures, Yale University, has been named a William Clyde DeVane Professor. He will deliver a semester-long lecture series on “Love and the Law in Cervantes” in Spring, 2002. The series is open to the public and serves as a course for undergraduates.


Karl-Ludwig Selig has kindly donated $100 to the CSA in the light of the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers.


If you find that the label notation of your dues payment does not correspond to your records, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary/Treasurer. It appears that the label function does not always access the most recent version of the database file, which results in inaccurate dates on the labels.

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