Welcome to H-Cervantes!

This welcome message is designed to provide you with basic information about this network. It contains information on using the list (managing subscriptions; tips on contacting and communicating via the list; mailing addresses of the list editors; a list of the current editorial board); information about the network's associated service on the World Wide Web; and contact information about the network's parent, H-Net.

The H-Cervantes Network: Scope, Content, Purpose:

H-Cervantes is a network for scholars and professionals active in studies related to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. It encourages scholarly exchanges on all aspects of the author, his works, his circle, his times, and scholarship on the era, and welcomes participation by scholars/specialists from all disciplines.

H-Cervantes's objective is to encourage the discussion and development of Cervantes studies by:

-- Stimulating discussion on topics of interest to Cervantes scholars and professionals

-- Serving as a vehicle for generating and sharing: * bibliographies on Cervantes

* syllabi & other items of pedagogical interest * book reviews coordinated by H-NET

-- Posting information on grants, conferences, and jobs -- Providing a forum for calls for papers

Most important, H-Cervantes will encourage the kinds of scholarly interchange that previously had been confined to professional conferences or small circles of friends.

H-Cervantes is an interactive network of scholars, teachers, and students who use a variety of electronic and print media to to foster productive exchange of ideas and materials in the social sciences and humanities. The H-Cervantes list uses electronic mail for interactive communication about teaching and research and to disseminate announcements and professional information. The H-Cervantes web site archives list documents and contains links to valuable resources on our subject. As a member of H-Net, H-Cervantes offers announcements about conferences, fellowships and grants, research and publication opportunities, and jobs. We are especially interested in reaching college faculty who already have, or plan to teach courses on this subject.