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September 2006

Although it hardly seems that summer has begun, it is in truth ending, and we return to shoulder our academic duties once again. Let us hope that we will do so with the enthusiasm and love of learning that inspired us to choose (albeit quixotically) the teaching and research life in the first place.

CSA Elections

Howard Mancing (Purdue University) has been elected Vice-President of the Society, and Bruce Burningham (Illinois State University), Rogelio Miñana (Macalester College), Carolyn Nadeau (Illinois Wesleyan University), and Barbara Simerka (Queen's College-CUNY) have been elected as at-large delegates. Steven Hutchinson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) joins them as the runner-up in the Vice-Presidential election. The Society thanks them, as well as those who accepted nominations to stand for election, for their willingness to share in the leadership and governance of the Cervantes Society of America.

CSA at the MLA

The annual Business Meeting at the MLA will take place on Friday, December 29, 2006, 12:00-1:15, in Commonwealth Hall B of the Loews Hotel, Philadelphia. Frederick A. De Armas (University of Chicago), Vice President of the CSA and the in-coming President, will preside. The keynote address, entitled “On the Rhetoric within and without Don Quijote, will be delivered by the out-going President James A. Parr (University of California-Riverside).

Cervantes on the Conference Circuit

Dominick Finello presented “La novela pastoril después de las Dianas: temática y teoría” in the Serie semenarios of the Departamento de Filología Española, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, March 17, 2006, and “Las dos Arcadias del Quijote” at the “Cervantes y la novela moderna program” held at Universidad de Oviedo. The latter was subsequently published in Cervantes y su mundo II (Editorial Reichenberger, 2005; 177-192).

Publications by CSA Members

Dominick Finello co-edited A Celebration of Brookly Hispanism: Hispanic Literature from Don Quijote to Today with William Sherzer and Malva Filer (Juan de la Cuesta). He has also published “The Galatea” in Bloom's Modern Critical Views (Chelsea House Publishers, 2005; 171-189) and “El Quijote entre los románticos y los neoclásicos” in Insula 700-701 (April-May 2005): 21-23. “Los rasgos definidores de la novela pastoril tardía” in Homenaje a Alberto Porqueras-Mayo (Universidad de Lérida) and The Evolution of the Spanish Pastoral Novel in Early Modern Spain (The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe) are forthcoming.

Yumiko Yamada is the author of “Strauss and Don Quixote: Richard III's Revolt” in Cervantes y su mundo II (Editorial Reichenberger, 2005; 437-456) and “Ben Jonson: A Neoclassical Response to Cervantes” in Cervantes in the English-Speaking World (Editorial Reichenberger, 2005; 3-23).

Other Publications on Cervantes

The Fundación Instituto Castellano y Leonés de la Lengua has published El mecenazgo literario en la casa ducal de Béjar durante la época de Cervantes, edited by J. Ignacio Díez.

Karl-Ludwig Selig (who informs us that he has celebrated his 80th birthday) informs us that The Book of Lost Books by Stuart Kelly (NY 2006) contains a chapter on Cervantes, as does Frederick Brown's Flaubert (NY 2006). Wolfgang Meiner is the author of “Tilting at Windmills”: History and Meaning of a Proverbial Allusion to Cervantes' Don Quixote (Burlington, VT, 2006). An earlier version of the study was published in, Proverbium 23 (2006): 343-418.

Cervantine Sightings

Professor Selig also points out that the actress Joan Diener, who was the original Dulcinea in “Man of La Mancha,” died at the age of 76 on May 13. Her obituary appeared in the New York Times on May 16.


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