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September 2005

As usual, the summer has flown by all too quickly, albeit filled with activities related to the 400th anniversary of the publication of the first part of Don Quijote. May the coming academic year continue to produce such events to delight the hearts of cervantistas everywhere.

CSA Elections

The following members have been elected as regional delegates with terms beginning January, 2006: James Iffland (NE); Alison Weber (SE); Nina Cox Davis (MW); Robert Johnston (SW); and Carroll Johnson (PC). The Society welcomes the new delegates, and thanks all of those who were willing to serve, as well as the Nominating Committee that assembled the slate of candidates.

Cervantes Update

Editor Daniel Eisenberg asks the continued indulgence of the CSA members with the delay in publication occasioned by the spike in submissions associated with the 400th anniversary. The Fall 2004 issue is at the printer. The Spring 2005 issue will have a group of articles on translation, the text of the 2004 MLA keynote address, and a new edition of a Cervantes work published in 1605 and not reprinted since 1916.

The editor asks that you make note of his new email address:

Monograph Series

Albatros-Hipanófila Siglo XXI is a series of academic monographs on Golden Ages Spanish Literature (later to be expanded to include other periods). Edited by Bryant Creel, it is published by Albatros Ediciones of Artes Gráficas Soler (Valencia, Spain) and accepts manuscripts in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, and French. CSA members will be receiving a more complete announcement shortly, but inquiries can be sent to bcreel@utk.edu.


The Anuario de Estudios Cervantinos, Vol. 1 - 2005 (ed. Eduardo Urbina and Jesús G. Maestro) has been published. The index, contents, and abstracts can be accessed at <http://mirabeleditorial.com/es-aec06.html>. Volume 2 is currently in preparation, and members are invited to participate.

Diego Martínez Torrón is the editor of two volumes on Cervantes's work: Sobre Cervantes, Alcalá de Henares: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 2003; and Cervantes y el ámbito anglosajón, Madrid: Sial, 2005 (Trivium, Biblioteca de Textos de Ensayo, 10).

Ramón López-Reyes has published Los diálogos de Santiago matamoros: Camino, reconquista, conquista y resurrección, Hawaii, Instituto de Psicología Profunda, 2004.

James A. Parr's 1988 Don Quixote: An Anatomy of Subversive Discourse (out of print for some time) was reissued, in updated form, by Edition Reichenberger this summer under the title Don Quixote: A Touchstone for Literary Criticism. Professor Parr has also given, or will give, lectures on the Quixote this year at the University of New Mexico, Ohio State University, San José State University, CUNY Graduate .Center, and the University of Texas.

Joseph V. Ricapito has published “Cervantes y la consciencia: ‘Yo sé quién soy’, El caballero de los leones y Ricote el moro” in Cervantes y su mundo III (Kassel: Reichenberger, 2005), 505-17.

Francisco Rico has produced an edition of Don Quijote in two volumes for Galaxia Gutenberg, richly documented with some 300 pages of bibliography and other information.

An article by Alberto Martino on the German-speaking reception of “Riconete y Cortadillo” (1617-1754) has appeared in Regionaler Kulturraum und intelecktuelle Kommunikation vom Humanismus bis ins Zeitalter das Internet (Festschrift für Klaus Gerber), ed. Axel E. Walter, Amsterdam, 2005 (p. 521-625).

(The last two items come to us courtesy of Karl-Ludwig Selig; as usual, your humble secretary apologizes for any errors in the German.)

Cervantine Sightings

Given the anniversary this year, things quixotic are everywhere. Even the USA Today published “A Quest for the Quixotic: La Mancha Celebrates 400 Years of Cervantes' Knight Errant,” complete with (of course) a photograph of a windmill, on June 17.

Thanks to Professor Selig, we can also point to the following:


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