Cervantes Society of America
May 1997

Greetings from Granville, where spring has yet to make a credible entrance. We trust that all of you have had a rewarding and productive academic year and that the summer will be both relaxing and full of stimulating creativity.

This spring newsletter, meanwhile, will be the last one to be written and sent from Denison University here in Granville. Although my second term as Secretary-Treasurer is due to end with the conclusion of this calendar year, I will be moving this summer to Emporia State University (Emporia, Kansas), where I have accepted the position of Chair of the Division of Foreign Languages. For the balance of this year, and for whatever turns out to be the rest of my term in the office of Secretary-Treasurer, correspondence, dues payments, etc., sent to the CSA care of Denison University will, of course, be forwarded. But to avoid delays and confusion, starting July 15th, you should direct all correspondence and inquiries to the following address:

Prof. William H. Clamurro, Chair
Division of Foreign Languages
Emporia State University
Emporia, Kansas 66801-5087

The new e-mail address (effective by 15 July) will be: [please note the Cervantine textual oddness of the final “w,” previously an “o”; pronunciation, however, is the same]. The new office telephone number will be 316-341-5519. Since there is no voice mail system there, please also note the departmental secretary's number: 316-341-5425. We may also be FAXed at 316-341-5681.

* * *

While spring and summer generally bring us fewer news items to report, there are a couple of things to announce at this point. First, concerning the upcoming conference activities of the CSA, there will be only two CSA-sponsored events at this December's MLA Convention in Toronto, since the MLA now limits allied organizations to two scheduled functions. We will present a panel and host a Cash Bar. The session, organized by Carroll Johnson, is as follows:

1. “Don Quixote: Configuring the Supernarrator.” James A. Parr, University of California, Riverside.

2. “Don Quijote, Huarte de San Juan and the Transmutation of Masculine Women.” Sherry Velasco, University of Kansas.

3. “Women, Capital and Individual Agency: Cervantes and the Portrayal of Women and Wealth.” Rosilie Hernández-Pecoraro, California State University, Long Beach.

4. “On the Place of Madness: Deviance and Eccentricity in Don Quijote.” David Boruchoff, McGill University.

Any additional information (exact times and locations) or any changes concerning the MLA program will be mentioned in the autumn Newsletter.

A second—and more extensive—CSA program will then take place soon after the Toronto MLA. Organized again by Prof. Johnson, the CSA will sponsor a conference to be held at UCLA, 22-24 January 1998. At this latter gathering, the CSA will hold its Executive Council Business Meeting and also the Open Business Meeting with a plenary speaker. Prof. Johnson has invited several noted cervantistas to organize panels on special topics. In addition, he has issued a Call for Papers to all interested CSA members. Any papers or detailed proposals should be sent to Prof. Johnson at UCLA, by conventional mail or by e-mail no later than 15 October 1997. His addresses are as follows:
or: Dr. Carroll B. Johnson
Dept. Of Spanish & Portuguese
Los Angeles, CA 90024

* * *

The elections for Regional Delegates anticipated for earlier this year have had to be postponed. Prof. Ellen Anderson, Chair of the Nominating Committee, reports: “Due to technical difficulties for some of its members, the Nominating Committee was, regrettably, unable to seek nominations for election to the position of Regional Delegates to the Executive Council. Therefore, it will seek candidates willing to run for the offices of Regional as well as At Large Delegates in the fall election. We look forward to recruiting a strong slate of candidates to succeed the delegates presently on the Council.”

Similarly, we should take this opportunity to reiterate that the CSA is seeking someone to replace the current Secretary-Treasurer. Anyone wishing to volunteer or suggest names of appropriate candidates should contact Prof. Johnson at the above address. Likewise, anyone wanting to know a bit about what this post entails should feel free to contact me here at Denison or, after July 15th, at Emporia State University.

Concerning recent activities and accomplishments by our CSA colleagues, only sparse news has come our way recently. But from Baton Rouge, Prof. Joseph V. Ricapito informs us that he presented a plenary lecture entitled “El neoformalismo, un paso adelante o un paso atrás?: Las Novelas ejemplares de Cervantes” at the Primer Congreso Internacional sobre Lengua y Literatura, sponsored by Editorial Mensaje and held in Lima, Peru, 16-23 February 1997.

In terms of recent publications, we are pleased to report that a new edition of Don Quijote, Part I, has just come out. The edition, prepared by Prof. Thomas Lathrop and published by Juan de la Cuesta—Hispanic Monographs, is designed especially for students whose native language is English. As the flyer puts it, “Until now, our students have had to use editions published in Spain for Spaniards. Vocabulary and syntactic structures that are difficult (or impossible) for our students are usually not annotated in those editions. Cultural information which educated Spanish speakers already know, but our students simply do not, is equally not annotated . . . .
To help solve the vocabulary problem, we have included 6,221 vocabulary glosses in the margin opposite the line where the Spanish word to be defined appears. If too many words need to be put in the margin, phrases are translated in footnotes. In all, there are 2,169 footnotes in Part I which also deal with cultural items, historical, geographical, biblical, mythological, textual references, and all kinds of other information . . . .”

This edition (ISBN: 0-936388-80-3) is hardbound and will be priced at only $12.00US. Prof. Lathrop is preparing a similar edition of Part II, which should appear soon, and also a Don Quijote Dictionary. The latter will list virtually every word used whose meaning would require special definition and will give the part and chapter number of the word's first appearance in the text. The dictionary will be published separately, in a sewn-page paperback edition, to appear at the same time as the publication of Part II. The prices of these books will also be kept to a very reasonable level.

Those interested in this edition should contact Thomas Lathrop at:

Juan de la Cuesta—Hispanic Monographs
270 Indian Road
Newark, Delaware 19711
800-784-4938, FAX: 800784-4835

And you are cordially invited to visit their web site:

* * *

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all our members of the need to keep one's dues status up to date. The year noted next to your name on the mailing label (e.g., '96, '97) indicates the latest calendar year for which, according to our records, you are paid up. Given the problems of time-lag and the difficulty of payments from abroad, we are inclined to keep people on the active roles even if dues have not been paid for a year or so. But soon after our “re-location” to Kansas, we will have to begin removing those names that are not paid up to the current year. We will contact individually by letter those members whose dues are in arrears. In the meantime, remember that the dues rates are $20 per year for regular members, $10 for students and graduate students; $30 for couples. We encourage you to pay for multiple years in the future with the same check. Finally, if you have any questions about the accuracy of our records or problems with making payment, please feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.

Cordial best wishes for the balance of the summer.

Cervantes Society of America
c/o William H. Clamurro
Department of Modern Languages
Denison University
Box M
Granville, OH 43023

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