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May 2003

So we come to the end of another academic year and, let us hope, also the end of what for many of us has been an extraordinarily harsh winter. May the rest of the spring and the summer reward us with gentleness and beauty for our patience with snow and cold.

Cervantes on the Conference Circuit

The 15th Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium was held at the University of California-Riverside on April 19, 2003 and focused on “Cervantes's Female Characters, and Other Cervantine Topics.” María Stoopen, UNAM, gave the keynote address entitled “Los íconos subvertidos en el Quijote.” The three regular sessions were chaired by Susana Hernández-Araico (Cal Poly Pomona), Mirta González (Cal State San Bernardino, and Bruce Burningham (University of Southern California). The following papers were presented: “El granadino cervantino: Cenotia” (Daniel Eisenberg, Excelsior College); “¿Violación o sexo consensual?: el problema en el Quijote, y en la jurisprudencia de ayer y hoy” (Cézar López, Scripps College; “The Fair Dorotea: Realism and Romance in Don Quijote” (Amy Pettigrew, UC Davis); “Camila's Story” (Howard Mancing, Purdue University; “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Maritornes and Diversion of the ‘Male Gaze’ in Don Quijote” (Anthony J. Cárdenas Rotunno, University of New Mexico; “Unveiling Zoraida's Past: A Look into her Literary Lineage” (Shannon Polchow, UC Riverside); “Vistiendo a don Quijote: de quijotes y quijotes” (Carroll B. Johnson, UC Los Angeles; “Vision Impaired: Spectators in Don Quijote” (Luis Avilés, UC Irvine); “The Fuzzy Logic of Don Quijote” (Matthew Dean, UC Riverside).

Daniel Eisenberg presented the 47th Anniversary Cervantes Lecture at Fordham University at Rose Hill on April 30, 2003. Professor Eisenberg, editor of Cervantes, addressed the topic “What Did Cervantes Write?”

¡Mil Gracias!

Karl-Ludwig Selig has once again made a generous donation to the CSA. We are happy to note that he is corresponding with us after a period of illness. He also informs us that former students have established a scholarship in the College at Columbia in his name, and that there will be a second scholarship in his name soon. His photograph also appears in the special edition of the Columbia College Fund annual report, portraying him making a dramatic point on Don Quijote, a well-thumbed edition of which he holds in his hand.

CSA Election Results

Frederick de Armas of the University of Chicago has been elected Vice-President of the CSA, to succeed as President after his term as vice-president has ended.

Cervantes Matters

The journal Cervantes has moved to electronic manuscript processing. This speeds processing and will allow, in many cases, faster reports to authors. Submissions of manuscripts on paper will only be accepted in cases in which the author has no access to email. To submit a manuscript, send it as an attachment to an email message to the editor, Daniel Eisenberg, at daniel.eisenberg@bigfoot.com. Any Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format for Windows is acceptable; if you use a Macintosh, please save your file in Windows format. Send a simple file and do not try to imitate the look of a printed page of the journal. For more information, see the journal's style guide, found on the upper left of the journal's page, http://www.h-net.org/-cervantes/bcsalist.htm.


Your humble Secretary/Treasurer will be on research leave in the fall of 2003. Although I will go to the office occasionally, if you require a quicker response, send your messages to my home email, jarifa@aol.com.

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