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September 1998

From Emporia State University and the Flint Hills of Kansas, we send our most cordial greetings. We hope that your new school year (probably well under way by now) got off to a good start and that the whole year will be productive and enjoyable.

Meantime, on the perennial issue of dues payments and status, we should mention that we recently had to remove, regretfully, some 20 names from the active to the inactive files, due to non-payment dating back to '94 and '95. Likewise, early in 1999, those members whose years of payment are listed as '96 and '97 will also be moved to the inactive list. We would therefore like to urge all of you, most emphatically, to check the number next to your name on the mailing label. The number should read '98 or later. In paying your dues for the present year and/or recent past years, please consider paying for multiple years in advance; the annual rate is still only $20 for regular members and $10 for students. If you have any questions about your dues and membership status, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. As noted in the previous newsletter, our address, phone, and e-mail are as follows:

Dr. William H. Clamurro, Chair office phone: 316-341-5519
Division of Foreign Languages e-mail:
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS 66801-5087 FAX: 316-341-5681

Due to the fact that the spring Newsletter was preempted (as it were) by the publication of the first edition of the CSA directory, herewith some news items that should have been noted then:
     Prof. C. B. Johnson reports that, “under the rubric ‘the most diversified city celebrates the most universal book,’ the local cervantistas (of Los Angeles), our students, colleagues, and friends staged a semi-marathon reading of Don Quijote at UCLA in conjunction with the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday 25 April. From 10 am to some time after 5 pm, about 50 people read from ‘En un lugar de la Mancha . . .’ to somewhere in I, 23. Most chose to read in Spanish. Three or four read in English, two in French, one in Catalan, and one in Korean. The Spanish Consul, D. Herminio Morales Fernández, read the ‘escrutinio de los libros,’ with come flair, I might add. Some of the cervantistas participating were Susana Hernández Araico (CSU Pomona), Luis Avilés (UC Irvine), Jim Fogelquist (UC Irvine), Patricia Parr (CSU San Bernardino; Jim was in Spain celebrating Tirso at the Guggenheim in Bilbao), Bruce Birmingham (USC), y su servidor. The idea came from Luis Murillo, who had proposed a public reading a year ago. A bad cold kept Luis from participating. Others who sent regrets were Michael McGaha and Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce.”
     Prof. Johnson also notes that “Cervantes' theatre is alive and well in LA. From mid-July to mid-August, the tiny Stages Theatre in Hollywood offered a spirited, professional production of ‘La guarda cuidadosa’ and ‘El retablo de las maravillas’ in English translation. Stages Theatre is the creation of Sonia Lloveras (producer) and her husband Paul Verdier (artistic director). Mr Verdier also played the role of Chanfalla in ‘Retablo.’ Since its founding in 1982, Stages Theatre has specialized in avant-garde twentieth-century playwrights such as Ionesco and Pavlosky, which makes this summer's excursion into Cervantes particularly significant, as it locates him in the company that some of us have always thought he belongs in. Plans are afoot for a production in Spanish, with consultation by Moshe Lazar, Jim Parr, and Carroll Johnson.”
     Recent book publications that have come to our notice include Maria Augusta de Costa Vieira's study, O Dito pelo Não-Dito: Paradoxos de Dom Quixote (São Paulo, 1998), and also Dominick Finello's Cervantes: Essays on Social and Literary Polemics (London: Tamesis). Those interested in Prof. Finello's study may contact Boydell & Brewer, PO Box 41026, Rochester, NY 14604-4126 (phone: 716-275-0419; FAX: 716-271-8778).
     Another forthcoming book of interest, to appear under the general editorship of Nicholas Spadaccini, in the Hispanic Issues series, is Cervantes and His Postmodern Constituencies, edited by Anne J. Cruz and Carroll B. Johnson. (This will be the first volume published by Hispanic Issues in collaboration with Garland Publishing, a member of the Taylor and Francis Group.) The contents of this book will include an “Introduction” by C. B. Johnson; then

     “Part One: Cervantismo and the Crisis of Hispanism”:

     “Part Two: Re/Visioning Cervantes Studies”

     “Part Three: The Future of Cervantes Studies”

* * *

At the recent congreso of the Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas (Madrid, 6-11 July)—at which no less than Sus Majestades los Reyes de España presided at the first plenary session!—Cervantes and cervantismo as always played a significant part. Two of the plenary addresses dealt with Cervantes: Giuseppe Di Stefano, “A las espaldas de don Quijote” and José Manuel Blecua, “Don Quijote de la Mancha y la informática.” One of the many Encuentros de investigadores was devoted to recent scholarship and featured a detailed presentation by Eduardo Urbina (Texas A & M) on his Cervantes Project 2001. Ponencias dealing with Cervantes were numerous and included the following:

María Antonia Garcés, “Trauma y cautiverio en Cervantes”; Krzysztof Sliwa, “La dualidad de Leonor de Cortinas, madre de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, genio de la literatura española”; Mercedes Alcalá Galán, “Épica y novela en Cervantes: el caso del Persiles”; Carroll B. Johnson, “Cervantes, ¿coyote?”; Michel Moner, “Cervantes y la creación”; Steven Hutchinson, “Aproximación teórica al concepto de economía ética y su aplicación en la obra cervantina”; Rachel L. Schmidt, “Las interpretaciones gráficas y escritas del Quijote según la crítica contribuyente para los centenarios de 1905 y 1916”; Marcela Beatriz Sosa Antonietti, “La semiótica del espectáculo en la IIª parte del Quijote”; Albert A. Sicroff, “El arte cervantina de ‘remar’ en el Quijote ‘llevando vueltas las espaldas y la vista contraria . . .’”; Enrique Rodríguez Cepeda, “Forma y contenido del capítulo IX de la 1ª parte del Quijote”; Giuseppe Grilli, “La editio princeps del Quijote de la Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III de Nápoles”; Luce López-Baralt, “El cálamo supremo (al-qualam al-a'la) de Cide Hamete Benengeli”; Jaime-Fernández, “Una inversión burlesca en el Quijote”; James A. Parr, “Ars combinatoria: cómo la desconstrucción y la narratología facilitan una reconstrucción del sentido del Quijote”; and James Iffland, “Don Quijote como Sileno: ¿Una pista para descifrar las intenciones de Cervantes?”

* * *

Concerning upcoming meetings of interest, you are reminded that the CSA will sponsor two panels at the MLA Convention in San Francisco, 27-30 December 1998. The first, “Cervantine Ambiguities I: Gender Instability in Las dos doncellas,” will offer the following presentations:

Harry Vélez-Quiñones (U of Puget Sound), “Angels and Pilgrims: Gender Instability and Its Containment in Las dos doncellas”; Barbara Fuchs (U of Washington), “Empire Unmanned: Gender Trouble and Classical Allusion in Las dos doncellas”; and Iluminada Amat (UNC Greensboro), “The ‘Other Woman’ in Las dos doncellas: Doubling and Taboo.”

The second panel, “Cervantine Ambiguities II: Genre Instability in La señora Cornelia,” will bring us the following:

Diana de Armas Wilson (U of Denver), “Of Piracy and Plackets: La señora Cornelia on the Jacobean Stage”; Joseph V. Ricapito (LSU), “Fun and Games in Italy: La señora Cornelia”; and Eric J. Kartchner (U of North Texas), “Metafiction in La señora Cornelia: (De-)constructing Romance.”

* * *

The upcoming conference of the PAMLA (6-8 November 1998), to take place at Scripps College, Claremont CA, will include a session on Cervantes entitled “Economies of Cervantes.” The papers will include the following:

William H. Clamurro (Emporia SU), “The Price of Love: The Conflictive Economies of La gitanilla”; Rosilie Hernández-Pecoraro (U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), “Women, Money and Power: Where do Gender and Economy Meet in Cervantine Texts?”; and Carroll B. Johnson (UCLA), “Sex, Economy and Family Relations in the Captive Captain's Tale.”

* * *

We would like to remind any and all interested parties that the search is still on for a new editor for the journal Cervantes to take over from Prof. McGaha with the beginning of the calendar year 2000. For an outline of what this entails, please see the February 1998 Newsletter. Interested parties should contact Prof. Carroll B. Johnson at the address given below. Similarly, the search continues for a replacement for your humble servant as CSA Secretary-Treasurer. Volunteers and/or people wishing to nominate someone for the post should contact Prof. Carroll B. Johnson, CSA President (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA, Los Angeles CA 90024; e-mail: Anyone interested in learning more about what the job involves—or as we might put it, the ineffable joys and delights of the office—is most cordially invited to contact us directly.

Once again, we wish all of you a most stimulating and enjoyable academic year. We look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming meetings, and we especially look forward to receiving your dues payments very soon! Warmest best wishes.

* * *

Cervantes Society of America
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Emporia, Kansas 66801-5087

Postscript / Errata
September 1998 CSA Newsletter

Due to a most lamentable, inexcusable, and (frankly) inexplicable negligence on our part, the ponencias and participants of the first Quijote session of the July 1998 AIH congreso were omitted from the Newsletter. We apologize most sincerely and herewith note that information. The session included the following:

John J. Allen and Patricia S. Finch, “Héroes y locos: don Quijote en el arte y pensamiento de Occidente”; Maria Augusta Costa Vieira, “Tipología quijotesca”; and José Segura, “Hacia una nueva interpretación del Quijote.”

* * *

We also neglected to mention that the uncoming meeting of the NEMLA, to take place in Pittsburgh, PA, 16-17 April 1999, will include two sessions devoted to Cervantes studies. Bruno Damiani (Catholic U of America) will chair a session on “Cervantes: An Assessment of Recent Scholarship” and a panel entitled “Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares at End of Millennium” has been organized by William H. Clamurro. This latter session will include the following: Ellen C. Frye (Monmouth Coll.), “La fuerza de la sangre or the Power of the Word”; Felipe Ruan (U of Toronto), “Carta de guía, carto-grafía: fallas y fisuras en El licenciado Vidriera” and María Antonia Garcés (Cornell U), “‘Como si algún fantasma . . . del otro mundo estuviera mirando’: The Specters of Algiers in El amante liberal.”

* * *

Please note, also, the enclosed CALL FOR PAPERS recently received. The conference planned for April at the State University of New York at Buffalo promises to be a most worthwhile and stimulating endeavor.

Finally, we take advantage once again of this occasion, this “postscript,” to remind and urge all our colleagues and CSA members to check the year noted on the mailing label and then to write a check in the appropriate amount to bring your dues status up to date. Again: regular members: $20 per year, students: $10 per year. Many thanks for your kind attention.

William H. Clamurro

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