Syllabi and Sport Literature Classes


Classes Offered

University of Maine at Orono
American Sport Literature and Film
Taught every other spring - intermediate level
Designed, instructed by Judy Hakola
Department of English
Texas Christian University
Sports in Modern American Literature: Baseball (summer only)
Designed, instructed by David Vanderwerken
Department of English
University of Western Ontario
Sport in Literature (2 sections)
Designed, instructed by Don Morrow
Department of Kinesiology
North Adams State College (Massachusetts)
Literature in Context (300 level)
Each spring
Literary Genre: Sport Biography and Autobiography
Designed, instructed by Harris Elder
Department of English
Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Girardeau)
Literature of Sport
Upper Division and team taught
Designed, instructed by Robert Hamblin and Henry Azuma
Departments of English and Sociology