Iran Digital Library

Iran Digital Library

Editor: Juan R.I. Cole

Editorial Board: Sholeh Quinn, Peter Smith, John Walbridge

Iran Digital Library is a Digital Publication Series of H-Bahai, containing materials of broad relevance to the study of modern Iranian culture and religion, but which are for the most part not by Shaykhi, Babi or Baha'i authors. Authors publishing here grant H-Net the right to maintain this draft of their materials in electronic form on this site in perpetuity. The authors retain print publication rights as long as further publication in print form does not prevent H-Net from continuing to display this draft in digital form on this site.

Asadabadi, Sayyid Jamal al-Din "al-Afghani." Namih-ha-yi Tarikhi va Siyasi. Ed. Abu al-Hasan Jamali Asadabadi. Foreward by Muhammad Muhit Tabataba'i. (Tehran: Presto [Amir Kabir], 3rd edn., 1981). Digitally reprinted, East Lansing, Mi.: H-Bahai, 2001.

Nimeh-ye Digar. 1363/1984 - 1378/1999. Journal of Iranian Feminism. Digitally reprinted, East Lansing, Mi.: H-Bahai, 2000-2001.

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