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May 2002

So we come to the end of another academic year. May your summer, whether it involves “Cervantine journeys” (with apologies to Steve Hutchinson), be both relaxing and fruitful.


Joseph Ricapito has been named this year's Distinguished Research Master of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences by the Council on Research at Louisiana State University. This is one of the highest honors bestowed on a faculty member by LSU, and we extend the congratulations of his colleagues in CSA to Professor Ricapito.

Results of the Election of Regional Delegates

The following members have been elected to the position of regional delegate:

Northeast: David Boruchoff (McGill University)

Southeast: Sherry Velasco (University of Kentucky)

Midwest: Valerie Hegstrom (Brigham Young University)

Southwest: Amy Williamsen (University of Arizona)

Pacific Coast: Harry Vélez Quiñones (University of Puget Sound)

Congratulations to the new delegates, and welcome. CSA very much appreciates the willingness of all the candidates to serve the association in this way.

CSA on the Conference Circuit

Diana de Armas Wilson was a keynote speaker on Cervantes at an international conference on “Remapping the Rise of the European Novel” held at Oxford University, September 8-11, 2001. She was also invited to present the 50th Anniversary Cervantes Lecture at Fordham University on April 11, 2002. She spoke on “Turning Turk: Cervantes, Shakespeare and Ottomite Islam.”

The 2002 Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium addressed the topic “Cervantes and the Question of Ethics” on April 20, 2002 at the University of California-Irvine. James Iffland presented the plenary address on “Don Quijote and the Dissident Intellectual: Some Thoughts on Subcomandante Marco's Don Durito de la Lacandona.” The other presenters were: Jim Fogelquist, Julio Baena, David Fiero, Michael McGaha, Francisco Martín, Alvaro Molina, Eric Mayer, Jannine Montauban and Bruce Burningham. A round table discussion, in which James Parr, Carroll Johnson, James Iffland, and Daniel Eisenberg participated, closed the symposium.

A conference entitled “Pacíficas Convivencias” in honor of Francisco Márquez Villanueva was held at UCLA on April 26-27. Luis Andrés Murillo, George A. Shipley, Adrienne Martín; Verónica Cortínez, and Professor Márquez Villanueva presented papers on Cervantes's works.

The Second Annual Chicago Cervantes Symposium was also held on April 27. Marcia Welles was the guest speaker at the Instituto Cervantes, giving a presentation on “Material Girls-and Boys: Dressing up in Cervantes.” Also speaking were Charles Ganelon, Anne Cruz, Ana Gómez-Laguna, Ellen Anderson, Monserrat Pérez, Vicente Pérez de León, and Howard Mancing.

In response to the current world situation, a colloquium on “Cervantes y las religiones, ” informally sponsored by the Asociación de Cervantistas, will take place in Córdoba, September 26-29, 2002. Jean Canavaggio, Augustín Redondo, Francisco Márquez Villanueva, Ahmed Abi-Ayad, and Ruth Fine. Those interested in participating should email the Secretary, José Antonio Cerezo, at jahcerezo@hotmail.com, with a copy to daniel.eisenberg@bigfoot.com.

Publications of interest to Cervantistas

Karl-Ludwig Selig informs us of the following books, which may be of interest:

Walter Stephens, Demon Lovers (U. of Chicago Press, 2002)

David Nirenberg, Communities of Violence. Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages (Princeton U. Press, 1996).

Brigitte Sändig, ed., Zwischen Adaption und Exil. Jüdische Autorem und Themen in den romanischen Ländern (Wiesbaden, 2001)


Leo Hoar, Director of the Cervantes Lecture Series at Fordham University, seeks contributions in support of the publication of the Cervantes lectures given over the past fifty years. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged and will be listed in a separate CSA section in the tabula gratulatoria.

Contributions should be sent in US dollars, in the form of check, bank draft, or money order inscribed “The Cervantes Lectures: Fifty Years,” to Professor Hoar, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Fordham University, 441 E. Fordham Rd., Bronx, NY 10458. Those with questions may call Professor Hoar at 718-817-2681.

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