H-BahaiTranslations of Shaykhi, Babi and Baha'i Texts, vol. 4, no. 2 (February 2000)



Tablet for Hasan and Husayn Nahri


By Jim Price


He is the Glorious in the Kingdom of Eternity

This is the tablet of the Primal Point for him who hath taken God as his
protector. Who, when he perceived the Sun of Holiness from the horizon of
that holy garment, lowered his gaze and fell to the ground.

Verily, those who have believed in God and in the return of His Primal Point
in this Manifestation have been sanctified by God of all that is unseemly,
and their Lord has enwrapped them in His mercy without bound.

Say: "O people, fear God and follow not those who have fought Him, denied His
testimony and away from Him have turned."

Fear Him who is the Revealer of His Cause in this Day, arise to help Him who
created you and fear not those who have disbelieved.

Say: "O people, do you still take your vain desires as your lord while
casting aside Him of whom every atom in creation testifieth 'there is no God
but He, the One, the Only'?"

O thou who bearest my name, listen to what the dove in eternity's midst doth say,
and turn not toward those in whose hearts is hatred for this Beauty, so
faithful and exalted.

The sweet scents of the Rizvan of the All Merciful have captivated those who
have believed and stood fast, and from the loving kindness of the Spirit they
are nurtured.

Praise be to Him who hath revealed Himself so gloriously that His light has
through all creation shined. Those endowed with spiritual insight testify
that there is no God but He, the Peerless, the Everlasting, for to them His
light as proof of His cause hath sufficed.

He hath revealed His verses as he willeth and desireth and in such wise that
the sweet fragrances of His spirit have encompassed every horizon, which none
can deny save those in whose hearts is envy and hatred.

Say "O people, fear God and turn a just eye to the testimonies of the
Prophets and the Messengers. Beware lest ye deprive your own souls of the
holy threshold."

Do not dare to refute the Truth with what knowledge you possess, for through
My command was the Truth created. This is known only to those with sight

And whosoever would deny the bounty of this Day hath nothing. They are those
whose sight has died.

Say "O people, the mirrors of your hearts ye must purify, and your vision
ye must rectify, ere you lose your way on this long and holy road."

And it is for this that we have given thee inspiration and revealed to thee
our verses, that that mayest show thy mettle in the Cause of thy Lord,
calling mankind to this path, for thee to be of those who are well guided.

Know then, that we have fallen beneath the sword of inequity brandished by
those who have indeed replaced God with their vain desires, and so they have
been scourged by One who is wise and well aided.

Thou must separate thyself from them and desire not their friendship. Seek
for thyself, under the protection of thy Lord, a shelter fortified.
Do not consort with those who have disbelieved and denied what they had
accepted. Woe to the one who once believed and then rejected.

Rid thyself of all allusions that thou mayest speak plainly about the Possessor of
all names and attributes. Well it is with them whom the veils of creation
hindereth not from hearing the word of God, so the dove of the Spirit has

Upon thee be the Spirit of God and His might, and also upon all who have
taken a lofty place within the shadow of their Lord.

Source: Baha'u'llah, La'ali al-Hikmah, ed. Vahid Behmardi. 3 vols. (Rio de Janeiro: Editora Baha'i-Brasil, 1986-1991), vol. 1, pp. 30-31.

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