Cervantes Society of America
October 1999

From Emporia State University and the Flint Hills of Kansas, we send our most cordial greetings. We hope that your new school year has gotten off to a good start and that the whole year will be productive and enjoyable. Greeting the new academic year, meanwhile, we are also pleased to send this new edition of the Membership Directory. It no doubt contains all manner of error and typos, and we ask that you look through it to verify your own information (or that of anyone else whom you may know) and tell us about any mistakes.

Meantime, on the perennial issue of dues payments and status, we should mention that we are currently in the process of moving from the active list to the inactive list all the names of members who are two or more years behind in their dues payments. The portentous year of 1999 is quickly drawing to a close and 2000 approaches inexorably. It is high time to greet the new millennium with our accounts in order and our dues status paid and up to date. We would therefore like to urge all of you, once again, to check the number next to your name on the mailing label. The number should read '99 or later. In paying your dues for the present year and/or recent past years, please consider paying for multiple years in advance; the annual rate is still only $20 for regular members, $30 for couples, and $10 for students and retired/emeritus. If you have any questions about your dues and membership status, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. As noted in the previous newsletter, our address, phone, and e-mail are as follows:

Dr. William H. Clamurro, Chair

office phone: 316-341-5519

Division of Foreign Languages


Emporia State University
Emporia, KS 66801-5087

FAX: 316-341-5681

* * *

With regard to recent papers, conferences, and other activities of our members and colleague cervantistas, we are pleased to mention that Prof. Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce (UC Santa Barbara) was honored at the XI Coloquio Cervantino en Guanajuato (México), where he was awarded the Cervantes Medal by Dr. Silvia Alvarez Bruneliere, the Rector of the University of Guanajuato. This award was given to Prof. Avalle-Arce in recognition of his many publications and other contributions to Cervantine Studies. In a separate ceremony, held at the City Hall of Guanajuato, Dr. Avalle-Arce was named Honorary Citizen of the City of Guanajuato.

At the upcoming MLA Convention (Chicago, Dec. 27-30, 1999), the CSA will present two sessions, a panel on “Cervantes's Theater and Theatricality in Cervantes” and an Open Business Meeting, at which Prof. Robert ter Horst (U of Rochester) will give a plenary address: “A Cervantine Poetics of the Novel.” The panel, organized and chaired by our V.P., Edward Friedman, will have the following papers: “Cervantes's Algerian Plays: Toward Freedom from Performance,” Kenneth A. Stackhouse (Virginia Commonwealth U); “Cervantes's Critique of Verisimilitude as Intertext for the ‘New Comedy’,” Vincent Martin (Utah State U); and “The Arrows of Love and War: Unnatural Women, Gender, and Homosociality in La casa de los celos,” Iluminada Amat (U of North Carolina, Greensboro). The panel session will be on Monday, 27 Dec., at 5:15-6:30pm in Parlor C, Sheraton, and the Open Business meeting will be on Wednesday, 29 Dec., at 8:30-9:45am in Michigan B, Sheraton.

* * *

Finally, I would like to inform everyone that the new Secretary-Treasurer of the Cervantes Society, whose first three-year term begins on January 1, 2000, is Prof. Laura Gorfkle of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Prof. Gorfkle has served on the Executive Council, and all of us are deeply grateful for her willingness to serve in this new capacity. So, starting in January, all inquiries should be directed to her at the address in the directory (and please note that there is a slight error in the e-mail address; it should real “” and not “ut”).

I myself will be moving over to the position of Book Review Editor for the journal, something that I think will be great fun. And I should state, at this point, that serving as Secretary-Treasurer has been an honor and a source of much satisfaction for me. I want to thank the officers of the CSA for choosing me and for all the support that they have given, over these nearly eight years, and I also want to thank all the members, whose letters and other communications have been most gratifying and often amusing.

Cervantes Society of America
c/o William H. Clamurro
Division of Foreign Languages
Emporia State University
Box 4024
Emporia, Kansas 66801-5087

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