Cervantes Society of America
Fall 1992


As the academic year gets under way, we look forward to the '92-'93 cycle of meetings and conferences. The Newsletter of the Cervantes Society is a very appropriate place to announce any meetings of interest to the members of the society. For this reason, and in response to inquiries about the frequency and dates of publication of the Newsletter, we would like to suggest the following information and (approximate) deadlines:

First, the Newsletter is usually published three times a year—fall, winter, and spring. The deadlines for receipt of information for inclusion in the Newsletter will be as follows:

(1) September 30th, for the fall newsletter;
(2) January 20th, for the winter edition; and
(3) April 30th, for the spring edition.

We prefer that you send any announcements or bibliographical information to us in writing (rather than as a telephone message). Correspondence may be sent to us at Denison by FAX: 614-587-6417. Please direct your FAX to my attention on the cover sheet.

Concerning dues payments, we would like to remind you that the year number (e.g., '91, '92, etc.) on your mailing label indicates the calendar year up to and including which you have paid. If you find any discrepancy in that date, please contact us directly. Also, you are cordially invited to pay for additional, future years at the rate of $17 per year for individual regular membership, $28 for couples, and $9 for students.

* * *


Two important meetings will take place this December: the Fordham Cervantes Lecture Series, 4-5 December, celebrating its 40th anniversary (see information below), and the series of events organized by the CSA to take place at this year's MLA convention (see information on the facing page).

December 4-5, 1992: Fordham University, New York City (Bronx campus) presents a Cervantes Conference for the Columbus Quincentenary, and also to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Fordham Cervantes Lecture Series. The conference will consist of the following lectures: Juan Zamora: “The Spanish Language in Spain and America in Cervantes' Time”; Robert ter Horst: “Spain, Colonialism, and the Novel”; Dominick Finello: “Cervantes, Lope and the converso Legacy“; and Mary Gaylord: “Don Quijote and the Mirror of Conquest.” Panels will accompany each lecture and will deal with special aspects of the respective themes. The 40th Anniversary Cervantes Lecture, entitled “Individual Freedom and the Providential Rescue Pattern in Cervantes,“ will be given by Cesáreo Bandera.

The conference is free and open to the public. For more information, directions, and to receive a program, contact the conference director: Prof. Leo J. Hoar, Jr., Fordham University, Bronx, N. Y. 10458. Tel.: 212-579-2687 or -2666/ -2667.

* * *

Further in the future, the Asociación de Cervantistas (Alcalá de Henares) will hold the Segundo Congreso Interancional de la Asociación de Cervantistas in Naples, Italy, in the spring of 1994. The comisión organizadora will be headed by Prof. Giuseppe Grilli (Instituto Universitario Orientale, Nápoles); the other members are Carlos Romero (U. de Venecia), Caterina Ruta (U. de Palermo), and José M Casasayas (Asociación de Cervantistas). The registration fee is anticipated to be approx. $100 US or the equivalent in Italian lire. The deadline for receipt of ponencias will be 31 October 1993. For further information, please contact Giuseppe Grilli at:

Instituto Universitario Orientale
Dipartimento di Studi Letterari e Linguistici dell'Occidente
Piazza San Giovanni Maggiore 30
80134 Naples, ITALY

tel.: 776-43.4.84.

Cervantes Society of America

at the MLA Convention

December 27-30, 1992

New York, NY

The schedule of meetings and other events of the CSA to take place at the MLA Convention this December are as follows:
Sunday, 27 Dec., 7:00pm: Business Meeting (Madison Suite 1, Sheraton New York).
Monday, 28 Dec., 1:45pm: Open Business Meeting (Royal Ballroom B, Sheraton New York). Presiding: Ruth El Saffar. Prof. Monique Joly, Université de Lille, will present the plenary lecture: “Sobre la presencia de la poesía en ‘La gitanilla’ y ‘La ilustre fregona’.”
Tuesday, 29 Dec., 5:15pm: Cash Bar Arranged by the CSA (Royal Ballroom B, Sheraton New York).
Wednesday, 30 Dec., 3:30pm: Program arranged by the CSA; presiding: John J. Allen, Univ. of Kentucky. (Royal Ballroom A, Sheraton)

1. “Cervantes as a Ghost Writer,“ Daniel Eisenberg, Florida State Univ.

2. “Cervantine Discourse and the Problematics of Authorship in ‘La tía fingida,’” Adrienne L. Martin, Stanford Univ.

3. “Losing Romance: Cervantes's Lesson to North America,“ Elizabeth Anne Wolf, Harvard Univ.

4. “‘Diciendo y Haciendo': Don Quijote's Double Business,” Mary M. Gaylord, Harvard Univ.

* * *


A new trans. of Don Quixote is due to appear in print this autumn: Don Quixote, translated by Charles Jarvis, newly edited with Introduction and Notes by E. C. Riley; in the “World's Classics Series,“ Oxford Univ. Press.

Also due this autumn is a book by Steven Hutchinson: Cervantine Journeys (Madison, Wisconsin, U. of Wisconsin Press, 1992). It will be available in paperback ($17.95) as well as hardcover ($47.50).

Among recent conference papers presented, we would like to mention the following, all presented at the NEMLA meeting in Buffalo.:

At the session devoted to Cervantes, Prof. Joan Cammarata (Manhattan College) read a paper titled “Cervantes' Auspicious New World”;

Prof. Diane Hartunian read “Cervantes, Otherness and the New World”; and

Prof. Louis Imperiale read “Obsesión quijotesca en los versos de Darío.”

At the Spanish Golden Age Drama session Prof. Theresa Ann Sears read “‘El teatro de la gran novela’: Theatricality in Don Quixote, Part II.”

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