Transcripts of Richard Crepeau's "On Sport and Society" Broadcasts

From WUCF-FM 89.9, Orlando

Richard Crepeau is a member of the H-Arete editorial board and Professor of History and Chair of the Department at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. His interests in sport history have been primarily in baseball, intercollegiate athletics, and the business of sport. Crepeau is the author of Baseball: America's Diamond Mind, 1919-1941; Melbourne Village: The First Twenty-Five Years; and several articles and reviews in Aethlon, Nine, Journal Of Sport History, Journal Of Sport and Social Issues, The Canadian Journal Of Sport History, as well as a number of non-sport pieces in The Orlando Sentinel and other newspapers.

Sport Literature is an avocation and a passion for him. He has been doing his radio commentary on WUCF-FM for over five years, and started doing it when he became Department Chair as a form of weekly therapy. As with many in Arete he came to the organization through Lyle Olsen who he saw play for the St. Paul Saints as a child growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lyle too was a child playing professional baseball.

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