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Tafsir Surat al-kawthar:
Commentary on the Surah of Kawthar

Sayyid `Ali Muhammad "the Bab" Shirazi. Tafsir Surat al-kawthar (Commentary on the Surah of Kawthar). MS in private hands. Digitally reprinted. Lansing, MI: H-Bahai, 2006. Scribed in 1264 A.H./ 1847-8 probably by Haji Siyyid Javad-i-Karbalai.

See MacEoin, Sources for Early Babi Doctrine and History, p. 71: "The most important work which can be assigned to the period of the Bab's residence in Shiraz is, without a doubt, the commentary on the Surat al-kawthar, a tafsir of over two hundred pages written for Sayyid Yahya Darabi Vahid in the course of his visit to Shiraz for the purpose of interviewing the Bab. An account of the book's composition is given by Zarandi (Dawn-Breakers, pp. 174-76). However, neither the author of the Nuqtat al-kaf nor Mirza Husayn Hamadani refer to it in their accounts of Darabi's meetings with Shirazi, [the Bab] (Nuqtat al-kaf, pp. 120-21; Hamadani, Tarikh-i jadid, pp. 111-13) although they do say elsewhere that such a commentary was written for him (Nuqtat al-kaf, p. 116; Tarikh-i jadid, p. 209).

See also Navai'i, Fitna-yi Bab, p. 160; Al-Baghdadi, Risala amriyya, p. 112; and Mirza Abu'l-Fadl Gulpaygani and Siyyid Mahdi Gulpaygani, Kash al-ghita 'an hiyal al-a'da (Askkhabad, n.d.), p. 190.

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