A Resource Guide for Baha'i Studies--Leiden list
Research Notes in Shaykhi, Babi and Baha'i Studies, No. 1 (June, 1997)

Writings of Bahá'u'lláh
Part Two: The Leiden List of Bahá'u'lláh's Tablets

Workshop Version 10 July 1997
Sen McGlinn, University of Leiden, ed.

This list is a work-in-progress by various hands. Your contributions and corrections, and requests for the latest version, can be sent to S.Mc_Glinn@thuisnet.Leidenuniv.NL. The list's reliability and scope will only grow if those using a tablet in the course of their studies will make a habit of checking its entry in this list and sending any additions or corrections that are needed. There is also a need for volunteers to go through collections of tablets and make tables of contents for any ta blets of Baha'u'llah they contain, and to comb the scholarly literature in English and the original languages and send useful cross-references. The list will then become a combined index to the publication and discussion of the works of Baha'u'llah.
The potential value of such an index should be clear. The present version is woefully incomplete and no doubt inaccurate. It could very quickly grow to real usefulness if the friends will be so good as to draw up contents tables of their Persian and Arabic books - a useful thing to have anyway - and send these to me to compile.
[Notes: (1) due to software incompatibilities, diacritics were not included; (2) for brevity, this list has been slightly re-formatted and many words abbreviated.-J.W.]

Key to sources (not all of these have been collated thoroughly)

AAx = Asraru'l-Athar (Fadil-i-Mazindarani) vol. x
AHM = Ad'iyyih-i-Hadrat-i-Mahbub
Alw-Braz = Alwah-i-Hadrat-i-Baha'u'llah Ila'l- Muluk-va'l-Ru'asa, Brazil, 140 BE, 148 pp
Alw-gold = Alvah-i-Hadrat-i-Baha'u'llah, n.p., n.d., 290 pp. Since this has neither title publisher nor place of publication, it must be described: Pocket-size prayerbook format, Persian and Arabic. Litho with pages framed in gold, 13 lines per page, word s in red letters scattered throughout and lithographed marginal notes in places. [Any help in giving this a provenance or short name would be appreciated]
Amr = Amr wa Khalq (ed. Fadil-i-Mazandarani)
AQAx = Athar-i-Qalam-i-A'la. Volume 4 appears to be published in three editions, labelled AQA4, AQA(i) and AQA(rev) [1968].
AyT = Risalih Ayam Tis'ih
Darakhshan = Faizi, Muhammad-'Ali, L'aliy-i-Darakhshan, BE 123 (1966) Tehran
Dawud-Riv = Yuhanna Dawud, The River of Life, London, 1914
DiD = Daryai-i-Danish
Gan = Ganjih Shaygan (by Ishraq-Khavari)
GanHud = Ganjinih Hudud va Ahkam, Ishraq- Khavari, A.H., (ed.) India, 1980,
IQT-Bombay = Iqtidarat, Bombay, n.p., 1310 A.H. (1892-3). It seems likely that this is in fact the same as Ishraqat-India, see below.
IQT = Alvah-i-Mubaraka-yi-hadrat-i- Baha'u'llah ... shamil-i-iqtidarat va chand lawh-i-Digar (n.p. n.d., apparently published by the Persian BPT in the 1970s)
Ishraqat-India = Ishraqat, a compilation of the Tablets of Baha'u'llah, 1310 AH (1892-3)
HKM1 = La'Ali Al-Hikmati, Brazil 1986 (thin volume)
HKM2 = La'Ali Al-Hikmati, Brazil 1990 (thick volume)
INBA = Iranian National Bahá'í Archives (Tehran archives)
INBMC = Iranian National Bahá'í Manuscript Collection
KB = Kitab-i-Badi'
KHay = Kitab al-Haykal
LAnvx = Lama'atu'l-Anvar volume x
MaA = Majmu'ih-az Alwah-i-Jamal-i- Aqdas-i-Abha
MaM = Majmu'ih-i-Alwah-i-Mubarakih. The Persian/ Arabic collection of "Tablets of Baha'u'llah" (Cairo, 11/1338AH, July 1920AD; reprinted BPT Wilmette 1978;
MaMat = Majmu'ih-yi Matbu'ih ed. Muhyi'd-Din Sabri (Cairo 1920, Wilmette 1978)
MAx = Ma'iydih-i-Asmani, v. "x"
Mubin = al-Kitab al-mubin, (Tehran, 120 B.E./1963?)
Naf = Nafahat-i quds (New Delhi, n.d.)
RMx = Rahiq-i Makhtum, vol "x"
Rosen2 = Collections scientifiques de L'institut de Langues Orientales du Ministere des Affairs Estrangeres, vol VI, 2e fascicule, 1891. MsX is the Ms number
Rosen3 = Majmu' al-awwal min rasa'il al-sayk al-Babi, Publ. Rosen, Petrograd 1908 (t4 = tablet no. 4)
Salat = Salat wa siyam, Tehran 124 BE/1967-8
TahRBx = Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah, volume x, vol 1 rev edn of 1975
T&T = Risalih Tasbih va Tahlil
Tuman3:6 = Aleksandr Tumanski, Kitabe Akdes, Zapiski Imperatorskoy Academii Nauk S. Petersburg, 8th series, vol. 3, no. 6, 1899

European language texts

DB = Dawnbreakers, American Edition 1970 (and electronic text). NB page numbers in the British edition are lower by about 30%
ESW = Epistle to the Son of the Wolf (U.S., 1988 pocket-size ed.)
GPB = God Passes By, 1974 edition (and electronic text). NB: page numbers in earlier editions differ slightly, as do the numbers in the REFER version
KIA = Kitab-i-Aqdas
Momen, 'Selections' = Moojen Momen (ed.) Selections from the Writings of E.G. Browne on the Bábi and Bahá'í Religions, Oxford, George Ronald, 1987
Oeuvre = L'Oeuvre de Bahaou'llah, traduction Francaise par Hippolyte Dreyfus, Paris, Leroux, 1923 (2vols).
PDC = Promised Day is Come, Revised edition 1980 (earlier editions page numbers slightly higher, e.g. 60=62)
'Rituals' = D. MacEoin, Rituals in Babism and Baha'ism, British Academic Press 1994
PM = Prayers and Meditations
'Sacred' = J. Walbridge, Sacred Acts, Sacred Space, Sacred Time, George Ronald, 1996
'Style' = Bushrui, S., The Style of the Kitab-i-Aqdas
TB = Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh revealed after the Aqdas
WebCole = Juan Cole's Web page: http:// www-personal.umich.edu/~jrcole/bhtrans.htm
WOB = World Order of Bahá'u'lláh


Tehran = 1817 - 1853
Bgd. = Baghdad = 1853 - 1863 (Sulaymaniyyih 1854 - 1857)
Istanbul (Constantinople) = 1863
Edn. = Edirne (Adrianople) = 1863 - 1868
Akka = 1868 - 1892

The Leiden List of the Tablets of Baha'u'llah

1 Alvah-i-Khatun-Jan, Baghdad and later.   2  Asl-i-Kullu'l-Khayr (Words of           
Mentioned TahRB2 178-9.                    Wisdom), Akka.  MaA 92-94; INBA30.         
                                           Translated in TB 153-158.                  

3  Ay Bulbulan (O nightingales)            4 Az-Bagh-i-Ilahi (From The Garden of      
Sulaymaniyyih.  Ms in Fadil-i              Holiness), Bgd.  Gan 66 (incomplete).      
Mazandarani's Tarikh-i Zuhur al-Haqq,      Alternating Persian and Arabic.            
vol. 4, attributed by him to the           Discussed TahRB1 218.                      
Kurdistan period.   Persian, prov.                                                    
transl posted Juan Cole Irfan 8/96                                                    
(version 2); revised version Arts                                                     
Dialogue June 97.                                                                     

5 Bayan-i Hadith-i Sharif, 'Man 'arafa     6 Baz-Av-u-Bidih-Jami (Return and grant    
nafsahu fa qad 'arafa rabbahu'             a chalice), Bgd.  MA4 186-192.             
(Commentary on "He who knoweth his self                                               
hath known his Lord.")  MaMat 346-361.                                                
Partially trans. Shoghi Effendi in                                                    
Gleanings CXXIV, LXXXIII, LXXIII;                                                     
complete trans. Juan Cole posted                                                      
Talisman Dec 95 and at WebCole(with a                                                
"Zen Gloss").  Mentioned TahRB3 63.                                                   
Addressee Hadiy-i-Qazvini.                                                            

7 Bisharat (Glad-Tidings), Akka.  MaA      8 Chihar-Vadi (Four Valleys), late         
10-15; INBA30; MaM 116-24.  Translated     Baghdad, 1858-1862.  AQA3 140-157.         
in TB 19-30.                               Trans. by Gail & Khan published in         
                                           numerous forms. Trans. by Juan Cole        
                                           posted Irfan Nov/Dec 96. Discussion GPB    

9 Fa lamma akhadha farahu'llah kulla ma    10 Haft-Vadi (Seven Valleys), late         
siwahu (post-Baghdad).  Arabic,            Baghdad, 1858-1862.  AQA3 92-137;          
describes departure from House and         INBA35.  Numerous published trans. see     
crossing of Tigris, entry to Ridvan and    Collins; trans. of Excordium by Stephen    
departure. Mentioned 'Sacred' 240.         Lambden, with occasional notes, Pt. 01     
                                           BSB 6:2-3 (26-74). French trans. by        
                                           Dreyfus and Chirazi bound with Les         
                                           Paroles cachées contains additional        
                                           excordium; French transl. by Dreyfus       
                                           Oeuvre1 1923. Discussion GPB 139           

11 Halih Halih Halih Ya Bisharat           12 Hur-i-'Ujab (The Wondrous Maiden),      
(Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, O     Baghdad.  unpublished  Arabic, rhyming     
Glad-Tidings), late Baghdad (1862-3?).     prose. Discussed TahRB1 218; 'Sacred'      
Gan 33-35; Andalib magazine, Vol. 5, No.   239.                                       
18, pp 3-4; mss text in INBAMC Vol.                                                   
35:455-6; etext at WebCole.  Persian,                                                 
trans. S. Lambden in BSB 2:3 (December                                                
1983), 105-112, revised transl. idem                                                  
posted Talisman 95, with comments on                                                  
textual variants Gan/INBAMC. The text at                                              
WebCole contains significant variants                                                 
from Gan/INBAMC versions and is to be                                                 
preferred. Discussed TahRB1 219.                                                      

13 Hurufat-i-'Allin, Hurufat-i-'aliyyat    14 Ishraqat (Splendours), Akka (9 Dhi      
(The Exalted Letters), Baghdad.  T&T       Qa'dih 1302/21 August 1885?).  MaA         
242-270; AHM 217-85.  Arabic, but also     57-79. IQT 50-85. Earliest transcription   
translated by Baha'u'llah into Persian.    in the International Archives is dated     
Often used as a prayer for the deceased.   12 Izzat 44 B.E. (1888), by                
Addressees Maryam and Havva. Discussion    Zaynu'l-Muqarrabin.  Translated in TB      
in TahRB1 122.                             99-134.                                    

15 Jawahiru'l-Asrar (The Essence of        16 Kalimat-i-Firdawsiyyih (Words of        
Mysteries, The Gems of Mysteries),         Paradise), Akka.  MaA 30-45.  Translated   
Baghdad.  AQA3 4-88; Leiden Ms Or 4970,    in TB 55-80.                               
item 1.  Arabic. Trans. Juan Cole                                                     
forthcoming. Mentioned GPB 139;                                                       
Discussed TahRB1 149. In reply to                                                     
questions of Haji Siyyid                                                              

17 Kalimat-i-Maknunih (Hidden Words),      18  Kitab-i-'Ahd (The Book of the          
Bgd 1274/1857.  MaM 17-32; MaM 373-398;    Covenant), late Akka.  printed in AHM      
INBA 30; Law-gold 1-55.  Two trans. by     (reviewed by Abdu'l-Baha before            
Shoghi Effendi with slight variants,       printing) where the title is "Kitabu       
published in many forms. Earlier trans.    Ahdi" / Book of My Covenant; MaA           
of Arabic HW in Kheirella and McNutt,      134-137.  Trans. in TB 217-224; study by   
1900; French transl. by Dreyfus Oeuvre1.   Shapour Rasikh in "Mahbub-i-'Alam",        
Discussion GPB 138; TahRB1 71-83.          Canada, 1993, pp 534-549. Dating prob.     
                                           prior to ESW, since it is referred to      
                                           there as the Crimson Tablet.               

19  Kitab-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Book),    20 Kitab-i-Badi' (The Wondrous Book),      
Akka  Arabic edition with Persian notes,   Edirne.  KB.  Mainly Persian. Mentioned    
1995 Haifa. For a summary of earlier       GPB 170; Brief discussion in TahRB1 102;   
published editions see 'Rituals' 81-2      described TahRB2 370-387. Addressee is     
n2.  English trans. Baha'i World Centre    Mirza Mihdiy-i-Gilani or Mirza             
1992; French Ms trans. by Dreyfus 190?,    Mihdiy-i-Rashti, in the form of the        
62pp, and separate Ms trans. of            words of Aqa Muhammad-'Ali.                
Questions and Answers, n.d.; for the                                                  
former see Paris Archives Boite 11107,                                                
Grand cahier noir:122 (according to                                                   
Laura Dreyfus-Barney, "Hippolyte                                                      
Dreyfus. Article for Baha'i World": "He                                               
[Hippolyte Dreyfus-Barney] trans....the                                               
Aqdas which he annotated during a                                                     
sojourn in 'Akka with the aid of                                                      

21 Kitab-i-Fajr see Lawh-i-Haji Siyyid     22 Kitab-i-Iqan (The Book of Certitude),   
Ibrahim.                                   Baghdad, dated in various Mss A.H. 1278    
                                           or 1280 (1861/2 or 1863/4), the latter     
                                           date possibly marking an editing with      
                                           marginal glosses by Baha'u'llah.  KII      
                                           various printings. Bibliographical         
                                           history in C. Buck, Symbol and Secret,     
                                           pp. 14-37. Buck omits Rosen2 Ms244,        
                                           while mentioning Rosen2 'Ms'(actually      
                                           litho.)245.  Persian. English trans.       
                                           Shoghi Effendi 1946; Earlier trans. by     
                                           Ali Quli Khan is more literal. French      
                                           trans. "Le Livre de la Certitude" by       
                                           Hippolyte Dreyfus & Mirza Habib-Ullah      
                                           Chirazi, Paris, Ernest Leroux, 1904,       
                                           contains an additional excordium.          
                                           Discussion is very extensive, but see      
                                           Buck, above (full-length study with        
                                           bibliography and references to previous    
                                           studies) and an extensive review by        
                                           Frank Lewis in BSR6 1996 which mentions    
                                           inter alia that Buck omits the             
                                           discussion in AA1 266-84; Browne in        
                                           Momen 'Selections' 250-254 and works       
                                           mentioned there; Ishraq-Khavari,           
                                           Qamus-i-Iqan (a 4-volume tafsir            
                                           dictionary of the Iqan); GPB 137 (dates    
                                           it 1862); TahRB1 153.                      

23  Kitab-i-Sidq (The Book of Truth),      24 Lawh-i-Abdu'l-Aziz va Vukala (Tablet    
Akka.                                      to Abdu'l-Aziz and ministers), Istanbul    
                                           Original lost, but incorporated into       
                                           Tablet to the Kings (Suriy-i-Muluk).       

25 Lawh-i-'Aba-Badi'                       26 Lawh-i-Abdu'l-Vahhab (Tablet to   MaM   
(Lawh-i-Pedar-Badi') (Tablet to the        160-166.  transl in Gleanings LXXXI.       
father of Badi').  AQA1 189-91; Leiden                                                
Ms Or 4970 item 8.  Mentioned TahRB3                                                  
179-80, 202-3. Addressee                                                              

27 Lawh-i-Abdu'r-Rahim (Tablet for         28 Lawh-i-Abdu'r-Razzaq, Akka              
Discussed TahRB3 60.                       IQT-Bombay 43-78; IQT; incomp. in          
                                           Dawud-IQ.  Sections trans. in Gleanings    
                                           LXXVIII, LXXX, LXXXVII; Similar material   
                                           trans. by Dreyfus in Oevre1 134f., which   
                                           includes (1) the text trans. in            
                                           Gleanings LXXX and, in a slightly longer   
                                           form, in Dawud-Riv 16 onwards; (2) the     
                                           text of Gleanings LXXVIII, but the         
                                           Dreyfus passage is 2 pages longer          
                                           (middle of page 138 to p 140); and (3)     
                                           the passage on Anti-deluvian times which   
                                           is partially in Gleanings LXXXVII, and     
                                           in Dawud-Riv 18-21, where Dawud and        
                                           Dreyfus both provide a short piece of      
                                           text missing in Gleanings after "the       
                                           language of Revelation..." as well as      
                                           one paragraph at the end omitted in        

29 Lawh-i-Ahbab (Tablet of Friends),       30 Lawh-i-Ahmad (Arabic), Edirne, (about   
Akka.  AQA1 96-113.                        1865).  T&T 215-218; Rosen3 t4; AHM 198.   
                                           Arabic, hand of Baha'u'llah. Mss also in   
                                           hand of 'Abdu'l- Baha. Transl. 1924 by     
                                           Shoghi Effendi with the assistance of      
                                           Dr. Esslemont and printed in many          
                                           prayerbooks, P&M etc. from 1933 on, and    
                                           in 'Rituals' 121-2. This trans. omits a    
                                           short paragraph at the end which speaks    
                                           of the one whom God will send forth on     
                                           Resurrection day. Earlier trans. appear    
                                           in early prayerbooks. Discussed TahRB2     

31  Lawh-i-Ahmad (Persian), Edirne.  MaM   32  Lawh-i-'Ali (addressee not             
315-330; DiD 114-130.  Almost two thirds   identified, but a brother and mother are   
has been transl. in Gleanings CLII,        mentioned.   Translated in TB 262-4.       
CLIII.  Discussed in TahRB2 137-.                                                     
Addressee is Haji Mirza Ahmad of Kashan.                                              
One of the tablets of Ahmad is in INBA30.                                             

33 Lawh-i-'Ali Qabl Akbar (Tablet for      34 Lawh-i-Amvaj (Tablet of the Waves),     
'Ali Qabl Akbar).  GanHud 172.             Akka.  MaM 362-364.                        
Mentioned 'Rituals' 62, 88 (n186).                                                    

35 Lawh-i-'Andalib (Tablet to 'Andalib).   36 Lawh-i-Antal-Kafi (long healing         
IQT 28-9; Amr3 70; GanHud 191.             prayer), Akka.  T&T 207-215; AHM           
Mentioned 'Rituals' 67-8 and 90 (n236).    187?-195?; Text with English trans.        
                                           published as "Lawh-i-mubarak-i-Anta        
                                           'l-Kafi Anta'l-Shafi, ma'ruf bi            
                                           Munajat-i-shafa': The Healing Prayer       
                                           (Langenheim, 137BE/1980-1.  English        
                                           trans. "The Long Healing Prayer", London   
                                           1980; literal trans. in 'Rituals' 141.     

37  Lawh-i-Aqa-Baba.  Source of the        38  Lawh-i-Aqa Muhammad Hasan (?)          
Tablet of Visitation for the Bab and       Source of Gleanings I.                     

39  Lawh-i-Aqa Siyyid Hasan  AQA4(i)       40 Lawh-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Tablet,     
328-331.                                   Tablet to the Christians, first Tablet     
                                           to Faris the Physician), Akka.  MaA 3-9;   
                                           AQA1 138-144; Alwah-i                      
                                           Baha'u'llah..sura-yi haykal 163-172; St.   
                                           Petersb. Ms see Rosen2 Ms246.  Trans. TB   
                                           7-17, BSB June 1993, for earlier transls   
                                           see Sours, a study of Baha'u'llah's        
                                           Tablet to the Christians, Oxford,          
                                           Oneworld 1990 p.7. French trans. by        
                                           Dreyfus and Chirazi 1905 bound with 'Les   
                                           paroles cachées'; French transl. by        
                                           Dreyfus Oeuvre1. Discussion TahRB3 6, 11.  

41  Lawh-i-Ard-i-Ta' (Tablet of the Land   42 Lawh-i-Ard-i-Ba (Tablet of the Land     
of Ta (Tehran)).  Translated in            of Ba (Baghdad)).  Translated in TB        
Gleanings LV. See also Lawh-i-Shahr-i-     225-229.                                   
Tehran, and unnamed tablet number 17.                                                 

43 Lawh-i-Ashraf (Tablet for Ashraf (the   44 Lawh-i-'Ashiq-va-Ma'shuq, (The Tablet   
Noble)), Edirne.  MaM 211-219.  Section    of the Lover and theBeloved), Akka (?)     
translated in Gleanings LII (MaM 212-4).   MaM 334-337; AQA4 368-372 (see the         
Discussed TahRB2 230-232.                  publisher's note in AQA4(i)).  Part        
                                           trans. in Gleanings CLI. What appears to   
                                           be the same tablet is discussed TahRB2     
                                           241-243, where it is entitled the Story    
                                           of the Nightingale and the Crow, said to   
                                           be in Persian and dated in Edirne, after   
                                           the separation. TahRB gives the source     
                                           as AQA4 368-72, and his description        
                                           would be consistent with Gleanings CLI     
                                           being an extract from the end of the       

45 Lawh-i-Ayiy-i-Nur (Tablet of the        46  Lawh-i-'Ayn Lam I (Tablet to 'Ayn      
Verse of Light), Bgd.  MA4 49-82.          Lam 1).  Leiden Ms Or 4971 item 1.         
Arabic, circumstances and discussion in                                               
TahRB1 125; GPB 138; Addressee is Mirza                                               
Aqay-i-Rikab-Saz. Also known as                                                       
(Inter-pretation of the Isolated                                                      

47  Lawh-i-'Ayn Lam II (Tablet to 'Ayn     48 Lawh-i-Badi' (Baha'u'llah's             
Lam 2).  Leiden Ms Or 4971 item 2          instruction to Badi') circa 1868.          
(revelation writing and transcription).    Rosen2 pp. 192-3.   See further            

49  Lawh-i-Badi' II (Tablet of Badi')      50 Lawh-i-Baha (Tablet of Glory),          
circa 1868  Malik Khosrovi,                Edirne, prior to separation.  Gan 40-42    
Tarikh-i-Shuhaday-i-Amr Vol 3 368          (incomp.).  Arabic, with parts trans.      
Mentioned TahRB3 183-4. This tablet was    into Persian by Baha'u'llah. Discussed     
delivered to Badi'. Other tablets          TahRB2 171, 179-80. Addressee is           
regarding Badi' written after his          Khatun-Jan.                                
martyrdom are noted in the list of                                                    
unnamed tablets (entry 0 and following).                                              

51  Lawh-i-Banu Qurayzah.  MA7 136;        52 Lawh-i-Baqa (Tablet of Eternity),       
cited AA2 17-18.  Persian. Trans. Juan     Akka.  AQA1 218-220.                       
Cole posted Irfan August 1996; mentioned                                              
TahRB2 348.                                                                           

53 Lawh-i-Basitatu'l-Haqiqih (Tablet of    54  Lawh-i-Bisharat, see Bisharat.         
the Uncompounded Reality).  Akka IQT                                                  
105-116; MA7 140-147; Tuman3:6 61-4;                                                  
Leiden Ms Or 4971 item 7a; partial                                                    
paraphrase by Baha'u'llah in Kalimat                                                  
Firdawsiyyih.  Arabic/Persian, Transl.                                                
Moojan Momen posted Tarjuman Summer 95.                                               

55  Lawh-i-Bismilih (Tablet of "In Name    56 Lawh-i-Bulbulu'l-Firaq (Tablet of the   
of God"), Akka.  MaM 276-284.              Nightingle of Bereavement), Baghdad.       
                                           AQA4(i) 324 (incomp); Gan 42-45            
                                           (incomp.).  Discussed TahRB1 244.          

57 Lawh-i-Burhan (Tablet of the Proof,     58 Lawh-i-Dhabih (?title).  AA1 131.       
Tablet of Reasoning), Akka.  MaA           TahRB2 413 mentions this tablet            
125-133.  Translated TB 203-216.           addressed to Dhabih. It is clearly not     
                                           the same as the Lawh-i-Ra'is II or the     

59 Lawh-i-Dunya (Tablet of the World),     60 Lawh-i-Dustan-i-Yazdani (Tablet for     
Akka.  MaA 46-56; MaM 285-301; DiD         the friends in Yazd, Tablet for the        
84-100.  Partially trans. in Gleanings     Zoroastrians).  MaMat 247.  Persian.       
XLIII (MaM 286-298, but on page 95 there   Draft trans. Juan Cole posted Irfan 1/97.  
should be lacunae marks between 'holy                                                 
Book' and 'O People of Justice'), TB                                                  
81-98. Mentioned TahRB3 85 Addressee                                                  
Mirza Aqay-i-Afnan, known as Nur'u'd-Din.                                             

61  Lawh-i-Faris (Second tablet to Faris   62  Lawh-i-Fu'ad (Tablet on death of       
the Physician, see also Lawh-i-Aqdas),     Fu'ad Pasha) 1869.  Rosen2 231-3; Mubin;   
Akka.  BSB 7:3-4, 27-28.  Arabic.          WebCole.  Trans. with commentary by J      
Sections transl. Shoghi Effendi PDC 77,    Cole posted H-Bahai May 97; idem at        
101, 102; transl. Stephen Lambden BSB      WebCole; sentence trans. PDC 61.           
7:3-4, 22-47.                              Discussed TahRB3 87-107. Addressee         
                                           Shaykh Kazim-i-Samandar of Qazvin.         

63 Lawh-i-Fitnih (Tablet of the Test),     64  Lawh-i-Ghulam-Husayn (?)  Gleanings    
Baghdad or Edirne.  MA4 261-265.           IV.                                        
Arabic. Discussion TahRB1 128-137.                                                    
Addressee Shams-i-Jahan, entitled                                                     
Varaqatu'r-Ridvan (one of several                                                     
tablets for her).                                                                     

65 Lawh-i-Ghulamu'l-Khuld (Tablet of the   66 Lawh-i-Gul-i-Ma'navi (Tablet of the     
Deathless Youth, Eternal Youth, Youth of   Divine Flower).  AQA4(i) 336-338.          
Paradise), Baghdad.  AyT 92-99.  Arabic                                               
and Persian. Trans. John Walbridge with                                               
annotations, posted Talisman 96 and at                                                
WebCole. Discussion TahRB1 213.                                                       

67 Lawh-i-Habib (Tablet of the Beloved),   68 Lawh-i-Haft-Pursish (Tablet of Seven    
Edirne.                                    Questions), Akka.  MaM 240-248 and         
                                           reprod. in BSB 7:3-4 53-59; incomplete     
                                           text (without introduction) in Zapiski     
                                           Imperatorskoy Academii nauk S.             
                                           Petersburg 8th series, Vol. 3, No. 6       
                                           (1899) 100-108, with Russian trans., and   
                                           minor variant readings from MaM.           
                                           Persian, trans. with notes Shahriar        
                                           Razavi BSB 7:3-4, 48-68.                   

69 Lawh-i Haji Amin, in which              70 Lawh-i-Haji Mirza Haydar-'Ali           
Baha'u'llah indicates that a "Tablet of    (Tablet(s) to Haji Mirza Haydar-'Ali).     
Trustworthiness" had been revealed in      Translated in TB 243-7, and TB 259-60.     
A.H. 1296 (around 1879).                                                              

71  Lawh-i-Haji Muhammad-Baqir I (first    72 Lawh-i-Haji Muhammad-Baqir II (second   
tablet for Haji Muhammad- Baqir of         tablet for Haji Muhammad-Baqir of          
Qazvini), Revealed in Baghdad, but         Qazvini), Istanbul (?).  Mentioned         
withheld until Edirne.  Mentioned TahRB2   TahRB2 278, as above.                      
276-7, citing Haji Mirza Haydar-'Ali's                                                
Bihjatu's-Sudur pp. 74f.                                                              

73  Lawh-i-Haji Mirza Buzurg-i-Afnan       74 Lawh-i-Haji Muhammad-Ibrahim            
unpublished?  On trustworthiness, cited    (undated, BWC).  Concerning some of the    
in Ishraqat and Tarazat.                   Islamic prophecies about the Day of God.   
                                           Cited in Ishraqat and in ESW 131-4.        

75 Lawh-i-Haji Siyyid Ibrahim (also        76 Lawh-i-Hajj (Tablet of Visitation to    
known as Kitab-i-Fajr, the Book of         be recited at Baghdad), Akka.  AHM         
Dawn).  AQA4(i) 341-342.                   97-104; Mubin 225-8.  Section translated   
                                           in Gleanings LVII (AHM 99-104). This is    
                                           a ziyaratnama to be recited at Baghdad,    
                                           not the Surih of the Hajj itself. See      
                                           Suriy-i-Hajj II.                           

77 Lawh-i-Hawdaj (Tablet of the Howdah),   78 Lawh-i-Hikmat (Tablet of Wisdom),       
Istanbul (actually at Samsun, en route     Akka.  MaA 80-91; INBA30.  Translated in   
from Baghdad to Istanbul).  Gan 67         TB 135-152. French trans. by Dreyfus and   
(incomp.); HKM1 4.  Arabic, 1863.          Chirazi bound with Les Paroles cachées.    
Trans. Stephen Lambden, BSB 3:4, 84-97.                                               
Mentioned TahRB2 6, 16 (with summary of                                               
contents). Also called Lawh-i Samsun.                                                 

79 Lawh-i-Hirtik (Tablet to Georg David    80 Lawh-i-Huriyyih (Tablet of the          
Hardegg), Akka, prob. late 1871-early      Maiden, Tablet of the Houri), Baghdad.     
1872 (BSB 2:1 57-8).  Translated Stephen   AQA4(i) 342-350; AQA4(rev) 379-391.        
Lambden, BSB 2:1, 32-61; discussed         Arabic, dialogue form. Trans. J Cole       
TahRB3 28-31.                              posted Irfan 6/96 and at WebCole. Brief    
                                           discussion TahRB1 125. Shoghi Effendi      
                                           says refers to "remoter future" GPB 138.   

81 Lawh-i-Husayn (Tablet of Husayn),       82 Lawh-i-huwwa munfikhu'r-ruh ("Breath    
Akka.  MA4 104-107; DiD 132-136.           of the Spirit").  MaM 272-274.  Trans.     
Possibly transl. at TB 234-5? French Ms    posted Juan Cole, Irfan 9/96 (printed      
trans. by Dreyfus, n.d. see Paris          untitled, Begins: Bismihi 'lladhi huwwa    
Archives Boite 11106 Carnet 149 - or is    munfikhu 'r-ruh fi ajsadi 'l-kalimat.      
this the same as tablet in Dawud-Riv                                                  
48-49 (which is not the same as TB 234-5?                                             

83 Lawh-i-Ibn-i-Dhib (Epistle to Son of    84 Lawh-i-Ibrahim.  MA8 172-3.             
the Wolf), Akka.  LID.  trans. as ESW,     Gleanings XXXIII, XXXVIII. The lacunae     
Shoghi Effendi 1941.                       after 'created things' in the latter is    
                                           a mistake.                                 

85 Lawh-i-Ishqabad (Tablet regarding       86 Lawh-i-Ishraqat - see Ishraqat.         
events in Ishqabad) about 1890.  Rosen2                                               
p. 250.  see also Lawh-i-Karim.                                                       

87 Lawh-i-Ittihad (Tablet of Unity),       88 Lawh-i-Jamal (Tablet to Aqa             
Akka.  AHM 388-406.  Draft trans. by       Jamal-i-Burujirdi, Tablet of Beauty),      
Shahrokh Monjazeb at 1985 ABS meeting in   Akka.  IQT 218-231.  Section translated    
San Francisco.                             in Gleanings V (IQT 220-2); trans. by      
                                           Khazah Fananapazir BSB 5:1-2, 4-12.        

89 Lawh-i-Jawhar-i-hamd.  INBA.Xerox       90 Lawh-i-Johanna (titles?).  Leiden Ms    
coll. (=INBAMC), Vol.35, 161-8.            Or 6131, collection of letters to          
                                           Johanna Dawud (?from 'Abdu'l-Baha?) May    
                                           be the Mss of some of the tablets          
                                           included in Dawud-Riv, several of which    
                                           bear the name Dawud in the first line.     

91 Lawh-i-Jud (Tablet of Jud).             92 Lawh-i-Karim (Tablet for Karim (the     
Translated in TB 240-3.                    Noble)), Akka.  AQA1 365-366; presumably   
                                           same as the Lawh-i-Abdul-Karim of          
                                           Ishqabad in Rosen2 248-9. See also         
                                           Lawh-i-Muhammad Karim-i-'Attar.            

93 Lawh-i-Karmil (Tablet of Carmel),       94 Lawh-i-Khadijih-Bagum.  AQA4(i)         
Akka.  MaA 1-2.  Translated in Gleanings   339-341 (incomp.?). Source of the tablet   
XI, TB 1.                                  of visitation; there are many tablets      
                                           for her (TahRB2 387).                      

95 Lawh-i-Kheirella, (Tablet to            96 Lawh-i-Khalil (Tablet to Jinab-Khalil   
Kheirella).  In Kheirella and MacNutt,     (the friend)), Edirne.  AQA1 65-68         
Beha 'u'llah (1900), page 544, with        (incomplete).  Phrase translated in GPB    
trans. p 545.                              242; trans. by Stephen Lambden, BSB 4:1,   
                                           33-79. Discussed TahRB2 259-262.           
                                           Addressee is Haji Muhammad                 

97 Lawh-i-Khutba (the marriage homily).    98 Lawh-i-Kuchik (Tablet of the child)     
Amr4 157-8; T&T 205-6  Translated Baha'i   ?early/mid Baghdad or late Akka?.          
Prayers (Wilmette, 1973) 186-7.            Nafahat'l-Quds compilation of the          
                                           Writings in the handwriting of the Hand    
                                           of the Cause Mr. Samandari. See article    
                                           by Nosratu'llah Muhammad-Huseini, in       
                                           "Payam-i-Baha'i" November 1995. Trans. J   
                                           Walbridge posted Talisman March 1996.      

99 Lawh-i-Kullu't-Ta'am (Tablet of All     100 Lawh-i-Laylatu'l-Quds I (Tablet of     
Food), Baghdad probably late 1853,         the Sacred Night I). Edirne, possibly      
certainly before April 1854.  A good       earlier.  Extracts in Gleanings CXLVII.    
text in INBA 36:268-277; MA4 265-276 (or   Mentioned TahRB2 164, discussed 188.       
is it 260-70?) said to be 'inadequate';    Addressee Darvish Sidq-'Ali.               
RM2 416-426 (slightly better).  Arabic.                                               
Partial transl Shoghi Effendi in GPB                                                  
116. Transl. Stephen Lambden, BSB 3:1                                                 
(June 1984):4-67, posted Talisman 96;                                                 
comment in TahRB1 55. An esoteric                                                     
commentary on Qur'an 3:87, and against                                                
antinomian tendencies in Babi community.                                              

101 Lawh-i-Laylatu'l-Quds II (Tablet of    102 Lawh-i-Layla-yi-mab'ath.  AyT          
the Sacred Night II): Akka T&T 174-181.    180-83.  'Rituals' 64 says this is         
Trans. by Juan Cole with commentary        intended to be recited on the              
posted Talisman Aug. 95 and at WebCole.    anniversary of the declaration of the      

103 Lawh Madinatu'r-Rida (The City of      104 Lawh-i-Madinatu'l-Tawhid (The City     
Radiant Acquiescence), Baghdad.            of Unity), late Baghdad (or later?)        
Published in AQA4 (first edition)          AQA4 313-329; MA4 313-29.  Section         
135-149: in the second edition (AQA4(i))   trans. in Gleanings XXIV. English title    
it is listed among the tablets removed     and dating by Shoghi Effendi in GPB 138;   
because no reliable Ms could be found.     circumstances and discussion TahRB1        
Arabic. Trans. by Juan Cole posted         109-119; unpublished study (transl?) by    
H-Bahai 3 April 97. Circumstances and      Steve Lambden (not sighted). Addressee     
description in TahRB1 108.                 Shaykh Salman.                             

105 Lawh-i-Mahdi (? title).  Leiden Ms     106 Lawh-i-Malikih (Tablet to Queen        
Or 4971 item 7b.                           Victoria), Akka.  AQA1 61-66; Alw-Braz     
                                           131-141 (and reprod. in BSB 7:3-4,         
                                           11-21); Leiden Ms Or 4970 item 4;          
                                           partially in Rosen2 p. 147-8.  Arabic.     
                                           Trans. in Baha'i Scriptures 111-115;       
                                           sections transl. PDC 25-26 and identical   
                                           in Gleanings CXIX, PDC 34-36 corresponds   
                                           to ESW 59-62 (minor variations), ESW       
                                           63-4, part of Gleanings CXX (beginning     
                                           "We behold it"); PB 33-35; by Shahrokh     
                                           Monjazeb BSB 7:3-4; by Browne in (?).      
                                           Browne's trans. also published in          
                                           Kheirella and McNutt 1900. Discussed       
                                           TahRB3 123-132.                            

107 Lawh-i-Malik-i-Rus (Tablet to Czar     108 Lawh-i-Mallahu'l-Quds (Tablet of       
Alexander II of Russia), Akka.  AQA1       Holy Mariner), Bgd.  AQA4 335-341; ?MA4    
57-61; Alw-Braz 121-128.  Arabic. Trans.   335-41?. Photographic reproduction in      
in PB 27-30, PDC 32; by E.G. Brown in      frontispiece of TahRB1.  Arabic and        
(?), also printed in Kheirella and         Persian sections.   Arabic section         
McNutt 1900. Discussed TahRB3 118-123.     trans. Shoghi Effendi and published in     
                                           many sources, including Prayers for        
                                           Special Occasions (=Baha'i Prayers,        
                                           British) 51-7; 'Rituals' 127-8. Earlier    
                                           trans. in Star of the West, vol. 13, no.   
                                           4, pp. 75-77 contains misprints.           
                                           Persian section: draft trans. by           
                                           Shahroakh Monjazeb at 1996 ABS             
                                           Edmonton(?). Discussion in TahRB1          
                                           228-244 with full trans. of Arabic         

109 Lawh-i-Malmiri (Tablet for Haji        110 Lawh-i-Manikji-Sahib (Tablet of        
Muhammad Tahir-i-Malmiri).  TahRB1         Manikji-Sahib), Akka.  MaM 259-267.        
facing page 142 - photographic             Translated Juan Cole (forthcoming in       
reproduction of original in hand of        Abha).                                     

111 Lawh-i-Maqsud (Tablet of Maqsud,       112 Lawh-i-Maryam Ak1 (Tablet to M. from   
Tablet of the Goal), Akka, Dec. 31 1881    Akka), Akka.  AyT 366-371; RM2 430-435.    
(JC).  MaA 95-111; Lawh-i Maqsud, Egypt,                                              
1920, 33 pages; Rosen2 Ms249.  Persian.                                               
Translated in Gleanings CX, CXII, CXVII,                                              
CXXII; TB 159-178.                                                                    

113 Lawh-i-Maryam B1 (Tablet to Maryam     114 Lawh-i-Mawlud (Tablet for Birth of     
from Baghdad).  TahRB1 gives a short       the Bab), Akka.  AyT 12-15  Apparantly     
extract, cited from the Chosen Highway     trans. at TB 233-4; 'Rituals' 64 says      
p. 45.  There were several tablets known   this is intended for the evening           
as Alwah-i-Maryam. One of them in INBA     [before?] the birth of the Bab.            
28. Part of one apparently sent from                                                  
Baghdad is translated by Browne in                                                    
Materials p. 8. Addressee and                                                         
circumstances see TahRB1 13. See also                                                 

115 Lawh-i-Mazzah (title?) (Tablet of      116 Lawh-i-Mihdi.  Apparently published    
the Humourist).  Arabic. Begins: "In My    in AQA4-first edition, since in the        
Name, the Humourist". Mentioned in memo    second edition (AQA4(i)) it is listed      
of the Research dept of 12 Jan 1997,       among the tablets removed because no       
which gives no source but says "the        reliable Ms could be found.                
Tablet does not contain a humorous                                                    
anecdote. Rather, it is a serious                                                     
mystical poem, revealed in the form of a                                              
prayer. The text does not illuminate the                                              
reference to the "Humourist". It is,                                                  
however, interesting to note that, while                                              
dealing with an exalted theme, the                                                    
language of expression is, unexpectedly,                                              
that of the common people -- light,                                                   
simple, and even colloquial.".                                                        

117 Lawh-i-Mirza Abu'l-Fadl, in AQA7, is   118 Lawh-i-Mubahilih I (Tablet of          
the Lawh-i- Manikji-Sahib                  Confrontation I), Edirne.  MA4 277-281.    
                                           Mentioned GPB 166-7.                       

119 Lawh-i-Mubahilih II (Tablet of         120 Lawh-i-Muhammad (Tablet to a Persian   
Confrntatn. II), Edirne.  Mentioned GPB    Mystic) ?  Dawud-Riv xxviii (page with     
166-7, a letter to Siyyid Muhammad         seal, in handwriting of 'Abdu'l-Baha)      
written after the Muhahilih, with seal     Dawud-Riv 45-48.                           
of Baha'u'llah. In the papers of Nabil?.                                              

121 Lawh-i-Muhammad-'Ali.  Trans. in       122 Lawh-i-Muhammad Husayn (Tablet to M.   
Gleanings CXLII. Identification of         Husayn).  Translated in TB 250-1.          
addressee as Muhammad-'Ali based on                                                   
Taherzadeh 2:117. Could be Haji Mirza                                                 
Muhammad-'Ali, the Bab's cousin?.                                                     

123 Lawh-i-Muhammad Karim-i-'Attar,        124 Lawh-i-Mulla 'Ali Bajistani, 12        
(Tablet for Muhammad Karim).  MA4 366.     Jumada II 1293 / 6 June 1876.  MA7         
Contains a prayer to be said after         254-255.   Passage regarding the           
disturbed dreams. This is translated in    revelation of the Lawh-i-Fu'ad             
'Rituals' 123.                             translated J Cole in commentary on         

125 Lawh-i-Nabil-i-A'zam.  Trans.          126 Lawh-i-Napulyun (First Tablet to       
Gleanings CXXXIX. Mentioned TahRB3 26-7.   Napoleon III), Edirne, after separation.   
GPB 174 mentions a tablet addressed to     unpublished.  Mentioned GPB 170, 171.      
Nabil, revealed in Edirne after the                                                   
separation, but from the description                                                  
there it is not certain that this is the                                              
Tablet translated in Gleanings CXXXIX.                                                

127 Lawh-i-Napulyun II (2d Tab. Napoleon   128 Lawh-i-Nasir (Tablet of Nasir (the     
III), Akka 1869.  AQA1 47-57; Alw-Braz     defender) of Qazvini), Edirne, after       
95-117; KHay; one of the tablets to        separation.  MaM 166-202.  Mainly          
Napoleon is in Leiden Or Ms 4970 item 5;   Persian. Sections trans. in Gleanings      
one tablet to Napoleon in Rosen2 Ms247     LIII (MaM 170), LXXV. Sentence(s?)         
item 2.  Trans. PB 17-23 based on          quoted GPB 169. Discussed TahRB2           
self-citation ESW 46ff, omitting two       245-259. Addressee is Haji                 
paragraphs ESW 52-3 beginning "And if      Muhammad-Nasir of Qazvin. There is also    
anyone ask them:" and another 2            a tablet to Nasir (= Hajji 'Abbas),        
paragraphs ESW 54-55 beginning "Doth it    recorded in Mirza Jawad's historical       
behoove you to relate yourselves.." The    epitome, transl. E. G. Brown in            
first of these may not be from the         Materials for the Study of the Babi        
Tablet to Napoleon, although the form      Religion pp 53-4).                         
implies it is. The latter has a close                                                 
parallel in Gleanings CXXVIII                                                         
(Suriy-i-Bayan). The section trans. in                                                
PDC 28-30 is extracts from the text                                                   
trans. in PB 17-23, with minor                                                        
variations, but PDC 29 has one paragraph                                              
beginning "Abandon thy palaces" which is                                              
is not in PB. A section included in ESW                                               
49-50 as part of this tablet is                                                       
separately presented in PB 95-6 with                                                  
numerous significant trans. differences                                               
some affecting content. Section trans.                                                
Gleanings CLVIII. French trans. by                                                    
Dreyfus (published?). The French trans.                                               
by Louis Catafago may be in Paris State                                               
Archives. Discussed TahRB3 110-115, who                                               
mentions sections on the festivals of                                                 
Ridvan and of the Declaration of the                                                  
Bab, the twin birthdays, and the law of                                               

129 Lawh-i-Nasir al-Din Shah see           130 Lawh-i-Naqus (Tablet of Bell): see     
Lawh-i-Sultan.                             Subhanika- Ya-Ha.                          

131 Lawh-i-Nikah, (Marriage tablet).       132 Lawh-i-Nuqtih (Tablet of the Point),   
Amr4 157; GanHud 172.  Trans. 'Rituals'    Edirne, before separation.  unpublished.   
62, said to be almost identical to         Mentioned GPB 169.                         
passage from Su'al wa jawab qv. See also                                              

133 Lawh-i-Panj Kanz. Late Baghdad.        134 Lawh-i-Pap (Tablet to Pope Pius IX),   
Published in late 60s in Ahang-i-Badi'.    Akka around 1869.  AQA1 38-46; Alw-Braz    
Persian.                                   73-90; Leiden Ms Or 4970 item 2; Rosen 2   
                                           Ms 247 item 2.  Arabic. Trans. PB 83-6;    
                                           by E. G. Browne in (?). Also printed in    
                                           Kheirella and McNutt 1900. Discussed PDC   
                                           55-56; TahRB3 116-118.                     

135 Lawh-i-Pedar-Badi' see                 136 Lawh-i-Pesar-'Amm (Tablet to the       
Lawh-i-Aba-Badi'                           Cousin), Akka.  IQT 174-182.               

137 Lawh-i-Pesar-Dhabih.  TahRB2 413       138 Lawh-i-Qina' (Tablet of the Veil),     
mentions a tablet addressed to             Akka.  MaM 67-87; IQT ???  Mentioned       
Ghulam-'Ali, the son of Dhabih.            TahRB1 334, AA4 519. The section in        
                                           which Baha'u'llah comments on Shaykh       
                                           Ahmad's prophecies (the mystery of         
                                           reversal) is printed in MaM 85-86 and      
                                           transl. with commentary in 'Rituals'       
                                           147-152. Addressee is the Shaykhi leader   
                                           Haji Mirza Karim Khan.                     

139 Lawh-i-Quds (Tablet of Holiness).      140 Lawh-i-Rad'ar-Ruh (Tablet to           
AQA4(i) 325-327.                           Unpublished.  Described TahRB3 7-10.       

141 Lawh-i-Rafi' (Tablet of Elevation).    142 Lawh-i-Rasull (Tablet of the           
                                           Prophet), Akka.                            

143 Lawh-i-Ra'is I (?) Istanbul.  TahRB2   144 Lawh-i-Ra'is (Arabic), see             
58 describes a long tablet 'severely       Suriy-i-Ra'is.                             
condemnatory in tone', which was                                                      
delivered via Shamsi Big for 'Ali Pasha                                               
before Baha'u'llah left Istanbul. The                                                 
opening was addressed to the Sultan. The                                              
text may be in the Ottoman Archives.                                                  

145 Lawh-i-Ra'is II (Tablet to 'Ali        146 Lawh-i-Raqsha (Tablet of the           
Pasha), Akka.  MaM 102-116.  Persian.      She-serpent), Akka.  MA4 107-108           
Discussed TahRB3 34, 36-7.                 (incomp.).                                 

147 Lawh-i-Rida'  MA1 77-78; MaM           148 Lawh-i-Ridvan I (Qad ata               
333-334.  Gleanings XXXII.                 Rabi'u'l-Bayan) Tablet of Ridvan           
                                           (Baghdad, at Ridvan? TahRB2 397 lists      
                                           one of these as Edirne).  AyT 254-61,      
                                           section cited in another tablet MA7 186.   
                                           Dialogue form. Translated completely in    
                                           Gleanings XIV. Discussed 'Sacred' 239-40.  

149 Lawh-i-Ridvan II.  Arabic, beginning   150 Lawh-i-Ridvan III, Akka, prob. 9th     
'Huwa 'l-Mustawi 'ala hadha                day Ridvan 1869.  AyT 313.  Discussed      
'l-'arshi'l-munir' 'He is seated upon      TahRB3 53-57.                              
this luminous throne'. Refrain after                                                  
each verse: 'Glad tidings! This is the                                                
Festival of God, manifest from the                                                    
horizon of transcendent bounty'.                                                      
Mentioned 'Sacred' 239. One of the                                                    
Tablets of Ridvan is mentioned in GPB                                                 
169 as revealed in Edirne before the                                                  

151 Lawh-i-Ridvan - see also Fa lamma      152 Lawhu'r-Ruh, Lawh-i-Ruh (Tablet of     
akhadha farahu'llah kulla ma siwahu.       the Spirit), Edirne, before separation.    
                                           AQA4(i) 123-154; AQA4(rev) 150-200.        
                                           Arabic. Mentioned GPB 169; discussed       
                                           TahRB2 181-.                               

153 Lawh-i-Ru'ya (Tablet of Vision),       154 Lawh-i-Sahab (Tablet of the Cloud),    
Akka (1 Muharram 1290 / 1 March 1873).     Akka.  Leiden Ms Or 4970 item 10; MA4      
AyT 16-20.  Trans. posted Juan Cole        168.  Gleanings LX.                        
Talisman 8/96; for the anniversary of                                                 
the birth of the Bab.                                                                 

155 Lawh-i-Salat, Salat-i-Thalath          156 Lawh-i-Salat-i-mayyit (obligatory      
(Tablet of Daily Obligatory Prayer)        prayer for the Dead).  Amr4 203; GanHud    
Akka?  AHM 68-84; GanHud; Salat; T&T;      138-9; T&T 239-41 and corrections 241.     
A&K4.  Translated in various Baha'i        PM CLXXVII and numerous prayerbooks.       
Prayer books.  Trans. PM CLXXXI; PM                                                   
CLXXXII; PM CLXXXIII. 'Rituals' 39 and                                                
82 (n10) says the AHM edition is not                                                  
entirely reliable, in particular that                                                 
the short prayer is incomplete, yet it                                                
is the incomplete version which has been                                              
trans. into English in many prayer books                                              
and in PM CLXXXI. The versions in GanHud                                              
24, Salat 14 and T&T 21-2 are complete.                                               
NB An early tablet with obligatory                                                    
prayers was lost. This is the second                                                  
tablet, with the prayers now in use.                                                  

157 Lawh-i-Salman I (Tablet of Salman      158 Lawh-i-Salman II (Tablet of Salman     
I), Edirne.  MaM 128-160.  Mainly          II), Akka, early in imprisonment.  MaM     
Persian. Paragraphs translated PDC 72,     124-128.  Trans. posted Juan Cole, Irfan   
Gleanings XXI (MaM 144-5), Gleanings       9/96. Discussed TahRB3 25-.                
CXLVIII, CLIV. Trans. by J. Cole posted                                               
H-Bahai 3/97.  Mentioned TahRB2 263-4,                                                
TahRB3 89, described TahRB2 283-90.                                                   
Subject of a paper by J Cole, Second                                                  
Irfan Mysticism Conference, February                                                  

159 Lawh-i-Salman (Commentary on a verse   160 Lawh-i-Samsun (Tablet of Samsun),      
by Rumi) Late Edirne, after separation.    SA.  Same as Lawh-i-hawdaj.                
MaMat 128-160.                                                                        

161 Lawh-i-Sayyah (Tablet of Sayyah (the   162 Lawh-i-Shahr-i-Tihran (? title)        
Traveller)), Edirne, before separation.    (Tablet of the city of Tehran), Akka       
Gan 80-81 (incomp.).  Sentence             AQA2   Translated Gleanings LXIII          
translated in GPB 182. Mentioned GPB       (partial? covers AQA2 87-88). Mentioned    

169; TahRB2 210-215, TahRB3 13.            TahRB1 48. Begins: Bismi 'l-mazlum         
Addressee is Mulla Adi-Guzal, entitled     al-zahir fi 'l-sijn al-a'zam.              
Sayyah by the Bab.                                                                    

163 Lawh-i-Shaykh Abdu'l-Husayn            164 Lawh-i-Shaykh-i-Fani (Tablet to        
[Tihrani] (Tablet to   Leiden Ms Or 4970   Shaykh-i-Fani), Akka.                      
item 9.                                                                               

165 Lawh-i-Siraj (Tablet for Siraj)        166 Lawh-i-Siyyid-i-Mihdiy-i-Dahaji I      
Edirne.  INBA 76 (?); MA7 (Page            (Tablet of Siyyid-i- Mihdiy-i-Dahaji I).   
references range from 18 to 92 but these   AlA-Be 163-8.  Translated in TB 193-202.   
are not necessarily the first and last                                                
pages of this tablet).  A long tablet.                                                
Sections trans. in Gleanings L (MA7                                                   
57-8), XCVII (MA7 18). Two sentences                                                  
trans. GPB 169 (etext). Discussed TahRB2                                              
262-3, 268-9, TahRB3 89. According to                                                 
'Rituals' 86 (n108) refers to several                                                 
Hajj tablets. Addressee is                                                            
'Ali-Muhammad-i-Siraj of Isfahan.                                                     

167 Lawh-i-Siyyid-i-Mihdiy-i-Dahaji II     168 Lawh-i Siyyid Muhammad ibn Vahid.      
(Tablet of Siyyid-i- Mihdiy-i-Dahaji       AQA4(i) 358-359.                           
II).  MA8 40.  Section translated in GPB                                              

169 Lawh-i-Sultan, (Tablet to the King     170 Lawh-i-Tal'at'l-Hub (Tablet of         
of Persia, to   AQA1 66-96; Alw-Braz       Countenance of Love).  Apparently          
145-201; Leiden Ms Or 4970 item 6 or 7;    published in AQA4-first edition, since     
Rosen2 195-216 (with numerous glosses);    in the second edition (AQA4(i)) it is      
Lawh-i-Mubarak-i-Sultan-i-Iran (with       listed among the tablets removed because   
notes by Azizullah Sulaymani), 132 BE,     no reliable Ms could be found.        
and repr. India, 158 pages. Another             
edition not sighted publ. Egypt 1940.                 
According to a letter from Mirza Sa'id                     
Khan to Mirza Husayn Khan, the original                                               
of this Tablet was sent to the latter,                                                
so it may be in Ottoman archives.          171 Lawh-i-Tawhid (Tablet of Unity), Akka.      
Arabic and Persian, long. Sections         MaM 307-315.  Part translated in           
trans. PB 57-60; PDC 39-41, 44, 72;        Gleanings XXVI (Ma 307-11).                
self-citations in ESW 11, 39. Full text                                               
trans. by Browne in Traveller's                                                       
Narrative, 112ff and in the appendix                                                  
beginning 390. The appendix translates                                                
the portions of the tablet which are not                                              
cited by 'Abdu'l-Baha in the version of                                               
TN which Browne had. But in the Persian                                               
edition of TN 'Abdu'l-Baha cites the                                                  
whole tablet (?). Browne indicates                                                    
variant readings, but the Sulaymani                                                   
edition has significant phrases missing                                               
in TN. Rosen2 192 also gives                                                          
Baha'u'llah's instructions to Badi', and                                              
describes the Mss (part of Ms247) in St                                               
Petersburg. These instructions and the                                                
excordium not cited in TN are produced                                                
in Browne's edition of TN 390f, with the                                              
Persian of the instructions. Browne's                                                 
trans. of the instructions reprinted in                                               
Balyuzi, Baha'u'llah King of Glory 299                                                
and TahRB3 176. Part of the Arabic                                                    
exordium also trans. in ESW 11, 39, and                                               
PB 57f, with only minor differences in                                                
translation.  Mentioned GPB 170, 171-2;                                               
discussed in Browne, The Babis of                                                     
Persia, their Literature and Doctrines,                                               
JRAS XXI 958-60; TahRB2 337-40, 346-57,                                               
TahRB3 109, 174-                                                                      

172 Lawh-i-Tibb (Tablet of Medicine),      173 Lawh-i-Tuqa (Tablet of Virtue), Edn,   
Akka.  MaM 222-226 (reproduced BSB         before separation.  unpublished.           
6:4-7:2 25-29).  Arabic-Persian, early     Mentioned GPB 169.                         
1870s. Trans. by Khazeh Fananapazir &                                                 
Stephen Lambden BSB 6:4-7:2 (October                                                  
1992) 18-65. Discussed TahRB3 358-360.                                                

174 Lawh-i-ulama-i-Manshad (Tablet to      175 Lawh-i-Umm-i-'Attar (Tablet for the    
the ulama of Manshad) Akka.                Mother of 'Attar).  MA4 365.  Mentioned    
unpublished.  Part of last section         TahRB2 127.                                
trans. in PM CLIII. Discussed TahRB3                                                  
44-46 (gives text of question posed by                                                
the ulama).                                                                           

176 Lawh-i-Ustad Muhammad Salmani (?).     177 Lawh-i-Varqa (Tablet to Varqa) Ak.     
Source of Gleanings III.                   Unpublished.  According to the BWC, this   
                                           tablet, of some 40 pages, appears to       
                                           have been revealed over a period of more   
                                           than a month and bears on its final page   
                                           the date 19 Muharram 1303 A.H. (29         
                                           October 1885).                             

178 Lawh-i-Yusuf (Tablet of Joseph),       179 Lawh-i-Zaynu'l-Muqarrabin I (Tablet    
Akka.  Unpublished.                        to Z.-M.), ?  MaM 337-338.                 

180 Lawh-i-Zaynu'l-Muqarrabin II (Tablet   181 Mathnaviy-i-Mubarak, Istanbul.  AQA3   
to Z.-M.), Akka Unpublished                160-192; MA4; INBA30.  Persian, 300        
                                           lines. Discussed en passant in TahRB2      

182 Munajathay-i-Siyam (Prayers for        183 Musibat-i-Hurufat.  Mentioned GPB      
Fasting), Edirne, after separation.  T&T   139. Compare Hurufat-i-'aliyyat.           
22-76.  Mentioned GPB 170.                                                            

184 Qad-Ihtaraqa'l-Mukhlisun (The Fire     185 Qad nuzzila fi al-Kitab al-Aqdas (on   
Tablet), Akka.  T&T 219-224; AHM 169-79;   arabic language)  Gan 210-213 and Naf      
INBA30; published separately as            5-8.   Mainly Persian, trans. in BSB       
Qad-Ihtaraqa'l-Mukhlisun, London, 1980.    4:3-4 (April 1990), 28ff.                  
Trans. 'Rituals' 134-7; Addressee is                                                  
Haji Siyyid 'Ali-Akbar-i-Dahaji.                                                      

186 Qasidiy-i-Varqa’iyyih (Ode of Dove),   187 Rashh-i-'Ama (Sprinkling of the        
Sulaymaniyyih.  AQA3 196-215; MA4          Cloud of Unknowing), Tehran 1853/3.        
197-209.  Arabic, with Persian notes by    M4:184-6; INBAMC 36:460-1.  Persian,       
Baha'u'llah. Short extract transl.         trans. & commentary Stephen Lambden BSB    
Shoghi Effendi GPB 116. Trans. by Denis    3:2 September 1984; brief commentary in    
MacEoin, BSB 2:2, & comments 2:3, 2:4;     TahRB1 45.                                 
by Juan Cole posted Talisman 95, revised                                              
96, also at WebCole. Circumstances see                                                
GPB 123-, TahRB1 62.                                                                  

188 Risaliy-i-Khal (Epistle to the         189 Risalih-'i Su'al va Javab (Epistle     
Uncle), early name for the Kitab-i-Iqan.   of Questions and Answers), Akka.  INBA     
                                           63, 40 pp.; GanHud 14; Amr4 91.  From      
                                           the discussion of contents in 'Rituals',   
                                           this appears to be the Questions and       
                                           Answers relating to the Aqdas (English     
                                           trans. see Kitab-i-Aqdas), but it          
                                           appears that the present 'Q&A' is a        
                                           selection or edition of the total          
                                           material bearing this name, since          
                                           'Rituals' p 88 n181 says that the          
                                           Lawh-i-nikah is almost identical to a      
                                           passage from the Su'al va Javab, but the   
                                           present Q&A does not contain a text        
                                           comparable to the trans. in 'Rituals' 62.  

190 Ridvanu'l-Adl (Ridvan al-'adl) (The    191 Ridvanu'l-Iqrar (The Garden of         
Garden of Justice), Edirne.  AQA4(i)       Confession), Edirne.  AQA4(i) 180-192;     
245-258; AQA4(rev) 299-319; MA4.           AQA4(rev) 42-60.                           
Sections trans. in Gleanings XII,                                                     
LXXXVIII, sentence in PDC 73; trans. by                                               
Juan Cole, Talisman 2/96.                                                             

192 Sahifiy-i-Maknunih Fatimiyya ("The     193 Sahifih-'i-Shattiyyih (Book of the      
Hidden Book of Fatima"), early title of    Tigris, Book of the River), Baghdad        
Kalimat-i-Makninih.                        (1857?).  MA4 142-149; RM1 349-357.        
                                           Persian, with Arabic citations. Trans.     
                                           by Juan Cole posted H-Bahai 5/97.          
                                           Mentioned GPB 139; Discussion TahRB1       

194 Salat-i-Hajat (Prayer for Need),       195 Salat-i-Mayyit (Prayer for the         
Akka?   A&K4.                              Dead), Akka.                               

196 Salat-i-Mulud (Prayer for the Newly    197 Salat-i-Thalath see lawh-i-salat.      
Born), Akka?.  A&K4.                                                                  

198 Saqi-Az-Ghayb-i-Baqa (Cupbearer from   199 Shikkar-Shikan-Shavand, (Sweet         
the Invisible Eternity), Sulaymaniyyah.    Scented Being) Baghdad (?title).  DiD      
Persian. Two lines quoted in TahRB2 141,   147-153; INBA30.  Persian. First half      
dated in DB 137. Brief description in      trans. in "The Baha'i World", vol 18, p    
TahRB1 64.                                 11 (by Habib Taherzadeh?). Draft trans.    
                                           by Shahrokh Monjazeb at 1984 ABS meeting   
                                           in Boston. Addressee Mirza Sa'id Khan,     
                                           although Taherzadeh says it was Siyyid     
                                           Husayn-i-Mutivvaly-i-Qumi. Ishraq-         
                                           Khavari and Muhammad-Ali Faizi consider    
                                           this was the tablet referred to in the     
                                           Tablet to the Shah, cited in Traveller's   
                                           Narrative p 110 of Browne's trans., p 62   
                                           of the etext, but the content does not     
                                           seem to match. Discussed TahRB1 147-9.     

200 Subhana-Rabbiya'l-A'la (Praise to      201 Subhanaka-Ya-Hu (Praised be Thou, O    
the Exalted Lord), Baghdad.  Gan 61-64.    He!), also known as the Lawh-i-Naqus       
Arabic. A Maiden tablet. Addressee Haji    (Tablet of the Bell), Istanbul. 18 Oct     
Mirza Musay-i-Javahiri, known as           1863.  AyT 100-106; AHM 141-53.            
Harf-i-Baqa. Discussion in TahRB1 211.     Discussed TahRB2 18. Trans. Rituals        
                                           169-172; section trans. BW14 632. Title    
                                           refers to a constantly repeated refrain    
                                           of "Subhanika Ya Hu". Addressee is Aqa     
                                           i. 'Composed in a style that lends         
                                           itself to collective chanting'.            
                                           'Rituals' 64 says this is intended for     
                                           the anniversary of the declaration of      
                                           the Bab.                                   

202 Suratu'llah (Surah of God), Edirne.    203 Suriy-i-Ahzan (Surah of Sorrows),      
AQA4(i) 68-72 reproduced in BSB 6:4-7:2    Edirne (Late Edirne/Edirne period, Sept.   
12-16; AQA4(rev) 16-23; IQT 105-116        1867 - summer 1868).  AQA4(i) 221-235;     
(facs. of Ms Mishkin-Qalam, Rajab A.H.     AQA4(rev) 75-98.  Trans. by Juan Cole      
1310/January 1893); MA7 140-147;           posted in two parts Talisman 5/96, Irfan   
Tuman3:6 61-4; Leiden Ms Or. 4971,         10/96 and at WebCole.                      
section 7, item 1.  Arabic. Trans. with                                               
notes and dating Juan Cole BSB 6:4-7:2                                                
4-17; idem at WebCole. Discussion in                                                  
TahRB1 245 (where it is dated in last                                                 
days of Baghdad period).                                                              

204 Suriy-i-Amin (Tablet of Trustee),      205 Suriy-i-Amr (Surih of Command),        
Akka.  AQA1 170-173; AQA4(i) 320-323;      Edirne, before separation (early 1866      
Leiden Ms Or 4970 item 11.                 /late 1865?).  Unpublished, but            
                                           photographic reproduction of the first     
                                           page, in Baha'u'llah's hand, in TahRB2     
                                           frontispiece. Mentioned GPB 164, 168;      
                                           discussed TahRB2 161-2; Mirza Jawad in     
                                           Browne Materials 21 (as Lawhu'l-Amr);      
                                           Browne dates it 1863.                      

206 Suriy-i-A'rab (Surih of the            207 Suriy-i-Ashab (Surih of the            
Arabians).  AQA4(i) 215-220; AQA4(rev)     Companions), Edirne, before separation     
61-69.                                     (JC: about Winter 1866).  AQA1 149-154;    
                                           AQA4(i) 1-22; AQA4(rev) 205-239.           
                                           Arabic. Short passage trans. in WOB        
                                           108-9; introduction and trans. by Juan     
                                           Cole BSB 5:3-6:1, 4-74, short passage      
                                           posted Talisman 1/97; mentioned GPB 169;   
                                           TahRB1 286 and discussed more fully in     
                                           TahRB2 65-106. Principal addressee is      
                                           'Habib': in TahRB1 identified with         

208 Suriy-i-Asma' (Tablet of Names).       209 Suriy-i-Bayan (Tablet of the           
                                           Utterance), Akka (TahRB2 397: Edirne).     
                                           AQA4(i) 108-123; AQA4(rev) 392-417.        
                                           Sections translated in Gleanings           
                                           CXXVIII, CXXIX.                            

210 Suriy-i-Dam (Surat al-damm) (Tablet    211 Suriy-i-Dhabih I (Tablet of the        
of Blood), Edirne, before separation.      Sacrifice I), Edirne.  AQA4(i) 100-107;    
AQA4(i) 59-67; AQA4(rev) 1-15.  Arabic.    AQA4(rev) 29-41.  Trans. Juan Cole         
Sections trans. Gleanings XXXIX (AQA4(i)   posted Talisman 21/4/96 (dates it          
64-5); trans. and literary analysis of     1866/7).                                   
passages by Juan Cole publ. Poetics                                                   
Today; Trans. by Juan Cole posted                                                     
Talisman Jan 96 with commentary;                                                      
sentence trans. WOB 139. Mentioned GPB                                                
169; discussed TahRB2 236-240. Addressee                                              
is Nabil-i-A'zam.                                                                     

212 Suriy-i-Dhabih II (Tablet of the       213 Suriy-i-Dhikr (Tablet of               
Sacrifice II), Akka (early Akka).  IQT     Remembrance), Baghdad.  AQA4(i) 236-245;   
323-328  Translated in Gleanings, CXV,     AQA4(rev) 108-122.                         
pp 240-46.                                                                            

214 Suriy-i-Fadl (Tablet of Mercy).        215 Suriy-i-Fath (Tablet of Conquest).     

216 Suriy-i-Fu'ad (Tablet to Fu'ad         217 Suriy-i-Ghusn (Tablet of the           
Pasha), Akka.  AQA1 176-179.  Is this      Branch), Edirne, after separation.         
the same as the Lawh-i-Fu'ad (Akka)        AQA4(i) 331-335; AQA4(rev) 424-430; MA4    
mentioned TahRB2 375?.                     115-119.  Arabic. Extracts in WOB          
                                           134-135. Some verses explained by          
                                           'Abdu'l-Baha in a tablet to Haji Mirza     
                                           Haydar-'Ali, part of which is trans. in    
                                           WOB 238. Discussed TahRB2 388-9.           
                                           Addressee is Mirza                         
                                           'Ali-Riday-i-Mustawfi. Mentioned GPB       
                                           177, phrases trans. GPB 242. WOB 135-6     
                                           (1980 edn) mentions and translates         
                                           extracts from at least 5 other tablets     
                                           and prayers of Baha'u'llah for             
                                           'Abdu'l-Baha, of which one was written     
                                           while 'Abdu'l-Baha was in Beirut. GPB      
                                           242 mentions another tablet written in     
                                           Edirne regarding 'Abdu'l-Baha, but         
                                           addressed to Haji Muhammad                 

218 Suriy-i-Hajj I (Tablet of Pilgrimage   219 Suriy-i-Hajj II (Tablet of             
I - Shiraz), Edirne, after separation      Pilgrimage II - Baghdad), Edirne, after    
AQA4(i) 75-100; Amr4 120-134 part; Gan     separation.  AQA4(i) 192-215; Amr4         
82-3 part.  Section translated in          109-120; Gan 83-4 part.  Section trans.    
'Rituals' 154-163. Described 'Rituals'     'Rituals' 163-168, mentioned TahRB2 240.   
52-3; one of these tablets is dated in     'Rituals' 86 (n116) notes textual          
GPB 169 as prior to the separation in      variants between AQA4 204f and Amr4,       
Edirne; TahRB2 240.                        without specifying. See also Lawh-i-Hajj.  

220 Suriy-i-Haykal, Suratu'l-Haykal        221 Suriy-i-Hijr (Tablet of Separation)    
(Surah of the Temple), Akka, first         (Suriy-i-Hifz, Tablet of Protection?)      
written in Edirne but revised in 'Akka,    Edirne.  AQA4(i) 72-74; AQA4(rev) 24-28.   
probably in 1869 (UHJ memo).  AQA1 2-38;   Mentioned TahRB2 397.                      
AQA4(i) 268-300; Mubin 2-38, with                                                     
numerous variations; Rosen2 Ms 247,                                                   
reproduced in full pp. 149-192; revised                                               
AQA1 (forthcoming) will deal with                                                     
differences between the 2 versions of                                                 
the tablet.  Arabic. Sections trans. by                                               
Shoghi Effendi in PDC (1961) 47-48 (end                                               
of the tablet), WOB (1955) 109-10, 117,                                               
138-39, 169 and GPB 101-2 (maiden                                                     
passage). Early trans. circulated widely                                              
in mimeo. Paragraphs trans. in 'Style'                                                
40, 62.   Discussed TahRB3 133-146.                                                   
Baha'u'llah had this tablet and those to                                              
Pius IX, Napoleon III, Alexander II and                                               
the King of Persia (Nasiri'd-Din Shah)                                                
written in the form of a pentacle (see                                                
GPB 212-3), but these are considered in                                               
this list as five separate tablets. See                                               
also Baha'i World Center, "Questions                                                  
about the Suratu'l-Haykal," unpublished                                               
memo, 5 September 1993.                                                               

222 Suriy-i-'Ibad (Tablet of the           223 Suriy-i-Ism (Tablet of the Name).      
Servants), Edirne.  AQ4(i) 23-34.                                                     
Partial translated in Gleanings XXXI                                                  
(AQ4 24-25).   Mentioned TahRB2 272.                                                  
Addressee Siyyid Mihdiy-i-Dahaji.                                                     

224 Suriy-i-Ismuna'l-Mursal (Tablet of     225 Suriy-i-Javad (Tablet of Javad),       
"Our Name, the Messenger"), Akka.          Akka.  Translated TB 237-8.                
AQA4(i) 311-317.                                                                      

226 Suriy-i-Khitab (Tablet of the          227 Suriy-i-Ma'ani (Tablet of Meanings).   

228 Suriy-i-Man' (Tablet of Prohibition).  229 Suriy-i-Muluk (Surih of the Kings),    
                                           Edirne, after separation (1867).           
                                           Alw-Braz 3-70; partially in Rosen2 p.      
                                           147-8; INBA34 Alvah-i Nazilih khitab bi    
                                           Muluk va Ru'asa-yi Ard (Tehran: MMMA,      
                                           1968); Mubin.  Arabic. Sections            
                                           translated in Gleanings LXV, LXVI,         
                                           CXIII, CXIV, CXVI, CXVIII, and PDC         
                                           20-24.   Sections are addressed to the     
                                           Kings collectively PDC 20-24, Gleanings    
                                           CXVI (same as PDC 23-24), CXVIII (same     
                                           as PDC 21-22 except that the phrase        
                                           "that the burden of your expenditures      
                                           may be lightened" is omitted on PDC 21);   
                                           to   Discussed GPB 169-74; TahRB2 61,      

230 Suriy-i-Nida (Tablet of                231 Suriy-i-Nush (Tablet of Advice),       
Proclamation), Akka.                       Baghdad.  MA4 135-136 (incomp.).           
                                           Arabic, addressee Siyyid Ja'far-i-Yazdi.   
                                           Discussed TahRB1 137-47.                   

232 Suriy-i-Qadir (Surah of the            233 Suriy-i-Qahir (Tablet of the           
Omnipotent), Cole dates Edirne (?1866?);   Powerful).                                 
Taherzadeh dates Baghdad.  AQA4(i)                                                    
317-320; AQA4(rev) 373-378.  Trans.                                                   
based on from AQA4(rev) by Juan Cole                                                  
posted Talisman/Irfan 8/96.  Discussion                                               
in TahRB1 119.                                                                        

234 Suriy-i-Qalam (Tablet of the Pen),     235 Suriy-i-Qamis (Tablet of the           
Edirne  AQA4(i) 258-267; T&T 124-139.      Garment), Edirne.  AQA4(i) 34-59;          
                                           AQA4(rev) 320-362.  Section translated     
                                           in Gleanings VII (AQA4(i) 50-51).          

236 Suriy-i-Ra'is, Surat-ar-Rais           237 Suriy-i-Sabr, Lawh-i-Ayyub,            
(Lawh-i-(Lawh-i-Ra'is II) (Tablet to       Madinatu's-Sabr (Surih or City of          
Ottoman first minister Mehmet Emin `Ali    Patience, tablet of Job), Baghdad          
Pasha), Edirne (summer of 1868, en route   (Ridvan, on 22 April 1863).  AyT           
to Gallipoli)  MaM 87-102; (Leiden Ms Or   262-304; LAnv1 379-408.  Arabic, long.     
4970 item 3?). One of the three tablets    Draft trans. are said to have been         
is in Rosen2 224-231.  Arabic. Sections    prepared by Habib Taherzadeh and S.        
trans. in Baha'i Scriptures 225,           Lambden. The first part of a draft by      
sentences in PDC 60, 72-3; GPB 177-8       Khazeh Fananapazir posted H-Bahai June     
(twice); WOB 94-5; 164. French trans. in   97. Mentioned GPB 138 ("extols Vahid and   
Beha-Ullah, "Les Preceptes du Behaisme"    his fellow-sufferers in Nayriz"); TahRB1   
trans. by Hippolyte Dreyfus & Mirza        141, described TahrRB1 263-73; 'Sacred'    
Habib-Ullah Chirazi, Paris, Editions       239. Addressee Haji                        
Ernest Leroux, 1906, 1-21 (or is this      Muhammad-Taqi-i-Nayrizi.                   
lawh-i-Ra'is III?).   Described GPB                                                   
170-172; TahRB2 411; Mirza Jawad in                                                   
Browne, Materials 29-30. Addressee is                                                 
'Ali Pasha, but revealed for Dhabih                                                   
(known as Anis).                                                                      

238 Suriy-i-Sultan (Tablet for             239 Suriy-i-Vafa (Tablet of Fidelity),     
Sultan-Abad believers), Akka.  AQA4(i)     Akka.  MaA 112-119; AQA4(i) 350-358;       
154-180.                                   AQA4(rev) 418-423.  Translated in          
                                           Gleanings LXXIX, TB 179-192.               

240 Surih-i-Ziyarat (Tablet of             241 Suriy-i-Zubur (Tablet of the Psalms).  
Visitation [for the Bab]).  AQA4(i)                                                   
242 Suriy-i-Zuhur (Tablet of               243 Tablet of Baha'u'llah-Khadimu'llah,    
Manifestation).  (inadequate?) trans. by   [suggest: Tablet of the four verses?]      
unknown translator posted Talisman Mar     Mss photostatically reproduced in INBMC    
96.  Apparently published in AQA4-first    44:225.   Persian. Partial trans. by       
edition, since in the second edition       Stephen Lambden posted Talisman 95 (?).    
(AQA4(i)) it is listed among the tablets   Apparently same as the unnamed tablet      
removed because no reliable Ms could be    discussed in TahRB1 278. Contents refer    
found.                                     to the Ridvan declaration, with four       
                                           'verses' (fiqra) abrogating jihad, no      
                                           new Manifestation for 1000 years,          
                                           manifestation of divine names in all       
                                           things (i.e., the abrogation of            
                                           uncleanliness), and being mentioned in     
                                           presence of Baha'u'llah is equivalent to   
                                           attaining. Does the                        
                                           "Baha'u'llah-Khadimu'llah" of the title    
                                           refer to Baha'u'llah as the servant of     
                                           God (which seems unlikely) or to Mirza     
                                           Aqa Jan "Khadimu'llah" Kashani, in which   
                                           case it tells us only that this tablet     
                                           is in the hand of Mirza Aqa Jan, and       
                                           'The Tablet of the four verses' might be   
                                           more informative.                          

244 Tafsir-i-Bayti az Sa'di (Commentary    245 Tafsir-i-Hu (Commentary on "He is"),   
on a Verse by Sa'di).  MA1 57-60.          Baghdad.  G 64 (incomp.).  Mentioned GPB   
Trans. by Juan Cole posted Irfan 9/96.     139.                                       

246 Tafsir-i-Hurufat-i-Muqatta'ih          247 Tafsir-i-Suriy-i-Va'sh-Shams           
(Interpretation of the Isolated            (Commentary on the Surah of the Sun,       
Letters), see Lawh-i-ayiy-i-Nur.           Tablet to Shaykh Mahmud), Akka.  MaM       
                                           2-17.  Section translated in Gleanings     
                                           LXXXIX. Full trans. and commentary by      
                                           Juan Cole, 4 April 94; BSB 4:3-4, 4-27,    
                                           1990, posted Talisman 95 and at WebCole    
                                           (with introduction); circumstances in      
                                           TahRB1 32.                                 

248 Tajalliyat (Effulgences), Akka.  MaA   249 Tarazat (Ornaments) Dhi'l-Hajjih       
25-29.  Translated in TB 45-54.            1305 (appr. 1888).  MaA 16-24.             
                                           Translated in TB 31-45.                    

250 Ziyaratnamih (Tablet of Visitation     251 Ziyarat-Namih-i-  Mentioned TahRB2     
of the Bab and Baha'u'llah), Akka.  T&T    333.                                       
277-280 - Compilation by Nabil-i-A'zam:                                               
paragraphs 1-4 from Lawh-i-Aqa-Baba;                                                  
para 5-6 unidentified; para 7 said to be                                              
from Lawh-i- Khadijih-Bagum (?).                                                      
Translated PM CLXXX.                                                                  

252 Ziyarat-Namih-i-Awliya (Tablet of      253 Ziyarat-Namih-i-Babul-Bab va Quddus    
Visitation of exalted ones), Baghdad.      (Tablet of Visitation of Mulla Husayn      
                                           and Quddus), Akka.                         

254 Ziyarat-Namih-i-Bayt (Tablet of        255 Ziyaratnamih-i Haram-i Hadrat-i A'la   
Visitation of the House), Akka.  AQA1      (Tablet Visitatn. for the Wife of the      
226-228.                                   Bab, see Lawh-i-Khadijih-Bagum.            

256 Ziyarat-Namih-i-Maryam (Tablet of      257 Ziyarat-Namih-i-Sayyidu-Shuhada        
Visitation of Maryam), Akka.  Gan 205      (Tablet of Visitation of the Prince of     
(incomp.).  Circumstances see TahRB1 13.   the Martyrs), Akka.  AyT 235-244; MaM      
                                           202-214.  Arabic

The following tablets have no known Persian or Arabic name, and in most cases I have chosen a name myself from some characteristic phrase at the beginning - usually the beginning of the section trans. in English. -Sen

258 Unnamed tablet revealed on 24 Safar    259 Unnamed (Abraham in the fire).         
1304 A.H. (22 November 1886).  AQA6        Gleanings XXIII.                           
51-59.  Untranslated.                                                                 

260 Unnamed (tablet against                261 Unnamed (against incarnation).         
antinomianism).  MA8 7-9.  Gleanings       Gleanings XX.                              
CXXXVII; transl by Juan Cole posted                                                   
H-Bahai 3/97 includes one extra                                                       
paragraph at the beginning. 

262 Unnamed (Akka Barracks, conditions     263 Unnamed (regarding Badi'), Akka.       
in).  RM2 771.  Could this relate to       Darakhshan 396.  Tablet via Mirza Aqa      
Gleanings XLII?                            Jan, regarding Badi', mentioned in         
                                           TahRB3 179.                                

264 Unnamed (regarding Badi'), Akka.       265 Unnamed (regarding Badi'), Akka.       
AQA1 166.  Mentioned TahRB3 179.           AQA1 169.  Mentioned TahRB3 179.           
266 Unnamed (regarding Badi'), Akka.       267 Unnamed (regarding Badi' and           
AQA1 208.  Mentioned TahRB3 199.           Lawh-i-Sultan as sufficient proof),        
                                           Akka.  MA4 34.  Mentioned TahRB3 200,      

268 Unnamed (regarding Badi' and famine    269 Unnamed (regarding the Baghdad         
following his martyrdom), Akka.            House).  Gleanings LVIII.                  
Darakhshan 411-12.  Mentioned TahRB3                                                  
200-1. Addressee Haji Mulla                                                           
'Ali-Akbar-i-Shahmirzadi, known as Haji                                               

270 Unnamed (The beauty of holiness).      271 Unnamed (beside the Jordan).           
AHM 153-8.  Translated 'Ritual' 132. A     Gleanings LIX                              
maiden poem, with the refrain 'And this                                               
is a wondrous thing' (with variations).                                               

272 Unnamed (Bi-nam-i Khudavand-i          273 Unnamed (Bismi 'llah al-muqtadir).     
binanda-yi dana).  MaM 268-69.             MaM 236-8.  Gleanings XXXV.                

274 Unnamed (Breeze of God).  Gleanings    275 Unnamed (to a Christian Bishop         
XLI.                                       residing in Istanbul).  MA7 130-131; IQT   
                                           93.  This is not the same as the Tablet    
                                           of the Bell, despite the frequent          
                                           reference to bells (which probably date    
                                           it sometime after 1863). It is partially   
                                           translated in Gleanings XXXVI, and in a    
                                           fuller form in Dawud-Riv 33-38. The        
                                           Iqtidarat text quotes it as from a         
                                           previous Tablet. Begins: Bi-ism-i          
                                           mahbub-i yakta.                            

276 Unnamed (describing creation).  MaM    277 Unnamed (Day of God).  Gleanings XXV.  
338-42.  Gleanings XXVII.  Begins: Huwa                                               
'llah al-bahi al-abha.                                                                

278 Unnamed (departure from Edirne).       279 Unnamed (divines of Persia)            
MA8 5-6.  Translated Juan Cole posted      Ishraqat-India 247.                        
H-Bahai 2/97.                                                                         

280 Unnamed (Tablet of the Elixir).  MA4   281 Unnamed (the Emblem).  Gleanings XL.   

282 Unnamed (equality of the               283 Unnamed (foretells hardships of        
Manifestations).  Gleanings XXXIV.         Akka) Adrianople.  Unpublished.            
                                           Mentioned TahRB3 21.                       

284 Unnamed (Tablets of the Hair).         285 Unnamed (the Hour).  Amr4 472-3.       
Arabic, actually consists of 5 separate    Gleanings LXI.                             
short tablets. Trans. by Mr. Samimi and                                               
Dr. Khan in Baha'i News, no. 121,                                                     
December 1938, p. 11; 1981 authorized                                                 
trans. available from the World Centre                                                
and posted on Mashriq Jan. 97 with a                                                  
memo on the topic from the Research                                                   
Department. No source given.                                                          

286 Unnamed (the Hour).  KHay 249-51.      287 Unnamed (beginning of all things is    
Translated Gleanings XVIII.   Begins:      the knowledge of God).  AQ2 60.  Extract   
Bismi 'llah al-baqi bi-la zawal.           translated in Gleanings II.  Begins:       
                                           Huwa 'l-shahid al-sami' al-'alim           

288 Unnamed (Tablet of Immortality).       289 Unnamed (Interpretation of the         
Partial trans. in Gleanings LXX, also      letter Vav), Baghdad  GPB 138 reports an   
translated in Dawud-Riv 16-18. Dawud's     "interpretation of the letter Vav,         
trans. is one paragraph longer,            mentioned in the writings of               
otherwise no significant differences.                                                 

290 Unnamed (Jews, Christians, Moslems,    291 Unnamed (Tablet of the Journey,        
Babis)  Gleanings XLVII.                   Tablet of ice and snow?). Revealed         
                                           during the journey from Tehran to          
                                           Baghdad in winter.  Translated GPB 109     

292 Unnamed ('kissed the hands')           293 Unnamed (the learned of the world).    
Gleanings XLVIII.                          Gleanings XLIV. Source unidentified, but   
                                           see GPB 173, which says the concluding     
                                           passage of the Suriy-i-Muluk is            
                                           addressed to the philosophers of the       

294 Unnamed (Lettre sur le Bayan).         295 Unnamed (to Mulla 'Ali Mu'allim?).     
Translated by Dreyfus, Oeuvre1, 109-143.   Cited Tarikh-i-Samandari 204.  Contents    
No source. The text from page 134 - 143    summarized TahRB3 91.                      
is from the Lawh-i-                                                                   

296 Unnamed (to Mustafa, the sorrows of    297 Unnamed (Manifestations and            
exile)  Gleanings LXII.                    mirrors).  Gleanings XXX.                  

298 Unnamed (Noah and Canaan).  MaM        299 Unnamed (The ocean from which all      
236-38.  Gleanings XXXV. The passage       seas have proceeded).  MA4 87.             
regarding Jesus has a parallel in Iqan     Gleanings LI.  Begins: Bismi'llah          
132, and in the Tablet to the Shah, page   al-abda' al-mana' al-aqdas al-abha.        
137 of Browne's trans. of the citation                                                
in Traveller's Narrative. The passage                                                 

300 Unnamed ("On this Day the Kingdom is   301 Unnamed (Out of Zion hath gone forth   
God's!")  Gleanings XV.                    the Law).  Gleanings X.                    

302 Unnamed (power of detachment)  MA4     303 Unnamed (purpose of creation is to     
175-6  Mentioned TahRB3 194.               come to know God).  MaM 368-71.            
                                           Gleanings XXIX.  Begins: Huwa 'l-'aziz.    

304 Unnamed (rebuke to Mirza               305 Unnamed   MaM 221-22.  Gleanings       
Muhammad-'Ali).  MA1 65.  Mentioned        XXVIII. Begins: Bismi 'lladhi irtafa'a     
TahRB2 260.                                'alam al-Hidaya bayna 'l-biriyya.          

306 Unnamed (A short healing prayer        307 Unnamed (station of the true           
revealed in the Barracks of Akka).         believer).  Gleanings VI.                  
Mentioned TahRB3 21.                                                                  

308 Unnamed (suffering of Baha'u'llah),    309 Unnamed (suffering of Baha'u'llah).    
Akka.  KHay 307  Gleanings XLV. Begins:    Gleanings XLVI.                            
Bismi 'llah al-aqdas al-abha.                                                         

310 Unnamed (This is a Matchless Day),     311 Unnamed (to 'Asad').  MA1 16; RM1      
Akka.  Gleanings XVI.  Discussed TahRB2    687.  Includes commentary on mystery of    
417. Taherzadeh apparantly does not know   reversal. Sentence translated in           
the source.                                'Rituals' 148.                             
312 Unnamed (to Persian believers          313 Unnamed (Tehran, Abode of supreme      
dispossessed for participation in          blissfulness).  Gleanings LXIV.            
constitution revolution?).  Dawud-Riv                                                 

314 Unnamed (Tribulations), early Akka.    315 Unnamed (twin nature of the            
KHay 252-54.  Translated Gleanings XVII.   Manifestation).  Gleanings XLIX.           
Mentioned TahRB3 32. Begins: Bismi 'llah                                              
al-ra'uf al-rahim.                                                                    

316 Unnamed (Tablet of Visitation for      317 Unnamed (worldly leadership).          
Vahid).  Trans. by Ahang Rabbani, posted   Gleanings LIV.                             
Talisman 16 Dec 1995.

Some prayers for which both the original and a translation. is available follow. Those which have an identifiable name or are discussed in the literature should be in the 'tablets' list. It follows that the names here are my own invention, using a subject or striking phrase which is identifiable in the first half-page or so. The opening formula is generally omitted in citing the first two lines, unless it is quite distinctive. The list should ideally be expanded to list all prayers by opening lines in bot h the original and trans. Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. -Sen

318 Long Healing Prayer - see              319 Prayer before sleep.  T&T 225-6; AHM   
Lawh-i-Anta 'l-Kafi.                       85-7.  PM CLXXI.                           

320 Prayer for Haji Niaz.  Sohrab, in      321 Prayer for inspiration in sleep.       
'Abdu'l-Baha in Egypt 362, gives trans.:   AHM 212-4; T&T 213-5.  Translated          
O God O God! I beg of Thee by Thy          'Rituals' 124.  God hath spoken thus in    
Radiant, Collective name, to change the    the Tree of Separation: O Friends! Be      
humiliation of thy Chosen ones into Thy    patient and beware lest ye fail to make    
Glory.                                     mention of us.  Similar texts in           
                                           'Rituals' 125 might be from Baha'u'llah.   

322 Prayer for morning.  Amr4 60; AHM      323 Prayer for pioneers.  Source           
210-11.  Translated 'Rituals' 119.         unknown.  Transl by Prof. Zaine, 1956,     
                                           circulating informally.  O thou who has    
                                           pioneered! Listen to the Voice of God      
                                           from the shores of the Prison. There is    
                                           no God but Him, the Mighty,.               

324 Prayer for protection (entering and    325 Prayer for protection (night and       
leaving).  Amr4 67.  Translated            morning).  Amr4 68.  Translated            
'Rituals' 138.  Make this land, O my       'Rituals' 138.  O God, my God, I ask       
God, blessed and secure for me. Guard      Thee by Thy name whereby Thou didst        
me, then, O my God, at the time of my      protect Abraham from the fire and Moses    
entering into it and my.                   from Pharaoh....                           

326 Prayers for the Fast.  T&T 22-76;      327 Prayer for the Dead (before burial).   
Salat 17-83.  Of these, T&T#1 transl PM    T&T 237-9; Baha'i Prayers (Wilmette        
CLXXVIII; T&T#2 transl PM LVI; T&T#3       1973) 24-6.                                
(i.e., 4) in PM (?); T&T#4 (=5) in PM                                                 

328 Prayer for the Dead (obligatory        329 Prayer for the Fast before dawn.       
prayer at burial) see                      T&T 57-64; AHM 121-31; PM CLXXVII.  I      
lawh-i-salat-i-mayyit.                     beseech thee O my God by Thy mighty        
                                           Sign...and clinging to the hem of the      
                                           robe to which have clung all in this       
                                           world and in the world to come (refrain).  

330 Prayer for the Fast - 'the long        331 Prayer in time of need.  Amr4 74-9;    
prayer'.  AHM 110-114.  Gleanings          MA7 -135 (translates the directions into   
CXXXVIII.  Thou seest, O God of Mercy,     Persian and compresses them).  Arabic.     
thou Whose power pervadeth all created     Translated in 'Rituals' 115-118.           
things, these servants of Thine, Thy                                                  
thralls, who,.                                                                        

332 Prayer of 'no God is there but         333 Prayers on waking.  T&T 226-9; AHM     
thee'.  AHM 45-52.  Translated 'Rituals'   87-91.  PM CXLIV; PM CLVI; PM CLVII.       

334 Prayer on leaving a city.  T&T 236;    335 Prayer on leaving home.  T&T 235;      
AHM 209-10.  Partial trans. in PM CLXIV.   AHM 92.  PM CLXXV.                         

336 Prayer to conceive a child.  Amr4      337 Talisman against Satan.  AHM 206-8.    
69.  Translated 'rituals' 126.  I ask of   Trans. by MacEoin in 'Rituals' 138-9.      
Thee, then, O God of all existence and     Praise be unto Thee, O God, my God, my     
King of the Seen and the Unseen, to        Lord and my Master, My Reliance and my     
bestow upon me a healthy child.            Hope, my Refuge and my Light. I beseech.   

338 Talisman of 4484137.  Amr4 68.         339 Talisman of the final destination.     
Transl by MacEoin in 'Rituals' 138.        AHM 208-9.  Trans. by MacEoin in           
4484137 He is the Glorified 137444.        'Rituals' 208-9.  Praised be Thou, O my    
Praise be to Thee, O my God, I and all     God, I and all things bear witness that    
created things bear witness.               Thou art God, no god is there but Thee.    
                                           From all eternity.                         

340 Unnamed prayer, Edirne.  Translated                                               
PM CLXVIII. TahRB1 277 dates in Edirne.                                               
Begins: "Praised be Thou, O Lord my God!                                              
I supplicate Thee by Him Whom Thou hast                                               
called into being, Whose Revelation Thou                                              
hast ordained to be Thine own Revelation                                              
and His Concealment Thine own                                                         
Concealment." Refers to recreation of                                                 
all things at Ridvan.                                                                 

Index of key English words and names

(numbered by entry, not by page)
Some lengthy names have been abbreviated for ease in formatting.

'Abdu'r-Rasul 251            Glory 50                      Obligatory prayer 155, 156   
'Abdu'r-Razzaq 287           Goal 111                      Ocean 292                    
'Ali 32                      God 202                       Omnipotent 232               
'Ali Pasha 143, 145, 236     Hadiy-i-Qazvini 5             Ornaments 249                
'Ali Qabl Akbar 33           Hair 305                      Our Name, the Messenger 224   
'Ali-Muhammad-i-Isfahan 165  Haji 'Abdu'l-i-Nishapuri 25   Patience 237        
'Andalib 35                  Haji Akhund 265               Pen 234                      
'Attar, mother of 175        Haji Amin 69                  Persian Mystic 120           
'Ayn Lam 1 46                Haji Mirza Ahmad 31           Pilgrimage 218, 219          
'Ayn Lam 2 47                Haji Mirza Buzurg-i-Afnan 73  Pioneers 321   
Abdu'l-Aziz and ministers 24 Haji Mirza H.'Ali 70-1, 217   Point 132 
Abdu'l-Vahhab 26             Haji Mirza Husayn Khan 229    Pope Pius IX 134             
Abdu'llah Ubayy 303          Haji Mirza K.'d-Din Naraqi 99 Powerful 233
Abdu'r-Rahim 27              Haji Mirza Karim Khan 138     Praise to Exalted Lord 200
Abdu'r-Razzaq 28             Haji Mirza Muhammad-'Ali 121  Praised be Thou, O He! 201
Abraham 258, 323             Haji Mirza M.-i-Javahiri 200  Prince of the Martyrs 257 
Advice 231                   Haji Muhammad I-i-Khalil 217  Proclamation 230       
Ahmad                        Haji Muhammad I.-i-Qazvini 96 Prohibition 228         
      arabic 30              Haji Muhammad T-i-Malmiri 109 Proof 57              
      persian 31             Haji Muhammad-Baqir 71, 72    Prophet 142                  
Akka 277                     Haji Muhammad-Ibrahim 74      Protection 221, 322, 323     
Akka Barracks 273            Haji M.-Nasir of Qazvin 128   Psalms 241                   
All Food 99                  Haji Muhammad-T.Nayrizi 237   Queen Victoria 106           
Antinomian 99                Haji M. Ali-i-Shahmirzadi 265 Questions and Answers 189
Antinomianism 302            Haji Niaz 318                 Ra'is 236                    
Aqa amal-i-Burujirdi 88      Haji Siyyid 'Ali-A.Dahaji 184 Rad'ar-Ruh 140
Aqa Muhammad Hasan 38        Haji Siyyid Ibrahim 75        Radiant Acquiescence, City   
                                                           of 103                       
Aqa Muhammad-Isfahani 201    Haji Siyyid M.-i-Isfahani 15  Reasoning 57
Aqa Siyyid Hasan 39          Hajj 165                      Rememberance 213             
Arabians 206                 Hallelujah, O Glad-Tidings 11 Remembrance 213
Asad 311                     Hardegg, Georg David 79       Return and grant chalice 6 
Ashraf 43                    Harf-i-Baqa 200               Rida' 147                    
Bab                          Havva 13                      Ridvan 9,127,148-51,243,338                     
      birth of 114, 153      He who knoweth his self 5     Rumi 159                     
      birthday of 127        Healing 36, 298               Sa'di 244                    
      declrtn. 102, 127, 201 Hidden Book of Fatima 192     Sacred Night 100, 101
      visitation 240, 250    Hidden Words 17               Sacrifice 211, 212           
Babis 284                    Holiness 139                  Salman 157, 158              
Badi' 48, 49, 260-265              garden of 4             Samsun 77                    
   father of 25              Holy Mariner 108              Satan 335                    
Baghdad 42                   Hour 278, 279                 Separation 221               
Baghdad House 266            Houri 80                      Sermon 226                   
Baha'u'llah                  Howdah 77                     Servants 222                 
      birthday of 127        Humourist 115                 Seven Questions 68           
      visitation 250         Husayn 64, 81                 Seven Valleys 10             
Baha'u'llah-Khadimu'llah 243  Ibrahim 84                   Shah 303         
Banu Qurayzah 51             Immortality 309               Shams-i-Jahan 63             
Bayan 209, 287               In the Name of God 55         Shamsi Big 143               
Beauty 88                    Incarnation 259               Shaykh Abdu'l-Husayn 163     
Beauty of holiness 267       Interpretation of Vav 283     Shaykh-Abdu'r-R-i-Karkuti 8  
Bell 201                     Ishqabad 85, 92               Shaykh Ahmad-i-Ahsa'i 283    
Beloved 67                   Isolated Letters 45           Shaykh Kazim-i-S Qazvini 62
Bishop 289                   Istanbul 229, 289             Shaykh Mahmud 247            
Blood 210                    Jamal 88                      Shaykh Muhyi'd-Din 10        
Book of Certitude 22         Javad 225                     Shaykh Salman 104            
Book of Dawn 75              Jesus 303                     Shaykh-i-Fani 164            
Book of the Covenant 18      Jews,, Moslems, Babis 284     She-serpent 146              
Book of the River 193        Jihad 243                     Shi'ih Islam 297             
Book of Truth 23             Jinab-Khalil 96               Siyyid Husayni-M-i-Qumi 199
Branch 217                   Job 237                       Siyyid Ja'far-i-Yazdi 231    
Breath of the Spirit 82      Jordan 268                    Siyyid Kazim-i-Rashti 283    
Breeze of God 271            Joseph 178                    Siyyid Mihdiy-i-Dahaji 222   
Carmel 93                    Journey 307                   Siyyid Muhammad 119          
Child 98, 334                Jud 91                        Siyyid Muhammad Vahid 168    
Christian Bishop 289         Justice 190                   Siyyid-i-M.-i-Dahaji 166-67                          
Christians 40, 284           Karim 85, 92                  Sleep 317, 319               
City Radiant Acquiescnce 103 Khadijih-Bagum 94, 250        Son of the Wolf 83
City of Unity 104            Khatun-Jan 1, 50              Sorrows 203                  
Cloud 154                    Kheirella 95                  Spirit 152                   
Cloud of Unknowing 187       King of Persia 169            Splendours 14                
Command 205                  Kings 229                     Sprinklng Cloud Unknwng 187
Commentary on "He is" 245    Kissed the hands 285          Suffering Baha'u'llah 300-1
Commentary on verse Rumi 159 Land of Ba 42                 Sultan 48, 169
Commentary on verse Sadi 244 Land of Ta 41                 Sultan 'Abdu'l-'Aziz 229
Commentary on Surah Sun 247  Lawh-i-Sultan 264             Sultan-Abad 238
Companions 207               Learned of the world 286      Surah of the Sun 247         
Conceive a child 334         Leaving a city 332            Suriy-i-Bayan 127            
Confession 191               Leaving home 333              Sweet Scented Being 199      
Confrontation 118, 119       Letters, isolated 45          Tehran 41                    
Conquest 215                 Lover and the Beloved 44      Temple 220                   
Countenance of Love 170      Maiden 80, 200, 220, 267      Test 63                      
Cousin 136                         the Wondrous 12         Tigris 9, 193                
Covenant 18                  Manifestation 242, 314        Tihran 162                   
Creation 282                 Manifestations 276, 291       Traveller 161                
Cupbearer Invsbl Etrnity 198 Manikji-Sahib 110             Tribulations 313
Czar Alexander II 107        Maqsud 111                    True believer 299            
Darvish Sidq-'Ali 100        Marriage 131                  Trustee 204                  
Dawud, Johanna 90            Marriage homily 97            Trustworthiness 73           
Day of God 74, 272           Maryam 13, 112, 113, 256      Ulama of Manshad 174         
Dead 156, 195, 325, 326      Matchless Day 310             Uncle 188                    
Deathless Youth 65           Mathnavi 181                  Uncleanliness 243            
Defender 128                 Meanings 227                  Uncompounded reality 53      
Dhabih 58, 236               Medicine 172                  Unity 87, 104, 171           
      son of 137             Mehmet Emin 'Ali Pasha 236    Ustad Muhammad Salmani 176   
Divine Flower 66             Mercy 214                     Utterance 209                
Divines 274                  Messenger 224                 Vahid 306                    
Dove 186                     Mihdi 116                     Varqa 177                    
Dreams 123                   Mirrors 291                   Vav, interpretation of 283   
Edirne 288                   Mirza 'Ali-R.-i-Mustawfi 217  Veil 138
Effulgences 248              Mirza Abu'l-Fadl 117          Verse of Light 45            
Elevation 141                Mirza Aqa Jan 243, 260        Virtue 173                   
Elixir 304                   Mirza Aqay-i-Afnan 59         Vision 153                   
Emblem 275                   Mirza Aqay-i-Munib 207        Visitation                   
Epistle to Son of Wolf 83    Mirza Aqay-i-Rikab-Saz 45          'Abdu'r-Rasul 251
Essence of Mysteries 15      Mirza Habib-i-Maraghi'i 207        Bab 37, 250            
Eternal Youth 65             Mirza Mihdiy-i-Gilani 20           Baghdad 76             
Eternity 52                  Mirza Mihdiy-i-Rashti 20           Baha'u'llah 37, 250    
Exalted Letters 13           Mirza Muhammad-'Ali 296            exalted ones 252       
Famine 265                   Mirza Sa'id Khan 199               Khadijih-Bagum 94      
Faris the Physician 40, 61   Morning 320, 323                   Maryam 256             
Fasting 127,182,324,327,328  Moses 323                          Mulla Husayn 253
Father of Badi' 25           Moslems 284                        Prince of Martyrs 257  
Fatima 192                   Most Holy Book 19                  Quddus 253             
Fidelity 239                 Most Holy Tablet 40                the Bab 240            
Final destination 337        Muhammad 120                       the House 254          
Fire 184                     Muhammad Husayn 122                Vahid 306              
Four Valleys 8               Muhammad Karim 'Attar 92, 123      Wife of the Bab 255
Four verses 243              Napoleon III 126, 127         Waking 331                   
French ambassador 229        Nasir-i-Qazvini 128           Waves 34                     
Friend 96                    Nasiri'd-Din Shah 169         Wisdom 2, 78                 
Friends 29                   Need 194, 329                 Wondrous Book 20             
      in Yazd 60             Newly Born 196                Wondrous Maiden 12           
Fu'ad Pasha 62, 124, 216     Night 323                     Words of Paradise 16         
Garden of Confession 191     Nightingale and the Crow 44   Words of Wisdom 2            
Garden of Holiness 4         Nightingales 3                World 59                     
Garden of Justice 190        Nightingle of Bereavement 56  Worldly leadership 315   
Garment 235                  Noah and Canaan 303           Youth of Paradise 65         
Gems of Mysteries 15         Noble 43, 92                  Zaynu'l-Muqarrabin 179, 180  
Ghulam-'Ali 137              Nur'u'd-Din 59                Zion 294                     
Glad-Tidings 7               O nightingales 3              Zoroastrians 60              

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