Qismati az Alvah by the Bab
Interior of House of the Bab
The Bab
Qismati az Alvah-i Khatt-i Nuqtih-'i Ula va Aqa Sayyid Husayn Katib
Correspondence of the Bab and Sayyid Husayn Katib

Sayyid `Ali Muhammad "the Bab" Shirazi. Qismati az Alvah-i Khatt-i Nuqtih-'i Ula va Aqa Sayyid Husayn Katib First published Tehran, n.d. (1950?). Digitally reprinted here. (East Lansing, MI: H-Bahai, 2002).

    References: MacEoin, Sources for Early Babi Doctrine and History, pp. 96-97. Denis MacEoin, "Divisions and Authority Claims in Babism (1850-1866)," Studia Iranica 18:1 (1989), pp. 92-129. In Sources, MacEoin writes: "Nine important letters from this period have been published (along with facsimiles of the originals) in an Azali compilation entitled Qismati az alwah-i khatt-i Nuqta-yi Ula wa Aqa Sayyid Husayn-i Katib. They are a short letter to Subh-i Azal . . a very short letter to Mulla `Abd al-Karim Qazvini . . . an eloborately calligraphed letter to Subh-i Azal . . . A letter to `Abd al-Karim Qazvini, in which the Bab asks him to take care of Subh-i Azal and to preserve his writings and those he himself (the Bab) has written . . . A letter to Mirza Asad Allah Khu'i Dayyan, in which the Bab tells him to relate to others whatever Subh-i Azal reveals and to protect him . . . A letter to Mulla Shaykh `Ali Turshizi, in which the Bab lays claim to the station of qa'imiyya . . . This is the critical letter refered to in the Nuqtat al-Kaf (p. 209), which was copied and sent out to the Bab's followers, making public for the first time his claim to that status . . . [etc.]
    Scans provided by the Bayani community for which we are grateful.

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