From: Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America 2.2 (1982): 107.
Copyright © 1982, The Cervantes Society of America


AS WE CONCLUDE our second year of publication, the Editorial Board has voted to adopt a policy of anonymous submission of manuscripts intended for publication in Cervantes. Beginning in 1983, the author's name should not appear on any manuscript submitted. A cover sheet giving the author's name and address and the title of the article should accompany each submission. References in the submitted text to the author's previous or forthcoming work should be in the third person. Submissions should be in envelopes marked “Article for consideration,” so that they can be opened by a disinterested person. No one involved in the selection process, including myself, will be informed of the author's identity until a final decision has been made. We hope that the objectivity so difficult to preserve in such a specialized field will be enhanced by the procedure.
     Tom Lathrop and I have made every effort possible to keep the material quality of Cervantes —design, paper, accuracy, etc.— worthy of the articles we have published. This costs money. Our membership is still quite small, and it is only thanks to a generous subvention by Dean Charles Sidman of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University of Florida that we were able to produce this number. My sincere thanks go to him for his support. I appeal to each CSA member: if you feel that Cervantes deserves to survive and prosper, please make a special effort now to expand our membership by recommending to us potentially interested colleagues and by personally seeing to it that your libraries subscribe.

John J. Allen

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