Cervantes Society of America
October 1993

Our warmest greetings! And our apologies for the slight lateness of the fall newsletter, but the onset of the 1993-94 academic year finds us no longer on sabbatical and once again among the other galley slaves, chained to the routines, travails, and occasional amusements of “regular” teaching duties. In any case, we trust that you all have had a very pleasant, restful, yet productive summer and that the autumn term has gotten off to a good start for you. Herewith some as always random information on the doings of our members and other items of interest in the area of Cervantine studies.

Recent Publications & Other Activities:

     The Tercer Congreso of the Asociación Internacional «Siglo de oro» (as announced in the spring 1993 Newsletter)—Toulouse, France, 6-10 July—was a most stimulating and enjoyable event. The success of the conference was much indebted to the hard work and adroitness of the local organizing committee and in particular to Prof. Marc Vitse of the University of Toulouse. Prof. Vitse is succeeded as President of the AISO by our colleague Isaías Lerner (CUNY), who was elected by the members present at the congreso. The location of the next congreso (to take place in July, 1996) is currently being discussed. One site that has so far been proposed is Palma de Mallorca.
     Anyone interested in joining the AISO should contact the Secretario General y Tesorero:

Prof. Ignacio Arellano
Depto. de Literatura Hispánica
Universidad de Navarra
31080 Pamplona, Spain

     Back here in the USA, Prof. Dominick Finello (Rider Coll.) is the invited speaker to give the 41st Annual Fordham University Cervantes Lecture on November 16th at 2pm. His lecture is entitled “‘Search for Truth Among the Groves of Academe’: Pastoral, Academy, and Cervantes.” For further information on this year's Fordham Cervantes Symposium, please contact Prof. Leo J. Hoar, Jr., Dept. of Romance Languages, Fordham U., Bronx, NY 10458; Tel.: 212-579-2687 or -2666/ -2667.
     Prof. Robert W. Felkel (Western Michigan U.) recently published an article —“El trastorno de la caballería en Don Quijote: el héroe cervantino a la luz de los tratados de caballería catalanes”— in Anales Cervantinos, 30 (1992): 99-127.
A new book, entitled Quixotic Desire: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Cervantes, edited by Ruth El Saffar and Diana de Armas Wilson, is due to appear around the end of this month (October 1993) from Cornell U. Press, available in both hardbound and paperback. Contributors include Andrew Bush, Anthony Cascardi, Anne Cruz, Ruth El Saffar, Carlos Feal, María Antonia Garcés, Mary Gaylord, Eduardo González, Mary Gossy, León Grinberg, Carroll B. Johnson, Mauricio Molho, Juan Francisco Rodríguez, George Shipley, Paul Julian Smith, and Diana de Armas Wilson.
     Another book by Prof. El Saffar, though not directly concerned with Cervantine issues, should be of significant interest to many of us. The book, Gender and the Mysteries of Wholeness: A Study of a Seventeenth-Century Visionary Nun, is being published by Routledge and is due out in June of 1994.
     On August 30th, 1993, Diana de Armas Wilson gave an invited lecture entitled “Cervantes americanista” at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma in San José, Costa Rica.

* * *

Upcoming Events:

     This year's MLA Convention, to be held in Toronto from the 27th to the 30th of December, will contain various sessions and events of interest to CSA members and to others interested in Cervantine studies. The Executive Council Business Meeting of the CSA will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 29th at 1:45pm. The Open Business Meeting, also on Dec. 29th, will follow at 3:30pm in the Alberta Room of the Royal York Hotel. Vice President John J. Allen will preside and Prof. Geoffrey Stagg (Univ. of Toronto) will give the plenary address: “The Composition and Revision of La Galatea.”
     The CSA Cash Bar, following the Open Meeting, will also take place in the Alberta Room, at 5:15pm.
     The session organized by the CSA, entitled “Poetry and History in Cervantes,” with John J. Allen presiding, will be on Thursday, 30 December at 3:30pm in the British Columbia Room of the Royal York. The panelists and their presentations are as follows:

  1. E. Michael Gerli (Georgetown), “Aristotle in Africa: History, Fiction, and Truth in El gallardo español.”
  2. Diana de Armas Wilson (U. of Denver), “Arms and the Vanquished: the ‘Strange Grace’ of Ercilla in Cervantes.”
  3. Inés Azar (George Washington U.), “The Prose of Don Quixote's Poetics.”

     Various other MLA sessions should be of interest to our members, in particular the session entitled “Melancholy, Madness, and Disease in Golden Age Literature,” chaired by Prof. Alison Weber (U. of Virginia) and to take place in the Library Room of the Royal York. Two of the three presentation deal directly with Cervantes: “Disease and Deceit in ‘El casamiento engañoso,’” Stephen Rupp (U. of Toronto), and “Derangement and Narrative in Don Quixote, Part I,” William H. Clamurro (Denison U.).

* * *

     Another upcoming event, already announced but worth mentioning again, is the VIIIth Annual International Symposium on Spanish, to take place on 13-16 April 1994, at the University of Texas-Pan American. The theme of the Symposium is Homenaje a Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: Perspectivas de su obra literaria. The Keynote address will be delivered by Prof. James A. Parr (UC, Riverside) and is entitled “Perspectivas del arte de narrar cervantino.”
     For further information regarding this symposium, please contact:

Dr. Lino García Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures
University of Texas-Pan American
Edinburg, Texas 78539
Telephone: 210-381-33441; FAX: 210-381-2177.

For those who would prefer April in Naples, the Segundo Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Cervantistas will take place in that legendary city from the 4th to the 9th of April, 1994. For information on that conference, please contact

Prof. Giuseppe Grilli
Istituto Universitario Orientale
Piazza S. Giovanni Maggiore, 30
80134 Napoli, ITALY
* * *

     From Chicago, we are informed that Prof. Ruth El Saffar (U. of Illinois, Chicago Circle) is planning to give a special and rather unusual seminar on Cervantes during the spring 1994 semester. This seminar will include a series of visits and guest presentations, spaced out (but hopefully not “spaced out”) during the course of the semester, by well-known Cervantists who will speak about their areas of special interest and their recent scholarship. These guest presentations will be open to interested members of the general public, and should be of special interest to CSA members who might find themselves in the immediate area. The guest speakers will include Robert ter Horst, George Shipley, Edward Dudley, María Antonia Garcés, Harry Sieber, Mary Gaylord, Edward Friedman, Anne Cruz, George Haley, Diana de Armas Wilson, María Daniels, Howard Mancing, and Stephen Hutchinson.
     Anyone interested in this seminar should contact the Department of Spanish, French, Italian & Portuguese; Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; Chicago, IL 60607-7116 (Tel.: 312-996-3235)

* * *

     Concerning the idea, mentioned in a previous newsletter, of setting up an on-line e-mail type network for interchange of ideas, news, etc., we have to date not had any “volunteers.” We would thus like to ask once again if any of you might (either) be interested in taking charge of this e-mailroom, or if you know of a gifted graduate student who might be willing to give it a try. Please let us know.

     Finally, in our capacity as the forever angst-ridden guardian of the CSA Treasury, we would like to remind you all to bring your dues status up to date. Please check the year number next to your name on the mailing label of this Newsletter. This number indicates the year through which your dues are paid. You should be paid up to and through 1993; if you are, a '93 will appear to the right of your name. At the present time, there are a total of 266 members in the CSA; to the extent that our records can be trusted, there appear to be about 85 people—or around 32% of the Society—in arrears (79 are only paid through '92 and 6 only paid to '91). When we go through the records again at the end of 1993, we will have to “purge” the names of those listed as '91. As for those of you whose year is listed as '92, we would appreciate your payment of dues at your earliest convenience, and it would be highly beneficial to the CSA if you could pay for both '93 and '94 (which is nigh upon us) at the same time. Remember, the new dues rates are $20 per year for individuals, $30 for couples, and $10 for students. If you have any questions or if you believe that our records are in error, please write or call. Thank you.
     Warmest best wishes for the balance of the autumn, and we look forward to seeing you in Toronto in December!

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