Cervantes Society of America

May 2000

Greetings to all, and best wishes for the spring almost past and for the coming summer. There is a great deal to report, and so we will begin.

Society Announcements

1. James Parr has been elected Vice-President in the run-off election.

2. The following members have been elected to the Executive Council as at-large delegates: Ellen Anderson, Marina Brownlee, Anthony Cárdenas, Michael McGaha, and Adrienne Martín.

3. Iluminada Amat was chosen as the regional delegate for the Southeast.

Congratulations to those chosen, and many thanks to all who were willing to serve the Society.

This is also my first newsletter as Secretary/Treasurer of the Society. I know that I will not be able to replace the Secretary/Treasurer emeritus, William Clamurro, but I shall do my best to keep the shop open and running. After June 15, dues, announcements for the newsletter, and other communications can be sent to me at the Department of Romance Languages, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC 27402. 1 will include the email address and telephone number in the next newsletter (September).


Our colleague and retiring Secretary/Treasurer, William Clamurro, has been named the 2000 Roe R. Cross Distinguished Professor at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS. In its announcement of the award, the University cited Bill for “not only his scholarly excellence, but also for his teaching and mentoring skills.” (Those of us who have worked with him and sought his advice and assistance can testify to the latter as well.) The award is given to the Emporia State professor “who best demonstrates teaching excellence, professional activities, fostering of intellectual atmosphere, service to the university outside the classroom, and status as a student mentor.” Congratulations!

Conference News

Cervantistas have been busy presenting papers and attending conferences this Spring, and have contributed the following reports.

At the NEMLA conference held in Buffalo on April 7-8, 2000, Cervantes was featured in the following presentations: “Aquiles, Amadís, Don Quijote: El auxilio divino al héroe en la prosa de ficción del Siglo de Oro” (José Ignacio Barrio Olano, James Madison U.); four papers presented at the session entitled Cervantes and the Cervantine Tradition, chaired by W. Clamurro: “La Galatea and New Directions in the Spanish Pastoral Novel of the Golden Age” (Dominick Finello, Rider U.), “‘Mezclar verdades con fabulosos intentos’: Metateatro en El gallardo español de Cervantes” (Lourdes Albuixech, Southern Illinois U.), “Fetishism's Economy of Desire in the Cave of Montesinos” (Judith Stallings-Ward, Norwich U.), and “Revisiting Don Quijote: Considering the Landscapes of Genre and Intertextuality” (Laureano Corcés, Farleigh Dickinson U.); and W. Clamurro's paper in another session, “Cervantes's Questing doncellas and Zayas's Censorious Epilogue.”

The Twelfth Annual Southern California Cervantes Symposium was held on April 8, 2000 at Pomona College in Claremont, CA. Papers presented were: “Sum Moribundus: Toy Story 2, Don Quixote, and Heidegger” (Bruce Burningham, U. of Southern California); Quarta Orbis Pars: Cervantes, El celoso extremeño, and the Novelty of America” (Michael Schuessler, USC and United States International U., Mexico); “Loayza, o la aporía sexual en El celoso extremeño (Luis Avilés, U. of California, Irvine); “Cervantes: espejos y espejismos” (Helena Percas de Ponseti, Emerita, Grinnell College); “Two Types of Muted Characters in Don Quixote: Cide Hamete and Dulcinea” (Mark Anderson, U. of California, Riverside); “Marcela and Feliciana de la Voz: la búsqueda del príncipe azul” (Dorothy Laborde, U. of California, Riverside); “Engendering Early Modern Discourse: Subjectivity and Syntactic Empathy in Cervantes and Zayas” (Amy R. Williamsen, U. of Arizona); “Rinconete y Cortadillo in Don Quijote: A Cervantine Reconstruction” (Juergen Hahn, Stanford U.).

The University of Washington hosted a colloquium entitled “(Im)Politic Cervantes” on April 14 at which, one of its organizers, George Shipley, reports, “especially noteworthy were the range, nature, and high intellectual level of the questions raised in discussion.” The proceedings were characterized by “intellectual refinement, [a] respectful tone, and exemplary cooperation.” The presentations were: “Tomás and His Friends: Skewing El licenciado vidriera” (George Shipley, U. of Washington); “Fathers and Families in La ilustre fregona” (Carroll Johnson, UCLA); “Passing Pleasures: Costume and Custom in El amante liberal” (Barbara Fuchs, U. of Washington); “Truth, Lies, and Representation: Epistemophilia and Carnal Knowledge in El curioso impertinente” (Michael Gerli, Georgetown U.); “A ‘Symptomatic’ View of the Honor System in Cervantes's Theater: Gender, Sex, and the Other Races” (David Castillo, U. of Oregon).

Finally, the 1st Virtual Conference on Contemporary Spanish History will be held between July 1 and October 13, 2000, and will address the theme “The Church and the Crisis of the Old Regime.” For complete information, including a registration form, you may visit the conference web site at For assistance, you may send inquiries to

Please continue to send announcements of Cervantine presentations for the newsletter. Especially welcome are calls for papers and information about conferences and sessions in the planning stages. For some general conferences such as those of the Renaissance Society, it is easier to have proposals accepted when they are part of a complete session rather than as individual papers.


The Oxford University Press will publish Diana de Armas Wilson's Cervantes, the Novel, and the New World later this year.

Yumiko Yamada is the author of Ben Jonson and Cervantes. Tilting against Chivalric Romances (Tokyo, Marzuen, 2000).


I would like to start a new, intermittent feature in the newsletter, to be called “Cervantes in the Classroom.” Please let your colleagues know what you have been doing in your Cervantes classes, what works and (if you are sufficiently self-assured) what does not. Comments from students who have been struck by Cervantine enthusiasm and/or enlightenment are also welcome.

Theresa Ann Sears
Secretary/Treasurer, CSA
U. of North Carolina-Greensboro
Greensboro, NC 27402

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