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Volunteers Needed!

     At present the project to put the journal Cervantes on the WWW is about two-thirds complete according to our statistics. We desperately need help from volunteers to speed up the process of digitizing the remaining articles, reviews and other pieces. The process is relatively simple:

  1. Check the list of articles and pieces that have not yet been digitized and select any which you would like to put in digital form.
  2. Contact me, Fred Jehle <jehle@ipfw.edu>, and let me know which piece(s) you want to work on; if you need photocopies of the piece(s), please let me know and give me your mailing address. I will gladly send you any photocopies you need (you do not need to return them when you are finished).
  3. Prepare an electronic version of the piece; formatting recommendations are given below. You create the file by:
  4. Send me a copy of the finished file via e-mail. In most cases it's best to send the material as an attached file. Windows files are easier for me to use, but I can normally handle Mac files as well. Please do not destroy your version of the file until after I can successfully open and convert it.
  5. I will format the final version of the piece for HTML, proofread it, and post it on the WWW, adding your name to the end of the piece as the person who digitized it, unless you indicate that I shouldn't do so.

Recommendations for formatting your version of the text.

  1. It is best to not justify the text.
  2. It is preferable in most cases to maintain the integrity of paragraphs by:
    • Not using hard returns at the end of individual lines (except for lines of poetry) in a paragraph.
    • Un-hyphenating words at the ends of lines in the printed edition of the journal.
  3. Use tabs for indenting paragraphs (unless you prepare the text using an HTML editor, where you can indent a line by using five non-breaking spaces [&nbsp;]).
  4. Indicate the start of a new page and include page numbers, typing in page numbers yourself rather than have your word processor paginate automatically. You may but do not have to duplicate the headers given at the top of each page in the printed version of the journal. I will add the headers later.
  5. Please use italics as given in the printed text, but do not worry about special fonts or font sizes.
  6. Include all footnotes, either typing them in manually at the bottom of the page, or using your word processor's footnoting utility.
  7. Do not worry about including the graphic versions of the woodcuts for the first letter of each full-length article.
  8. If graphics (other than the one for the first letter of a full-length article) are included, you may but do not have to include jpeg or gif files of them.
  9. If you find mistakes in the original, please point them out to me.

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