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January 2001

Post-holiday greetings to one and all at this, the beginning of the fourth century of reading and studying the works of Miguel de Cervantes! Let us hope that it will be as fruitful and enlightening as the last.

CSA at the MLA

As usual, it was a pleasure to see so many friends, old and new, at that massive crush known as the Modern Language Association Convention. The executive committee and officers discussed many issues, some of which may produce changes in the coming months. Announcements of any such will, of course, appear in the Newsletter.

The following actions were taken at the general meeting:

Elections: next year the Regional Delegate elections will be held. A Nominations Committee was formed, to be chaired by the Secretary (yours truly). The other members will be William Clamurro and Marina Brownlee. The committee will prepare a slate of candidates, which will be presented at the general meeting of the society at the MLA, 2001, at which time nominations will be accepted from the floor. Elections will be then be held early in 2002, during which it will be possible to vote by mail or e-mail.

Non-participants: The problem of members of the executive committee who do not attend meetings or respond to correspondence was discussed. It was decided that the president would contact such members by mail and question them as to their willingness to continue to serve. Failure to respond to such a letter will constitute a negative reply to the question, and the member will be replaced.

Treasurer's Report:
Balance brought forward: $22,401.63
Deposited to savings account: $15,000.00
2000 income: $14, 667.33
2000 expenditures:  
UNCG account for postage:  $ 1000.00
Honorarium for R. ter Horst:  $ 500.00
MLA '99 meeting room:  $ 206.00
Gifts:  $ 200.00
Checks for new account:  $ 87.00
Bookmasters for XX, 1:  $ 6589.54
Bookmasters for XX, 2:  $ 3781.72
Cushing Malloy for XX, 2:  $ 2178.00
Supplies:  $ 261.88
Editor's Journal subscription:  $ 30.00
Shipping Records:  $ 120.00
Eisenberg trip to Lepanto:  $ 300.00
Postage:  $ 354.22
Copying for newsletter:  $ 152.18
Miscellaneous:  $ 20.00
Total:  $ 15,780.54
Balance in checking:    $ 6,288.42
Interest paid on savings:  $ 331.39
Total in savings account:  $ 15, 331.39
Total CSA assets:  $ 21, 619.81  (as of 12/14/00)





Editor's Report:

1. The Spring issue (XXI, 1) is still open. Please send any submissions to Daniel Eisenberg.

2. 14 submissions were received in the last year. Of them, two were accepted, seven were sent to the editorial board and were rejected, one was sent to author with suggestions for extensive revisions, and three were rejected without editorial board review.

3. Members are urged to submit their own work and to encourage others to submit articles to Cervantes. If you hear an interesting paper on Cervantes at other conferences, please suggest that the author submit it to the journal.

Changing of the guard: In lieu of the matador's swords, which are passed to the new torero, outgoing President Carroll Johnson duly handed over the CSA constitution to the incoming president, Edward Friedman. As a gesture of gratitude for Professor Johnson's exemplary service to the society, a gift certificate to Amazon.com was presented to him. May it purchase many fascinating books on Cervantes for him to read in his newly copious spare time!

Plenary Address: J. James Iffland of Boston University presented the plenary address entitled “Do We Really Need to Read Avellaneda?” His answer, a multi-faceted “Yes” will no doubt send many who heard it to their bookshelves, as it sent me, to pick up that much-maligned volume.

Regular session: Three papers were presented at the session entitled “Cervantes and Cultural Studies”: “Pilgrimage and Social Change in Persiles y Segismunda (William Childers); “El

Quijote y la construcción cultural de masculinidades en la España aurisecular” (José R. Cartagena-Calderón); and “Utopia as Perversion: Residual and Emergent Ideologies in Don Quijote” (Myriam Yvonne Jehenson).

Call for papers for MLA 2001 (New Orleans): Open topic, with preference for papers that treat texts within the context of literature per se (taken to include literary tradition, intertextuality, genre issues, etc.) Please send detailed abstracts and selected bibliography to James A. Parr, Dept. of Hispanic Studies, University of California-Riverside, Riverside, CA 92521, by March 15.

Cervantes in other conference news

1. Daniel Eisenberg filed the following report:

The Asociación de Cervantistas held its IV Congreso Internacional in Náfpaktos, Greece, from October 1-8, 2000. Náfpaktos is the modern name for Lepanto. October 8th is the date of the battle of Lepanto, and it is a holiday in Náfpaktos. A statue of Cervantes by the Spanish sculptor Jaime Mir was unveiled next to the harbor. During the week, besides the view of the waters were the battle of Lepanto took place, the group visited Mount Parnassus and Mount Olympus.

The following members of the CSA gave papers: Maria Fernanda de Abreu, Antonio Bernat, Anthony Cascardi, Marcos Cipolloni, Anthony Close, Daniel Eisenberg, Ruth Fine, María Cruz García de Enterría, Mary Gaylord, Aurelio González, Steven Hutchinson, Luis Larroque, Tom Lathrop, Santiago López Navia, Frances Luttikhuizen, Emilio Martínez Mata, Michel Moner, José Montero Reguera, Chul Park, Alicia Parodi, Joseph Ricapito, Chris Sliwa, Eduardo Urbina, and Anthony Zahareas. [Note from TAS: There are some omissions in the list of members who presented papers in Lepanto. Those who were left out should let me know and I will correct the list in the May edition.]

In addition, a Greek Hispanist, Ioanis Hassiotis, delivered a lecture on the importance of the battle of Lepanto for modern Greece. He pointed to examples of its influence, and discussed its role as a precursor of Greek independence from Turkey, 250 years later.

The next meeting of the Asociación de Cervantistas will he held in Rome, September 27-29, 2001, on the topic “Cervantes en Italia.”

2. Eduardo Urbina reports that, in addition to the paper mentioned above, he presented “La crítica textual en la era digital: la Edición electrónica 'variorum' del Quijote (EVE) del Proyecto Cervantes” as part of the Curso sobre Nuevas Tecnologías y las Humanidades” held November 17, 2000 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

3. Call for papers: Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Denver, Colorado, 25-28 of October, 2001. For papers related to Cervantes (in the category “Others” for this conference), contact R. Emmet McLaughlin, History Dept., Villanova University, Villanova, PA 19085, tel: 610-519-7429; fax: 610-519-4450; email: emmet.mclaughlin@villanova.edu.

4. 2001 Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium, April 7, 2001, U. of Southern California. Topic: “Idle Readers in a Frenetic Age,” concerning reading Cervantes in a technological world. Contact: Bruce R. Burningham, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0358; tel: 213-740-1258; fax: 213-740-9463; email: burningh@usc.edu. Abstracts or complete papers by Feb. 2, 2001.


Rachel Schmidt's book, Critical Images: The Canonization of Don Quixote through Illustrated Editions of the Eighteenth Century. Kingston/Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999, has been awarded the prize for the best book published by a member of the Canadian Association of Hispanists for the years 1997-1999.

Eduardo Urbina has received a $50,000 grant from Texas A&M University and a 3-year, $498,000 grant from the National Science Foundation program in Information Technology to develop new tools and programs for textual editing and to create an Electronic variorum edition of Don Quixote for the IV Centenario in 2005.


Donald P. McCrory, No Ordinary Man: The Life and Times of Miguel de Cervantes. London: Peter Owen Publishers.

Eduardo Urbina, “De La Mancha a Cuba: Guerra, honor y locura en “D.Q.” de Rubén Darío.”

In Los últimos días del comienzo. Ensayos sobre la guerra hispano-cubana-estadounidense. Ed. Benigno Aguirre and Eduardo Espina. Santiago de Chile: RiL editores, 2000. 207-18.

———, Anuario Bibliográfico Cervantino 4 (2000). Alcalá de Henares: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 2000. 224 p.


Eduardo Urbina announces the inauguration of the Academia Cervantina Internacional, of which he is a member of the Executive Committee. For information about it and membership, contact him at e_urbina@tamu.edu.

Our good friend Karl-Ludwig Selig sends word that the Stuttgart Ballet performed “Don Quixote,” a premiere of a new production, in Stuttgart in December.

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