The Bab's Persian Bayan
Translations of Shaykhi, Babi and Baha'i Texts, No. 4 (July, 1997 - )

The Persian Bayan of Sayyid `Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Bab


trans. Dr. Denis MacEoin

The Sixth Gate of the Second Unity

Concerning this, that the Bayan is the balance on the part of God until the
day of him whom He shall manifest. Whoever follows him is light, and
whosoever turns away from him is fire.

The substance of this chapter is that the Bayan is the balance of
God until the Day of Resurrection, which is the day of him whom God shall
manifest. Whoso acts in accordance with whatsoever is therein is in
paradise and he shall be resurrected beneath the shadow of Affirmation and
the letters of Paradise. But whoso turns aside, be it even to the extent
of a grain of barley is in hell and shall be resurrected beneath the shadow
of Negation.

This same concept was likewise made manifest in the Qur'an, for in
numerous places God has revealed that whoso decrees other than what God has
sent down is an infidel (kafir). Whatever returns to that word belongs to
its degrees. The decree of someone who transgresses the decree of God is
thus. How, then, shall he be should he transgress against the very person
of God's own appearance? For God has revealed : 'I have not created jinn
and men but that they should worship Me.'

No doubt is there that obedience is unacceptable except through
obedience to the Proof of God. Had that not been so, then the deeds of
them that showed enmity towards the People of the House would have been
mentioned before God, whereas in this day, all decree that none should
worship them, nor have their deeds borne any fruit. In this way, the
non-Shi'is today act in accordance with the decrees of the Qur'an, whereas,
since they have turned aside from the Imamate (vilayat), these deeds are
worthless in the sight of God.

But today there are few who act in accordance with the balance of
the Qur'an, indeed one can only see men whom God has willed (so to act).
And if there should be such a person, if he fails to enter within the
balance of the Bayan, then his piety shall not be of the least benefit to
him, even as the piety of the monks of the Gospel (alif) did not benefit
them when they clung to it as their balance on the appearance of the
Messenger of God. Had they acted according to the balance of the Qu'ran,
such decrees would not have been issued concerning the tree of truth. 'The
heavens might almost cleave apart [at that minhu omitted], and the earth
split asunder, and the mountains collapse in tiny pieces' (19:90). Their
hearts are harder than these mountains, for they are not at all affected.

There is no paradise more exalted in the eyes of God than to be in
His good-pleasure [p.30]. Praised be He that, in this day, this bounty is
restricted to the people of the Bayan. Hereafter, whoso does not
transgress its limits shall remain in this bounty until the day of him whom
God shall manifest. But if - I seek refuge with God - he should turn
aside, he shall have harmed only his own self. God is independent of all
the worlds. At the beginning of his revelation, the whole of the Bayan is
(simply) obedience to him and to none other, in the same way that the whole
religion of the day of the Gospel at the time of the appearance of the
Prophet of God was to follow him and not to remain in one's own balance.
For, in that case, the decree of falsehood would be passed against
remaining therein. Whosoever is guided, (he is guided) for his own self;
and whoever remains, remains veiled, that rests upon his own self. God is
independent of all the worlds.

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