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September 2001

Welcome back to the new academic year! I hope that the summer was occupied with everything that you find most fulfilling, and that the coming year will contain more of the same.

CSA Business

It has been proposed that CSA consider becoming an affiliate of the Renaissance Society of America. Such status would allow CSA to sponsor sessions at the RSA annual meetings every year, and would grant the organization a seat on the governing board. A possible further step would involve creating a joint membership in CSA-RSA, with a special membership price. The proposal will be discussed at the CSA business meeting at the 2001 MLA Convention in New Orleans. CSA members seeking more information about RSA may check their web site: www.r-sa.org.

Cervantes on the Conference Circuit

The following presentations will take place this fall:

Cervantes in the News

Our tireless correspondent Karl-Ludwig Selig informs us of the death on June 16 of Joe Darion, the lyricist for the musical comedy “Man of La Mancha,” which opened in 1965 and became the third-longest-running Broadway musical of the 1960's, according to the New York Times.

In Memoriam

Mr. George M. Aschenbach, son of CSA member Clara Chaconas Aschenbach, has notified us of his mother's death. Her friends and colleagues in the CSA mourn her passing.

CSA Bookkeeping

  1. Members are reminded that it is their responsibility to inform the Society of any changes of address. Members whose publications (newsletter and journal) are returned due to the inability to forward will be dropped from the membership rolls.
  2. It is once again time to request payment of dues for the coming year (2002). Members whose mailing labels indicate payment through 2001 or previous years are requested to fill out the form below and return it with $20.00 (regular), $10.00 (student), or $30.00 (joint or couple) per year of dues owed to the Secretary/Treasurer by January 1, 2002. Note: Members whose label indicates a “paid up” date of 2000 or earlier will be dropped from the rolls as of 1/1/02 if payment is not received.

Cervantes Society of America Dues

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