Cervantes Society of America
May 1993

Notes and announcements:

As the academic cycle ends, we trust that you all have had a good year. From the nerve center of the Secretariat-Treasury, we are pleased to report that the CSA is still solvent. Solvent, but only barely, and not excessively well cushioned by cash. We therefore earnestly entreat and implore you to check the date printed next to your name on the mailing label. This date indicates the calendar year through which your dues and subscription fee has been paid, according to our records. Please send in your payment at your earliest convenience. Remember that for the years '92 and earlier the membership rates were $17 ($9 for students); for '93 and the future the rates are $20 ($10 for students). We have set a rough deadline of 30 June for receipt of any and all arrears payments from people whose label date is '91. After June 30th, those names followed by '91 will be removed from the active mailing and subscription lists. If you have any reason to believe that our records are in error, please write to us.

* * *

Recent publications and activities:

The following items, admittedly random and with no pretense to exhaustive thoroughness, have been sent to us since the last newsletter.

Prof. Robert L. Hathaway (Colgate Univ.) presented the inaugural presentation of the José Amor y Vázquez Lecture Series at Brown University on 13 April 1993; his speech was titled “Thine and Mine: Desire and Possession in Don Quijote, Part One.” From Pomona College, Michael McGaha reports that their Cervantes Symposium (held on 17 April; its program was announced in the previous Newsletter) was a great success. Prof. Dominick Finello (Rider Coll.) informs us that his book, Pastoral Themes and Forms in Cervantes's Fiction, is forthcoming this year from Bucknell University Press. Prof. Thomas R. Hart's article “¿Cervantes perspectivista?” recently appeared in the NRFH 12, no. 1 (1992).

From Kentucky, Prof. Jay Allen informs us that The Instituto Cervantes is sponsoring the preparation of a new edition of Don Quijote, put together by the Centro para la Edición de los Clásicos Españoles (F. Lázaro Carreter, Director, Francisco Rico, Secretario General). Text and basic annotation will be established by the Centro and chapter-by-chapter commentary and other collaboration will be provided by “más de medio centenar de . . . especialistas.”

* * *

Upcoming conferences of interest:

The Asociación Internacional «Siglo de Oro» will hold its third Congreso in Toulouse, France, from the 6th to the 10th of July, 1993. Among the more than 200 ponencias tentatively scheduled for presentation at the congreso, the following are of special relevance to Cervantine studies: M. Alcalá Galán, “Algunos aspectos intertextuales en El curioso impertinente”; C. Andrés, “Aspectos astrológicos en Cervantes y Lope de Vega”; M. Aranda, “La ilustre fregona, novela de aguadores”; J. Barroso Castro & J. Sánchez de Bustos, “Dispositio textus en el Quijote: propuestas de transcripción”; B. Bentley, “El narrador de Rinconete y Cortadillo y su perspectiva movediza”; A. Bognolo, “El Caballero de la Triste Figura: lo artúrico en algunas aventuras de don Quijote”; W. H. Clamurro, “Redención e identidad en La fuerza de la sangre de Cervantes”; G. Díaz Migoyo, “Don Quijote o la lectura escrita”; M. N. Fernández García, “Algunos órdenes religiosas españolas en el Quijote”; M. C. García de Enterría, “Marginalia cervantina”; I. Lerner, “Para anotar otra vez el Quijote”; S. A. López Navía, “Algunas consideraciones acerca del tratamiento de la pseudohistoricidad en el Quijote apócrifo”; M. Moner, “El diálogo como estructura literaria en la ficción cervantina”; P. J. Pardo, “Don Quijote, Tirante el Blanco y el realismo”; M. Parker, “Las huellas de Cervantes en un entremés inédito del siglo XVII”; A. Parodi, “Las novelas ejemplares: constantes para una poética”; P. R. Piras, “Los perros de Cervantes”; E. Rodríguez Cepeda, “El Quijote y los gramáticos del siglo XVII: la defensa del idioma contra los galicismos”; J. Rodríguez-Luis, “La autorrepresentación en la obra de Cervantes: las Novelas ejemplares”; M. C. Ruta, “Los retratos femeninos en la Segunda Parte del Quijote”; A. Serrano, “Para otra nueva lectura de un pasaje del Quijote”; L. Simó, “Los ‘tósigos de amor’ en las novelas de Cervantes”; V. Tocco, “Diogo [sic] Camacho frente a Cervantes”; J. D. Vila, “La construcción mítico-emblemática de los finales del Quijote”; and E. Williamson, “Ficciones en El curioso impertinente.”

For further (and last-minute) information on this conference, please contact:

Prof. Pierre Fraixanet - III Congreso AISO
Centre de Promotion de la Recherche Scientifique
Université de Toulouse-Lew Mirail
5, allées Antonio Machado
31058 Toulouse Cedex, France

tel.: 61-50-44-68; FAX: 61-50-42-09.

A bit further into the future, the CSA sponsored sessions at this December's MLA Convention (Toronto; 27-30 December 1993) will include a panel entitled “Poetry and History in Cervantes.” Panelists and presentations are as follows: E. Michael Gerli (Georgetown), “Aristotle in Africa: History, Fiction, and Truth in El gallardo español”; Diana de Armas Wilson (U. of Denver), “Arms and the Vanquished: The ‘Strange Grace’ of Ercilla in Cervantes”; and Inés Azar (George Washington U.), “The Prose of Don Quixote's Poetics.”

The invited speaker at the Open Business Meeting will be Prof. Geoffrey Stagg of the University of Toronto; his lecture will concern “The Composition and Revision of La Galatea.”

Another upcoming conference of interest is the VIIIth Annual International Symposium on Spanish to be held at the University of Texas-Pan American on 13-16 April 1994. The Theme of the conference will be Homenaje a Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra —Perspectivas de su Obra Literaria. Some 400 persons are expected to attend. The keynote speaker will be Prof. James A. Parr of the University of California, Riverside. His presentation is entitled “Perspectivas del arte de narrar cervantino.”

For further information regarding this symposium, please contact

Dr. Lino García
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
University of Texas-Pan American
Edinburg, Texas 78539

Telephone: 210-381-3441; FAX: 210-381-2177.
* * *

Last but not least, a very interesting idea was proposed to us by our friend and colleague George Shipley (U. of Washington). In a recent note he suggested that the CSA consider taking advantage of computer-age technology and, specifically, explore various ways of networking. George has suggested that “the CSA in its Newsletter encourage members to send in their electronic addresses (Bitnet, Internet)”; that “the gathered addresses be listed in subsequent Newsletters”; and “that the Society consider sponsoring on on-line discussion group which could (a) store and disseminate the Newsletter [electronically], (b) send other announcements, (c) exchange recent biliography, (d) send announcements of projects underway, inviting discussion and comments, and (e) much more.”

This struck us as a very good idea, and we shared it with the other officers of the CSA—who in turn encouraged us to publish it in the Newsletter.

We feel, however, that we would need a willing and skillful (with computers, etc.) volunteer to help out with this project. As Sec.-Treas., I would be quite willing to receive (and perhaps send out) digested information for the printed Newsletter. But given the demands on my time posed by my current CSA duties (not to mention the oft forgotten and quite dreadful reality of my soon-to-resume pedagogical role), I really don't think that I could handle this task.

Thus, we would cheerfully welcome hearing from any and all of you who might be interested in the basic idea and—especially—interested in taking charge of the electronic mail room!

For everyone's information, our own e-mail address is: CLAMURRO@CC.DENISON.EDU (or, at least, so we believe). You are cautioned, however, that we do not routinely check our e-mail, and the summer is especially dicey. But you may give it a try.

* * *

Cordial best wishes for the summer. Best of luck in all your intellectual and meta-intellectual endeavors, and for all things, Cervantine or not, in the coming academic year!

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