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Welcome to the Reviews Management system. You will use this tool to access reviews assigned to you by various H-Net editors. You will also submit your completed review and do any necessary revisions to that review using this tool.

If you have any technical problems using this site please contact revhelp@mail.h-net.msu.edu. If you have any questions about the reviews you have been assigned please contact the review editor who assigned you the review. You can find their name on your 'My Reviews' page.




Logging In:


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When a review editor adds you as a reviewer to the Reviews Management system you will receive an email containing your username and password. This will remain your username and password as long as you are an H-Net reviewer. If you forget your password click on the 'forgot password' link and you will receive a new password by email.

Click 'Log In'

The first time you log in you will be asked to accept or decline the Creative Commons License H-Net Reviews uses to license their reviews. H-Net is using the Creative Commons by-attribution/noncommercial/no-derivatives license. For more information on Creative Commons visit http://www.creativecommons.org. Once you accept the license you will not be shown this screen again. If you decline the license you will not be able to review books for H-Net.

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Welcome Page:

The welcome page links directly to your 'My Reviews' page where you will find your assigned reviews. From this page you will be able to access any newly assigned reviews or reviews that are in progress. You can find the tools you need to use the Reviews Management system under one of two menus: 'Reviews' or 'Information.'

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(1) Reviews


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This section contains all the tools needed to manage your reviews.

My Reviews – this allows you to access your assigned H-Net reviews
My Info – this allows you to update or change your contact information, password, and email address

Review Statuses:

Under Review – reviews that have been assigned to a reviewer; you will only work on reviews with this status
Review Editing – reviews that are waiting for editing by a review editor
Copy editing – reviews that are waiting for H-Net copy editing
Prepublication – reviews that a copy editor has signed off on for publication
Published – reviews that have been published both to the listserv and to the reviews webpage www.h-net.org/reviews by the review editor
Cancelled – reviews that were cancelled

My Reviews:

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When you log in to the Reviews Management system you will automatically be taken to your 'My Reviews' page. At the top of the record is a drop down menu that contains the lists you are a reviewer for. You will need to switch between lists (if you review for more than one) in order to see all of your reviews. The next line shows the status of your reviews (see above for the definition of each status). The last part of the record is the actual assigned review(s). This section of the record shows the title of the review, the review editor who assigned it and the date it was assigned. Clicking on the title of the review will take you to the actual text of the review. Clicking on the review editor link will take you to their profile in the Editors Directory. This profile contains their contact information if you need it.

My Info:

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This page shows the contact information the review editor has entered into the Reviews Management system for you. You are able to update your contact information and password from this page.

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Instructions – a link to the manual for using the Reviews Management system
Copyright Policy – a link to H-Net’s copyright policy
Contact Us – a list of email addresses to contact if you have questions
Logout – log out of the Reviews Management system

Review Status:



(1) Reviews:

My Reviews:

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  1. click on the title of the review record
  2. this will take you to the 'view review screen' which is where you will do your work

View Review:

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  1. review the title, record, review editor, lists, reviewer, and comments field for accuracy, report any errors to your review editor
  2. click the 'edit' link under 'Review History' to enter your review; each line in this section refers to a previous draft of the review, while you can read through each draft you can only edit the most recent draft
  3. once in TinyMCE you can type your review into the screen; if you have written the review in a different word processing program simply copy and paste the text into TinyMCE
  4. click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page; you are then returned to the review record page
  5. if you would like to add comments for the review editor click on 'edit' under the comments section
  6. once you have added your comments click on 'update comments' at the bottom of the screen
  7. once you are ready to submit the review to the review editor change the status at the bottom of the record screen from 'Under Review' to 'Review Editing'
  8. click 'update status'

The review has now been submitted to the review editor for editing. You are now able to view a copy of your submitted review but you can not do any further editing. If the review editor requests changes he/she will set the status of the review back to 'Under Review.' You can follow the progress of your review in the 'My Reviews' section by viewing the various status options.


TinyMCE works just like a word processing program. You can type the review directly into the box or you can do all your work in another word processing program, such as MS Word, and then copy and paste the review into TinyMCE. We recommend that you type your review directly into TinyMCE (if possible), which will protect the integrity of diacritics, character sets, and computerized functions, etc.

One reason for choosing TinyMCE is because it incorporates track changes, which will allow you to see what changes other users have made to the document. The track changes in this program work differently then in word processing programs.

Update Information:

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This is the place where you can update your contact information.

  1. click on 'My Info'
  2. click 'Update Info'
  3. type in the correct information
  4. click 'Update reviewer'

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You can also change your password for the Reviews Management system in this section.

  1. click on 'My Info'
  2. click 'Change Password'
  3. type in the requested information
  4. click 'Change Password'

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