From: Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America 9.2 (1989): 3.
Copyright © 1989, The Cervantes Society of America


Since the very first issue of Cervantes appeared in fall 1981, Thomas A. Lathrop's name has appeared on the masthead as “Editorial Assistant.” That title does not really begin to describe Tom Lathrop's contributions to this journal. He insisted from the beginning that Cervantes should be visually attractive as well as intellectually stimulating. Lathrop designed the format of the journal and personally arranged for its typesetting, cover art, binding, and distribution, for years contributing his services at or below cost. Both the founding editor, John J. Allen, and I have found his advice invaluable.
     With the publication of the spring 1989 issue of Cervantes, Tom Lathrop reluctantly found it necessary to resign from the journal's staff. His book publishing business, Juan de la Cuesta editions, has now grown to the point that it requires all the time and attention he can spare from his duties as a professor at the University of Delaware. Cervantes owes much of its success to Tom Lathrop's hard work and impeccable taste. I take his opportunity to thank him on behalf of the Cervantes Society and wish him good fortune in his future endeavors.
Michael McGaha


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