Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America

Information about the WWW Version

     This WWW version of the scholarly journal Cervantes is being offered in order to make at least some Cervantine scholarship easily available in electronic form around the world. Most of the material is published here primariily in text format —rather than in graphic form— to make it more useful; thus users can easily conduct their own electronic searches and copy/paste citations or significant passages.

     The project has been undertaken with the approval of the Cervantes Society of America and in its present form involves several levels:

  1. The main menu. This is a list of the issues of the society's journal —Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America— and its newsletter. This menu and the documents mentioned below are available at the H-Cervantes website (http://hnet-2.msu/edu/~cervantes) as well as at the developmental site (http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/cervante/bcsalist.htm).
  2. The front cover, inside front cover, and table of contents for each issue. The front cover typically offers a black and white engraving or picture, almost always of general interest and educational value. The inside front cover lists the officers of the society, the editors and resource persons for the issue, and information on subscription to the society and on the submission of manuscripts. Abstracts accompany the articles listed in the table of contents; abstracts written in Spanish are given for articles published in English, and vice-versa. If individual pieces are available in electronic form, the table of contents provides links to them.
  3. Individual articles, notes, reviews, and forum pieces. All such items for all back issues of the journal have been posted on the web.
  4. Master lists of items contained in all the issues of the journal, with links to the items which are available in digital form.  Three such lists have been prepared, offering alternatives to searching through some 40 different issues for information:

     The intent has been to produce electronic versions of CSA documents —primarily the bulletin— which closely resemble the original printed version. Some of the files are in pdf* form and are almost exact duplicates. Most of the files, however, are in HTML format and incorporate some minor changes:

  1. Line length is not respected. In the original version, a page of text is typically presented in as many characters as can fit in the printable pace of a page, 4.3 x 7 inches. The electronic version maintains the page divisions and numbering system necessary for scholarly documentation, but leaves the font size and line length up to the user's browser, hardware, and personal preferences or needs. Thus a specific page of any given issue will contain almost exactly the same information in the original and the WWW versions, but an individual line, say line number 10, of a original page may not correspond to the same line number on your browser or printout.
  2. The text has been de-hyphenated. That is, words which have been divided across lines or pages in the original have been re-joined to facilitate electronic searches.
  3. Footnotes originally divided across more than one page are kept on one page to prevent confusion; when this happens, it is noted in the footnote with a grayed-out page number in brackets, e.g., “[p. 128]” indicating the page on which the rest of the footnote occurs in the original version.
  4. Some formatting features are not easily duplicated in HTML code, such as fill-in periods before page numbers in the table of contents and hanging indents in the lists of works cited; in such instances other conventions have been employed.
  5. Obvious typographical errors and omissions in the original version have been corrected.

     Users are reminded that the contents of the journal Cervantes are copyrighted.

*For the pdf files, the program Acrobat Reader is required, available free at http://www.adobe.com/acrobat/.

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