Risalah of Muhammad Mustafa al-Baghdadi
The Inmost Shrine of the Bab

Muhammad Mustafa al-Baghdadi
ar-Risalah al-Amriyyah

Muhammad Mustafa al-Baghdadi, ar-Risalah al-Amriyyah (The Treatise on the Cause). Cairo: Matba`at as-Sa`adah, 1919/1338. Appended to Ahmad Suhrab. ar-Risalah at-Tis` `Ashariyyih (The Treatise of Nineteen). Pages 102-128. Reprinted, Lansing, Mi.: H-Bahai, 1998.


    This work is a chronicle of the Babi movement by Muhammad Mustafa Baghdadi. The latter was the son of Shaykh Muhammad Shibl Baghdadi, a disciple of Sayyid Kazim Rashti and his representative in Baghdad, who became a Babi in the mid-1840s.

    Amanat, Resurrection and Renewal, p. 427, observes: "Another published account of this kind is that of Aqa Muhammad Mustafa al-Baghdadi, which was compiled at the request of Abul-Fazl Gulpayigani. He was an Arab Babi and later Baha'i (still in his early youth when his father, Shaykh Muhammad Shibl al-Baghdadi, became onof the early Babi converts in Iraq and a follower of Qurrat al-`Ayn). In his narrative, which is compiled mainly from his own and his father's recollections, he describes the mission of Bastami to the `Atabat [Shi`ite shrine cities of Iraq that include Najaf and Karbala'] and gives some valuable information about Qurrat al-`Ayn and her supporters.

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