al-Bayan al-`Arabi
Interior of House of the Bab

The Bab's al-Bayan al-`Arabi:
Arabic Bayan

Sayyid `Ali Muhammad "the Bab" Shirazi. al-Bayan al-`Arabi. (The Arabic Bayan). In `Abd al-Razzaq al-Hasani, al-Babiyyun wa al-Baha'iyyun fi Hadirihim wa Madihim (Sidon: Matba`at al-`Irfan, 1962), pp. 81-107. Reprinted, East Lansing, MI: H-Bahai, 2003.

    References: MacEoin, Sources for Early Babi Doctrine and History, p. 85 Notes: MacEoin writes, "Like its Persian counterpart, this work was penned while the Bab was imprisoned in Maku. It too is incomplete, consisting of only eleven wahids. Each wahid has a full nineteen abwab, but these consist of little more than a single verse in each instance . . . In spite of its bevity and frequent obscurity, this little book does provide us with the most succinct exposition of the laws and doctrines of the Bayan in their final development."

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